2 Years and 30 Weeks!

Bet ja never thought you would hear from me! Not sure who is still reading this but I just wanted to give a quick update on my life as I felt I needed to tell my story to the end.

My girls celebrated their 2nd birthday yesterday! Life with triplets has been an HUGE adventure. There have been many tiring days and many days filled with lots of laughter and fun. It’s become so much easier now that my girls are little humans and starting to talk. A friend of mine said she wishes all babies were born at 2 years old and I didn’t quite understand it until we reached 2. They are so incredibly precious and I am grateful beyond belief that we were chosen as their parents.

On the 20th June 2012 our lives were dramatically changed forever. I stood in my bathroom looking at a positive pregnancy test. After 5 years of infertility, 7 IVF’s and much money poured into the bottomless pit of treatment, we had somehow managed to fall pregnant all on our very own.

Stunned doesn’t even begin to describe how we felt.

In February of this year I had left the pill. I actually have no idea why really just that I was tired of taking it and wanted to try sort my PCOS out once and for all. I went on a diet and managed to get back to my pre-triplet weight. I saw a doctor specialising in hormones and she tested my thyroid and vit D levels among a huge amount of tests. My thyroid levels were low and my vit D very low so I started taking thyroid meds and a vit D supplement. Only one problem and that was my period was missing. The doctor told me just wait coz all my other levels were fine. So I did just that.

On 28th May I saw my gynae for my yearly check up and he did a scan which showed my awful PCOS ovaries and he told me he can see Im not ovulating and suggested I go back on the pill as there is no point in being off it unless I want to fall pregnant (which I didn’t). So I started prov.era to start AF. Ive used prov.era before and knew to expect something in a few days to a week. Nothing happened. Dr said its fine just take the pill, which I did.

18th June I woke up feeling terrible, put it down to food poisoning and took anti-nausea meds throughout the day . Had to drive home from work and stop on the side of the road to dry heave. Got home and was sick for the rest of that day. Drove myself to the hospital and they wanted to do a pregnancy test. I laughed at them and refused.

20th June I woke up feeling terrible again and decided well I might as well test because I need to know what the hell is going on. I dug out an expired internet cheapie test and peed on it. When I saw two lines I nearly fainted right there in my bathroom. Hubby didn’t know I was doing a test and when I shoved it in his face he didn’t even know what it was and when I told him it’s a pregnancy test he asked “but who’s is it?” haha. Its funny now but at the time I was bewildered. First beta was 8500, I was already 6 weeks. I worked out I had ovulated just before the gynae appointment on CD 120+!!

Im 30 weeks now and we are expecting a little boy! Other than extreme morning sickness (much, much worse than with the girls) all has been going well and even up to today my hubby and I cannot believe we created a baby all by ourselves!

I wanted to share my story because miracles do happen and there were times (which I have shared on this blog) where I literally couldn’t anymore. It took every ounce of my being to get up and try again. Don’t give up, keep going you will get there one way or another.


5 comments so far

  1. Monzelle de Villiers on

    What a wonderful journey and what a joy to read! May he bring you happiness beyond imagination. What a little blessed boy to be joining a family, blessed so much already.

  2. Sam on

    I still can’t believe you are 30 weeks already! And that the girls are 2!!! Time has flown my friend. So excited for you to meet your son soon.


  3. darylfaure on

    Yes I am still reading. So good to read your update and of course your miracle pregnancy.

  4. Mash on

    I’m still reading! Wow. It’s an infertile’s greatest fantasy come true that one! I still laugh when I think of your story. Imagine if someone had said to you 3 years ago that you would have four children! You would have thrown something at them!

    Also amazing to see that in your “Still On the Bus” category, most people are now parenting. Gives me so much hope.

    Thanks for this xxx

  5. Melissa G on

    SO fantastic to see an update here, and get the full story! Miracles indeed, so happy for you and the fan. 🙂

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