7w2d – its TRIPLETS!!!

7w5d tummy

9 week tummy (taken at night when things are ALOT bigger!)

10 week scan – Baby 1&2 are in the bottom pic, Baby 3 top pic. You can just make out a head to the right and legs to the left.

10w6d, now that my bruising is going away I can lift my top.

14w – starting to look bigger

All 3 together! 14w2d scan.

Our baby boy, bottom pic he is holding up his one finger! (now a girly)

Our baby girl #2

17 weeks

21 weeks

24 weeks
Fundal Height: 39cm, Waist Measurement: 109cm, Weight Gain: +14kgs

3D pics

27 weeks
Fundal Height: 41cm, Waist Measurement: 113cm, Weight Gain: +15kgs

31 weeks
Fundal Height: 45cm, Waist Measurement: 116cm, Weight Gain: +16kgs

Last Belly pic at 33 weeks
Fundal Height: 51cm, Waist Measurement: 119cm, Weight Gain: +23kgs

2 Days postpartum. Weight Loss: -9kgs


44 comments so far

  1. Melissa G. on

    Look at your Family! I’m so happy for you Dee!!!

  2. darylfaure on

    Triple Wow! Congrats. Take good care of yourself and your precious cargo.

  3. Gail on

    Gorgeous little beans!

  4. peanuttam on

    How wonderful my friend. Gives me goosebumps!!

  5. MommyInWaiting on

    Such a fab picture to see!

  6. Jennie on

    What an amazing sight !!!

  7. MommyInWaiting on

    Wow that tummy is amazing look how your babies are growing in you! This is just awesome honey.

  8. Mash on

    OMG 7 weeks and 5 days!!!! You are going to need another belly by the end of this 🙂 That is about as BFP as it gets xxx

  9. darylfaure on

    That’s a good start for your belly! I’m so excited for you.

  10. Leigh from 123 blog on

    That is a beautiful belly! I can’t wait to see it grow even more – please take weekly pics and post them 🙂

  11. RJ on

    Adorable bump! I think one of the great things about multiples is we get to show sooner (especially when we’ve been waiting for the bump for so long).

  12. Gail on

    How’s that bump!? GORGEOUS!! 🙂

  13. samcy on

    Very cute bump indeed! xxx

  14. ttcnot2easy on

    I will probably repeat this a million times over in my lifetime – but there really ISN’T anything more beautiful than a Preggy Belly. I can’t wait to see yours grow!!

  15. ttcnot2easy on

    yer beautiful!!!

  16. Cam on

    Wow!!!!! You must keep posting your progress – gonna be a beeeg belly with all those little miracles inside growing xx

  17. Cathy Nel on

    Wow that tummy is growing! Sheesh it’s amazing to think there are 3 babies inside of you! I’m so sorry you’ve been sick, winter absolutely sucks that way! Keep healthy and keep eating 🙂

  18. jonivdw on

    Yay my Friend!! You’re looking soo soo awesome!!!!

  19. Gail on

    They are so beautiful. So happy for you my friend!

  20. peanuttam on

    Growing nicely there Dee. So nice to see all 3 babes doing well!!

  21. darylfaure on

    Beautiful bump and gorgeous babes. So glad you are all doing so well.

  22. darylfaure on

    That belly is looking swell! You are doing superbly.

  23. peanuttam on

    Loving watching that belly grow my sweet friend.

    Hugs Xxx

  24. Juanita on

    Hi Dee,

    Go team pink !! I am so happy for you!

  25. ttcnot2easy on

    I love your tummy!!!!!!!!!! It’s just BeaYOUtiful!!

  26. SCY on

    Looking gorgeous honey! Just gorgeous!!


  27. Marcia (123 blog) on

    That is a beautiful belly! I’m jealous – miss mine 🙂

    Have you scheduled a maternity photo shoot? I ask because it’s the one thing I regret (well, I scheduled mine at 34 weeks and the babies came at 32)

  28. darylfaure on

    I am amazed how good you are looking! Your belly is just gorgeous, and I have to admit to feeling so nostalgic and really longing to be pregnant again, but doubting it will ever happen again. So I guess, if you don’t mind, I will just live vicariously through you.

  29. Robz on

    You looking very good hun. I know you may feel nothing but shit but if anything you look good!! Keep strong and just think in 2/3 weeks you will be home and on your back and take this time for YOU!!!! Thinking of you!!

  30. mozzie01 on

    Dee, your tummy is beautiful! Makes me miss mine!

  31. Mash on

    Absolutely stunning pics xxx love them.

  32. sophie on

    Very nice 3D pics !

  33. ttcnot2easy on

    Flipping awesome Dee!! Loving all the updates and pics!!! So excited for you too! xxxxx

  34. Jennie on

    Wow those 3D pictures are amazing !

  35. darylfaure on

    Your babies are gorgeous!

    You are looking so good – I can’t actually believe you are carrying 3 babies in your belly.

    I know you must be feeling exhausted by now, so hang in there and be extra special good and kind to yourself.

  36. Lesley on

    Incredible 3D pics! What an amazing sight to see. They look so happy and peaceful there.

  37. darylfaure on

    You continue to look amazing! I still can’t believe you have 3 babies in there. You are carrying so well and as you say, “wear those stretch marks with incredible pride”.

  38. Lesley on

    Such a beautiful tummy at 27 weeks. Simply gorgeous.

  39. Melissa G. on

    I think you should add a ticker to this page with all the pics so that we can keep better track of you – Can’t believe how quickly time has passed!


  40. darylfaure on

    You still look amazing! Do you still have tops that fit over your belly? The babies are such good weights as well. I’m sure that helps ease your mind a lot as well.

    • dee on

      No, not really. I wear size 20 tops now and they are getting tight too! Only prob is my top half/shoulders drown in such large sizes so I do look a tad funny. Lucky I dont go out any more…

  41. ttcnot2easy on

    I think of you every single day.

  42. darylfaure on

    That is some serious shrinkage going on there! I’m sure you are happy to be able to see your feet again, but I bet you miss your belly a little.

  43. Melanie on

    This bring back so much memories!!!

    Congrats Dee and good luck for the road ahead, we are all here to help you even though I only have twins.

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