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Not much to report

Not alot going on at the moment, well no ground breaking news. I guess there is more going on in my head than in my life.

1. Basically waiting for AF’s arrival, by my calculations she should be here by beginning of June but who really knows. Im working on a 40 day cycle but I have been known to go up to 50 days. Vitalab has said that I can have a prog on the 5th June just to see where we are at. Next step would then be to have a meeting with the co-ordinator and come up with a real time-based POA (Scary).

2. A friend of mine was told that her baby didnt have a heartbeat, she went back yesterday to discuss a D&C and would you believe it – they found a heartbeat! It made me go cold. So miracles do happen – WOW, Im speechless.

3. The new car is effing AWESOME!!! Taken it on a couple of joyrides and let me just say thanks to the Germans for being so anal-retentive, they have thought about everything!

4. if ANYONE has any Adam Lambert music, please, pretty please can you tell me where to download it? Unfortunately being in SA, the USA Nokia site wont allow us to download. I love Adam Lambert’s style, his singing is spectacular. Im dying for his CD to come out!!