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6 days to go!

So test date is the 19th August, actually Im meant to test on the 20th but I have work stuff that I have to do on the 20th so Ive moved it forward a day. By then I will be 13dp3dt and that should give us a good idea of what is brewing.

Ive been OK, trying to stay positive every hour of every day is not exactly easy, yesterday was case in point – I spent my lunch break in a BALL of tears. Today Im OK. I dunno what I feel actually, if I look for symptoms then Im just over-analysing everything. For my ZIFT cycle I was so certain something was happening because I felt SO incredibly sick but then afterwards I felt like a real fool coz my RE said it was nerves that made me feel yuk. Probably true. The mind is powerful but can you actually imagine symptoms?

So Im ticking off the days and just keeping the faith 🙂 But shoo this 2ww is not for the fainthearted, its a real mindfuck…