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Endocrinologist Visit

Saw a *new* doctor yesterday – an endocrinologist, not the reproductive kind 🙂

He was very knowledgable in PCOS and suprised me with the fact that you can actually manage PCOS better than just taking Glucophage. He also mentioned that my AD’s may be interferring with my cycle as some AD’s affect PCOS more than others. Seeing my last AF was on the 29th Jan and I havent seen her again means something is up. Ive never been Miss Regular but at least AF pitches up every 40 days or so. (NO dont even mention the “p” word, Im not).

He also mentioned that taking the pill for over 13 years did NOT cause my PCOS as I have always wondered. The pill was merely covering up the PCOS and was not the cause. He said its a hereditary gene, when i questioned him about the fact that neither my mom or sister has PCOS he said that it can either skip a generation or infact the PCOS gene can be found in males, especially in balding males (which my dad is), so I found that quite interesting. He said I just had “bad luck” inheriting it. Why wouldnt I have.

Anyways so he sent me for a gazzillion blood tests and we should have the results by next week. I told him that we are looking for something that could either have been missed by my RE or something that really stands out. Im not interested in going on a 6 month course of some drug that may or may not help me. He said that it is possible that all my bloods come back normal and he says that is the most difficult to treat and I will be left in the “unexplained” category. Wouldnt that be great, although actually not to be sarcastic it might be great as that means our move to DE would be so much easier.

On the other hand we have narrowed our choice of donor to 3. Choosing a donor is so difficult as we can only see a toddler photo and have to go by weight, height, hair and eye colour to get a mental picture of the person. I kind of wished I had gone to see the endocrinologist after our first failure because now I almost feel like its too late – we are already on the donor path and unless something major is picked up, I dont think we will be trying again with my eggs.