ZIFT Update

Hi All,

WOW what a rollercoaster! Feel like Ive just woken up from a trance that lasted 2 days! Firstly ER went well, we got 13 eggs which i was pleased about. I didnt get too much of that bloated feeling either. We stayed over at a hotel down the road from my clinic so I spent most of the day just sleeping. My dear friend Robz came to visit me in the afternoon and that helped to calm the nerves.

We then had to report back at the clinic at 7:00am. Just before the procedure I met Roz in the waiting room which was also so nice to meet my cyberspace friends in real life!

We then had to go downstairs and get dressed up in the terrible gowns (all this without knowing anything about the fert report). My pulse was almost 100 whilst I was lying in bed and it was due to nerves. FINALLY Dr V came to tell us that there were 5 normal ferts and 1 not so good. In my previous IVF’s Ive always had around 50% fert rate so I was OK with this but would have really liked to have grown a few more on to Day 3 to freeze. Anyway we decided to transfer the 5 good ones. So I went under GA for the Lap to transfer the ambies into my tubes. I woke up feeling alot of pain, especially where the cuts were so I asked for Pethidine which they gave me.

So now we wait…..

Im on PIO shots instead of those disgusting Cyclogest pessaries. ANd for those brave enough to continue with injections in the 2ww it actually works out alot cheaper that Cyclogest and much less messy.

Im taking it very easy at home for the next few days, just trying to heal and think positive thoughts.

Cheers for now xxx


9 comments so far

  1. Shaz on

    Yay! This is sounding very positive Dee! I’m really really praying for your BFP!!!

  2. Leigh from 123 blog on

    I’m so glad everything went well 🙂

    I’d never heard of this ZIFT before so I’m following along eagerly.

    Can I ask you a question – why do they transfer such a lot? When I had my transfer there was a girl who was so upset because they transferred 3 (they did that because she’s 40) in case of triplets.

    I know you’re young so that’s why I’m asking 🙂

    • dee on

      They transfer more than normal because they are only 1 day old and they cant tell which ones are better. And besides Dr V offered and I jumped at it!

  3. Joni on

    Hey Dee

    I am soo soo happy all is going well! I pray that you have a successful implantation and a massive BFP!!!!

    Thinking of you and praying for your BFP!!!

    Rest well and good luck with your “tww”!


  4. Elize on

    I’m so glad all went well! Praying for a BFP!!

  5. samcy on

    Dee sounds like it is all going “implantingly” (I’m a dork I know). I’m praying for you guys and am hoping like mad that all goes eggcellently… (again dorkiness, sorry)


  6. Tam on

    Well done sweetie!! I am so pleased for you, I’m thinking good thoughts for you guys and definately hoping for one (or more) babies!!

    Rest now and heal, lots of big hugs and love xxx

  7. April on

    yea! i’m so excited….i so hope that this works out.

    get tons of rest. 🙂 *hugs*

  8. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Thanks for answering. I suppose that does make sense – I had 5 eggs, 4 fertilised and we transferred 2 because only 2 were still gorgeous by day 3! The other 2 had stopped growing.

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