So I thought this was a bit newbie of me but I would like a record somewhere so I thought why the hell not. Besides I could do with some sanity checking too.

Im 11 days past ER, 10 days past ZIFT. Here are my symptoms sofar:

1. My boobs are sore but they have been like this since before the trigger, so not sure that counts. My Dh said they looked bigger this morning but I think that might just be his biased opinion.

2. I feel on and off nausea but I have had this along with headaches since starting the Gestone. So that could be just a side-effect.

3. I have AF style cramps which is usual for an IVF cycle.

4. Yesterday I burst out crying, also not unlike me but I think its a stress symptom.

5. I woke up feeling a bit hungry this morning which was one of my first signs last time but that could also be that I was just plain hungry, Im not hungry now and its lunch time.

6. This morning I had what felt like very faint OHSS, not that I had OHSS in this cycle but you know that tightness in your diaphragm? But its gone now. Could have been indigestion or something?

7. I have a slight watery discharge which is also very strange because normally I have hardly any CM. But I think its from the estrogen Im on at the moment. Cant remember but i think i had it last time.

As you can see Im just driving myself around the bend, so Im going to think of something else now.

I test on the 28/01. I pray I make it to test day this time. Last time I started bleeding at 10dp3dt. And why on earth do they always schedule the test for like 16 dpo? isnt a normal luteal phase 14 days? Why torture us?? Think I might go early, maybe Monday?


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  1. Shaz on

    All most there!
    I also think that waiting till 16 days is just cruel & torturous!!! 😦
    Go early, it shouldn’t make that much difference.

  2. Cedge on

    if I were u I would be very tempted to just POAS altho’ I hate those evil things. haha.

  3. Anita on

    Hi, I’m visiting from ICLW

    I hope those are all pregnancy symptoms for you!! All the best for your test – I hope it the wait goes by quickly!!! I’d also be tempted to POAS!
    I’ll be coming back to find out how it all goes…

  4. Leigh from 123 blog on

    I don’t know how people have the willpower to wait until test day without POAS.

    You amaze me 🙂

  5. Joni on

    Hey Honey!!

    Shame, I am soo soo thinking of you and praying fervently for your BFP!!

    Wish the 2ww would just sail by in a blur….. It’s soo hard analysing each twinge! I just pray that you’ll be richly blessed!!

    I agree with Shaz, it’s got to be plain torture waiting for 16dpo, I can barely wait for 14dpo! So I reckon a day or two early won’t make that much of difference will it???

  6. April on

    darnit! i do the same thing. i hate the 2ww. i spend all of my time and energy thinking, “oh…symptom x, i must be pregnant” and “shit, symptom y, definitely not pregnant!” arg!!!

    hang in there!!! almost time. 🙂

  7. Soralis on

    The 2ww sucks! Wishing you luck!


  8. Princess Jo on

    Oh I am so with you there. For like the past two weeks I thought I may have had at least a 55% chance of being pregnant: I was extemely nauseous and dizzy, boobs sore etc. And it isn’t really like me to that nauseous and dizzy. But guess what? AF turned up on Monday: boohoo….

    But I am with you in spirit and I am certain you will do fine. That in fact that this will work.

    You be strong. You be brave.


  9. samcy on

    Gah, I hate that the test date is always so long after transfer. Is the test time after ZIFT not longer cos the embies are transferred earlier?? Or am I losing my head???


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