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Fertility Astrologer

Apologies to any astrologers reading this – Im not to familiar with all the terms but I hope I understood enough to get the message across.  

So we met with Nicky from Fertility Astrology last night and wow what an enlightening experience. I would highly recommend that anyone unsure of when to do treatment to meet with her. Its made making the decision of “what next” a tiny bit easier. 

I had my doubts going into the session and my husband (as men are) was very doubtful. Firstly Nicky explained how astrology works and why its so accurate. You were born at a specific time at a specific place (Longitude and latitude), the planets and the sun were in specific “houses”, which makes up your astrological chart. The planets themselves do not influence you but it’s the orientation of them when you were born that makes all the difference. It in essence makes you who you are.

Firstly we started off with Nicky giving us a bit of background of the type of people we are. I just want to add at this point that my husband and I were born 4 days apart and both in 1979, so our charts are actually very, very similar. We are both Taurueans and have the same outlook on life. Im more vocal, go-getter, goal orientated and have to work hard for the things I have, whereas my husband is quieter, unassuming, work in the background kind of guy. He doesn’t need to work as hard as me to get the things he has and according to Nicky he is very lucky and has a lot of good fortune (which he does, except obviously in the ttc arena). We are also both very “money-orientated”, money drives us which again is very ture. What I have just said describes us both to a T. Nicky also said that there are some things happening between Nov 2009 and March 2010, something about investing or building, which we are actually doing both of, she even said that we will find a tenant for one of our properties very easliy and the other one might be more difficult, stretching into March of next year. I actually couldn’t believe that you could get this information off of a chart. We have both never net Nicky so there is no way she could know any of this. 

Then we moved onto the fertility stuff. She said that when we were born (being 4 days apart) that the planet Pluto was in one of our houses. This is a bad sign for fertility, which means that both of us have sub-optimal fertility. We started with the fallopian tubes which she said she thinks are damaged, possibly from an infection. She wants me to be tested for Chlamydia (an STD for those that don’t know). Now this is something that I have never thought of. I have had more than 1 sexual partner in my life which makes me feel terrible now. Anyways Im going to test myself for this and see if I have it (gees I hope not). I told her that I have had an HSG which showed clear tubes (RHS had a slow spill) but she thinks its actual damage to the tubes (she actually called them “lazy” ha ha just like me!) which means that its possible they don’t pick up the egg after ovulation. Anyways that’s only for people who are trying naturally so it doesn’t really bother me as Im only into the hard core stuff. 

She then started talking about when she feels would be the best times for us to try. She explained that there is often 1 very, very good time for someone to try in their lifetime and then there are also times that are good but not as good as that once in a lifetime try. My once in a lifetime good time to try is when Im 33. yes, people 33 (that’s 3 years time). Between the ages of 33 to 34 is my best time to try, so in actual fact I get more fertile as I get older which in itself is laughable but according to my chart is true. Nicky even commented on the fact that she is surprised that at age 30 my eggs are “so weak” but its not impossible to conceive just a bit more difficult, that is until I reach 33! OK so obviously Im not going to wait until 33 to try so she bought it a bit forward. The next best time to try with my eggs is April 2011, where I have all the good markers in my chart. 

My husband on the other hand has his once in a lifetime best chance in April 2010. Nicky mentioned something about his “partners children” during this time which I queried.  According to Nicky this would be the absolute best time for us to try, with our own gametes. She even said she is willing to bet on this being our time, even though its not my best time its my husbands once in a lifetime best time. She also mentioned that it could also indicate other good things happening at this time (not just ttc related).  Just one issue with April 2010 is the fact that its my sisters wedding and Im not sure if fitting an IVF cycle into that is such a good idea, but hey if it’s a once in a life time chance then I would definitely do it. Nicky even mentioned that it might be possible to conceive in April 2010 and then again in April 2011, which is what the charts are telling her. I did mention conceiving naturally but she said that because of our sub-optimal fertility its possible that we will need to go for treatment to conceive, obviously nothing is impossible but going for treatment enhances the chances.

I then asked her about doing any treatment between now and the end of the year. She said absolutely not, damn Pluto is back until December and this spells trouble for fertility. In December everything is back to normal and she said even though there are no good markers in this time, it’s a neutral time and we could do a cycle in December if we would like to. Then we can look at April 2010 (the once in a lifetime opportunity), June 2010 and September 2010 (not a good month for sperm though). Nicky also looked for miscarriage markers between December and March of which there are none. 

Just to go back to my husband she said that he also has issues but she doesn’t worry too much about sperm as there is always ICSI which can override astrology. One thing that she said is that there is something in both of our charts (I forget what she called it now) which is a more psychological underlying issue. For my husband she said that he has an issue with whether he would be a good father, she said that his father was absent (which he was, mother and father got divorced when he was 10). My husband needs to work through these feelings of abandonment and also convince himself that he will infact be a good dad, she said that once he does this his sperm count will be excellent as its his subconscious that is making him produce poor sperm, I was so shocked that she was so spot on here I had tears in my eyes. 

My underlying issue is that I need to believe that I will be a good mom. Also sometimes the reason why you want children is exactly that – YOUR reason for wanting children, you don’t need to answer to anyone else except yourself. 

As you can see it was an amazing experience and we were both converted after speaking to her. I did manage to ask Nicky whether there are children in our future (very scary to ask this) which she said she cannot say but if we have enough emotional and financial stamina then trying during the time she has suggested would be the best chance for us to have children. She said she has seen worse charts than ours conceive and carry a baby to term (which made me feel better). Nicky also believes that according to our charts we merely started ttc too early, it wasnt our time yet BUT at least we did start early so now we know what our issues are and we didnt start trying now and go through all the motions of blood testing, PCTs, HSG’s, laps, IUI etc. Its also possible for someone to completely miss their once in a life time chance and she said she was quite relieved when she saw that both of ours are still coming up.

The cost is 120 pounds which I believe is worth every cent, if you are interested you can book a session with Nicky on her website. The session gave me a bit of hope that not all is lost and at least gave us the insight not to do anything in the next few months which I was seriosuly considering. I would have been really bummed if we had spent the money on an IVF only to learn that blady Pluto was around during that time 🙂