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14-9 to the SHARKS!!!

WOW what a weekend! The Sharks won the Currie Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the Sharks supporters had a few very tense minutes when the game ran over 80 mins and we all had visions of the infamous Super 14 final when the Blue Bulls beat us in the dying seconds of the game. I drank like a fish and yet again suffered like hell on Sunday, but its all good. I swear this week I’ll be good! December is looming way to fast, need to get my head around this upcoming IVF pretty soon!


What a week!

Shoo, what a week. It feels like Ive been in a whirlwind. Im so glad that its Friday!


OK, so after my dental visit last week, I was fully expecting to start eating on the other side. Boy was I wrong. Ive been in AGONY, can hardly eat a thing and when I do the pain is so intense it brings tears to my eyes! So on Monday I call my dentist for an emergency appointment. I could only see him on Wednesday. Turns out he drilled a “little bit too deep” and now the new filling is touching a nerve! SO now I have to go for ROOT CANAL next week! I am so incredibly mad about this situation. I wanted to remove the mercury from my mouth and now I have to end up doing ROOT CANAL on that tooth. I was so pissed off, fuming in fact. After this root canal I reckon I’m going to get a new dentist.


Last night we didn’t have any electricity, it seemed to only be our street. It went out at 2pm and only came back on around 10pm! Needless to say we ended up eating out and then drinking gin and tonic at a bar!! It was great fun BUT I did wake up with a bit of a headache (could be from the sore tooth aswell? Maybe not…) and of course when I drink too much I smoke (BAD girl I know, don’t remind me). With the Sharks/Blue Bulls Game on Saturday it means more drinking I guess (cant watch that game without some sort of alcohol in me). Speaking of the “big” game Im proudly wearing my Sharks shirt to work today and I have pinned my Sharks flag to the entrance of my office! Nothing like trying to rile up the BB supporters!!


Talking a bit on the elephant in the room – DH and I had a very serious conversation the other day about our fertility treatment. We have decided NOT to use donor sperm, it was a difficult conversation. I’ll leave it at that.