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So I thought this was a bit newbie of me but I would like a record somewhere so I thought why the hell not. Besides I could do with some sanity checking too.

Im 11 days past ER, 10 days past ZIFT. Here are my symptoms sofar:

1. My boobs are sore but they have been like this since before the trigger, so not sure that counts. My Dh said they looked bigger this morning but I think that might just be his biased opinion.

2. I feel on and off nausea but I have had this along with headaches since starting the Gestone. So that could be just a side-effect.

3. I have AF style cramps which is usual for an IVF cycle.

4. Yesterday I burst out crying, also not unlike me but I think its a stress symptom.

5. I woke up feeling a bit hungry this morning which was one of my first signs last time but that could also be that I was just plain hungry, Im not hungry now and its lunch time.

6. This morning I had what felt like very faint OHSS, not that I had OHSS in this cycle but you know that tightness in your diaphragm? But its gone now. Could have been indigestion or something?

7. I have a slight watery discharge which is also very strange because normally I have hardly any CM. But I think its from the estrogen Im on at the moment. Cant remember but i think i had it last time.

As you can see Im just driving myself around the bend, so Im going to think of something else now.

I test on the 28/01. I pray I make it to test day this time. Last time I started bleeding at 10dp3dt. And why on earth do they always schedule the test for like 16 dpo? isnt a normal luteal phase 14 days? Why torture us?? Think I might go early, maybe Monday?


Need some words of wisdom, really stuggling today. No symptoms (im essentially 8 days past ER).

The cycle that we had a +, I tried my utmost to block out any symptoms so now I cant remember what I felt at what stage. I know I didnt have many symptoms, it was only the day before testing (13dp3dt) that I “felt” maybe it had worked. I keep on trying to remind myself of this fact. Dr V has also reminded me that each pregnancy is different and that i shouldnt compare. Ja I’ll try hey.

ZIFT Update

Hi All,

WOW what a rollercoaster! Feel like Ive just woken up from a trance that lasted 2 days! Firstly ER went well, we got 13 eggs which i was pleased about. I didnt get too much of that bloated feeling either. We stayed over at a hotel down the road from my clinic so I spent most of the day just sleeping. My dear friend Robz came to visit me in the afternoon and that helped to calm the nerves.

We then had to report back at the clinic at 7:00am. Just before the procedure I met Roz in the waiting room which was also so nice to meet my cyberspace friends in real life!

We then had to go downstairs and get dressed up in the terrible gowns (all this without knowing anything about the fert report). My pulse was almost 100 whilst I was lying in bed and it was due to nerves. FINALLY Dr V came to tell us that there were 5 normal ferts and 1 not so good. In my previous IVF’s Ive always had around 50% fert rate so I was OK with this but would have really liked to have grown a few more on to Day 3 to freeze. Anyway we decided to transfer the 5 good ones. So I went under GA for the Lap to transfer the ambies into my tubes. I woke up feeling alot of pain, especially where the cuts were so I asked for Pethidine which they gave me.

So now we wait…..

Im on PIO shots instead of those disgusting Cyclogest pessaries. ANd for those brave enough to continue with injections in the 2ww it actually works out alot cheaper that Cyclogest and much less messy.

Im taking it very easy at home for the next few days, just trying to heal and think positive thoughts.

Cheers for now xxx

Day 10 Update

Firstly I feel like shit. I dont like to complain because i am eternally greatful that we are even priviledged enough to be able to do a cycle but gosh my body is taking strain. I feel VERY nauseous which is apparently due to the high estrogen levels, think I might leave work a bit early to get some sleep, I feel like Im in need….

Today’s scan revealed around 12 mature follies of around 17mm. 17mm is an odd size because you dont want to trigger too early so we decided to have 1 last amp of Menopur and trigger tomorrow night. Which means retrieval on Sunday and ZIFT on Monday. We have decided to stay over at a hotel near to our clinic on Sunday night because we live about an hour away from the clinic and with ER and then general I dont think I will want to be travelling much.

So thats it guys, will update after Monday. I’ll be at home, taking it very easy. please, please, please say a prayer that all goes well. Thanks.


I hate feeling guilty. It seems that in this journey guilt often creeps in. Last night we went out with a whole bunch of friends for dinner. I knew I would get the “why are you not drinking” so I decided last minute to have a very light beer of 2.4% alcohol. Everyone else seemed to be downing the glasses of wine and I seemed to get away with it without too many questions. The problem is I felt SO incredibly guilty when i got home. I felt like I had jeapordised something by drinking 1 drink. So incredibly silly, I know but this feeling of guilt that I need to be more serious about this is really getting to me. Problem is that I AM serious about this, cant actually get any more serious but I also do realise that once the initial injections are over and we start facing ER, its when emotions start to run a little higher and I dorealise that Im probably just being totally pathetic. I always get a bit panicky as trigger gets closer. “What if’s” crop up all the time and my mind starts spinning.  Oh and the EWCM has gone which also conjuers up visions of nasty things. Why cant I just stay in that positive mind set and stop this jumping to conclusions all the time?


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