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Why is it so hard to keep positive?

Been doing OK. The rest at home has really helped me, I felt like a zombie for the first few days. Im staying as positive as I can, visualising embryos implanting, talking nicely to them, listening to my relaxing CD’s etc. But why is it that negativity creeps in? A tiny voice in my head keeps saying such negative things and I hate it.  IVF is so difficult, its emotionally gruelling, definitley not for the faint hearted.

Im also having such terrible side effects from the PIO. I get such bad headaches and terrible nausea and I get so HOT!! Just wondering if I should switch to Cyclogest or just hang in there? DH says well at least its working which is true.

So I try to remain positive, think only good thoughts and keep on willing the little ones to implant! Today they should be blastocysts so implantation should be soon, I pray so.