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Day 8 Update

5 Follies on LHS, 9 follies on RHS. Between 14 and 15mm, dropped dose of Menopur to 3 amps, scan again Thursday. ER will be this weekend and ZIFT the next day. Hope is creeping in again….

I feel OK, a bit bloated but not as much pain as last time, I have alot of EWCM which is a good sign as I NEVER get it – even with the last IVF cycle (Gonal-F/Luveris combo). I somehow think that my body “prefers” the Lucrin/Menopur combo – I respond better than with the Gonal-F/Luveris/Cetrotide. Another strange symptom that I always get is swollen glands behind my ears. Im sure its a direct correlation between my ovaries and glands???

Ive also decided not to do any alternative therapies with this cycle. Ive done acupuncture with every cycle, including my IUI’s and seeing that it only ever helped me once, Ive decided to save the money rather and go with the flow. Besides ZIFT works a bit differently in that the 1 day old embies are put back into your fallopian tubes so I wouldnt really know when to do the acupuncture. Also the nearest acupuncturist tome is 100kms away and driving up and down has driven me up the wall previously. Im trying to take a very “zen” approach to this cycle. I havent even asked yet what my E2 levels are. For me this is quite a record. last cycle I remember being an absolute wreck when I found out my E2 levels were only around 5000. Dr V had to phone me to calm me down because I was crying so much. Seeing this is my 4th attempt I also find that the emotions I go through at each stage are so similar in each cycle and now Im almost “expecting” to feel certain emotions at each stage. I really do feel like a VET (veteran IVFer!). So I remain positive and happy with the way things are proceeding!


Friday Ramblings…

I would like to share with you that I am an avid rugby fan. Truely I am. I LOVE rugby. I plan my Saturdays around watching it and with the Currie Cup on at the moment I watch ALOT of rugby. Im a SHARKS fan, I grew up in Durban so I have always loves the SHARKS. When we were in Durban a few weekends ago we went to go watch the SHARKS beat the crap out of the Cheetahs and it was so great. Sitting screaming your lungs out at a few men on a field does wonders for the soul. SO this weekend I will be glued to the screen to see who gets into the semi-finals!! 





On other news – I actually think i might be ovulating. Now for those of us with PCOS we know that this is indeed a very rare occurance. I had a small amount of EWCM again any change in CM for me normally signals something is up. Ive been taking zinc and Udo Oil which is an Omega oil (disgusting to say the least) but I think it may have helped a bit with CM. Seeing I am already on CD twenty-something I would just like to know when/if I do ovulate so I know when AF might arrive. Not really for ttc purposes (are you guys really going to believe that? You know that t-e-e-n-n-y-w-e-e-n-y chance that we might be able to do this by oursleves still exists). Anyway I decided to do an OPK (I have left overs from the pre-IVF days) and guess what the 2 darkest lines ever (pity it wasnt a HPT)! So eventhough its like a whole month late, I am at least able to ovulate by myself. So then because of that t-e-e-n-n-y-w-e-e-n-y chance I decided to try my skills at tempting my hubby. Seeing he is recovering from an op to that very specific area it made things a bit tricky and I didnt want to tell him about the Big O (no not orgasm – ovulation) because we “arent ttc” anymore. Anyway I managed and so did he.