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Grief & Thanks

You know grief and sadness are funny things, obviously not funny ha ha, you get it. It starts off with shock, your heart is aching, your mind is dull, your memory is non-existant, you just go through the motions so to say. You get angry, mad, desperate, exasperated but then you somehow just start to feel better. Im obviously still sad, mad, pissed off that this didnt work but Im grateful that the intense feeling of hoplessness is going.

We sort of have a plan forward, it changes daily but I think one thing we are going to do is get a second opinion, just to have someone else have a good look at our file, I think it would make us feel better. So Ive asked my current clinic to send my (extremely large file) to CFC in Cape Town which I believe is an excellent clinic. I honestly believe I am getting the best treatment where I am currently BUT you never know what another set of eyes sees.

I just wanted to say thanks to a number of RL and internet friends who have really helped me get through this rough patch – Kimbal, Robz, Shaz, Sam, Eve, Marcia, Nicole, Tertia, Tanya, Carolene, Gail, Tam, Tessa, Vanessa, Melissa (All things Griffin), Cindyhoo (hope I didnt leave anyone out) – thank you for all your emails, sms’s, phone calls and thoughts, I would never have gotten through this without you. xxx