Hi, Im 31 years old, married to J, also 31 years old. We have been trying to add a member to our family for over 4 years. I have PCOS (not sure anymore), J has a varicocele with low sperm morphology – which means conception is a TINY bit more difficult than most of the general population. 3 IUI’s, 7 IVF/ICSI’s later (incl 2 DE IVF/ICSI) and FINALLY we are pregnant with triplets! Join me on the journey….

Longer Version:
29th Jan 2006 – Stopped BCP’s
1st March 2007 – First specialist appointment, diagnosed with PCOS (I can ovulate by myself but my cycles are 40+ days) and severe morphology issues (zero normal)
March – May 2007 – Medicated IUI’s
May 2007 – Dh diagnosed with 3 severe varicoceles, operation to remove them
Sept 2007 – 1st IVF, 7 eggs retrieved, 2 fertilised, none to transfer
March 2008 – 2nd IVF/ICSI, 13 eggs retrieved, 6 fertilised, transfered 3, none to freeze
10th April 2008 = first ever BFP!!!
6th May 2008 – worst day of my life, ever. M/c at 8 weeks due to Trisomy 8
Aug 2008 – 3rd IVF/ICSI, 15 eggs retrieved, 8 embryos, 4 transfered, none to freeze – BFN
Jan 2009 – 4th IVF/ICSI with ZIFT, 13 eggs, 5 embryos, all transfered – BFN
Aug 2009 – 1st DE cycle with anon donor, 10 eggs, 6 embryos, 3 transfered – BFN
Dec 2009 – 2nd DE cycle with known donor (shared cycle) – 3 eggs, 2 embryos to transfer – BFN
April 2010 – 7th IVF (long protocol using Luc.rin and high dose Fosti.mon; immune protocol – cortico.steroids, blood thinners, intra.lipid), own egg cycle, using PICSI, new clinic – 22 eggs(!), 18 embryos, 4x 8 celled transfered, 13 frozen – BFP! 12dp3dt – 540, 14dp3dt – 1212
Supplements I took
Scan at 7w2d showed triplets!! OMW… 🙂


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  1. mozzie01 on

    I am with you on this journey and know we will all be blessed with babies…

  2. circlesbecomeme on

    thanks for your comment! Sorry you are on the same journey, but nice to not be alone.

  3. Melissa on

    Thanks for having this blog. I live in Mozambique and we have been trying since 2006 with regular trips to Nelspruit and Pretoria for IVF treatments. My ovaries are NOT cooperating. I have a good feeling about this last cycle I am trying in August. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. jill on

    You have quite a story. I’m sorry you’ve been trying so long. I know how hard it is and I haven’t even been through all the failed procedures that you have. My heart goes out to you.

    Looking forward to learning more about you as I browse your archives 🙂

  5. Sunshine on

    Wow, you and me both Dee- you and me both. Let’s get OFF this bus together as quick as possible…..

  6. anya Sizer on

    Hello ! Just wanted to say thankyou for your comment and so glad you are enjoying the Telesummit really hope it is of use and I look forward to following your blog and journey to become a family ..best of luck !

    Love Anya sizer

  7. anya Sizer on

    P.S just read the entry about Tatoos …I did exactly the same and got one during my own journey through infertility …I had a butterfly done , and though VERY sore it meant a lot to me and still does !

    Love Anya

  8. zamom on

    Congrats, sure you must be in shock still. I hope and pray that your pregnancy will be very long and entirely uneventful.

  9. reluctantmom on

    Congratulations, I’m really thrilled for you. I’ve been reading your blog for some time, but now seemed a good time to leave a comment. Very excited for you, hope your days ahead are filled with so much happiness that allows the pain of the last few years to fade away.

  10. Kathryn on

    I’m so glad I found your blog. After so many failures I’m in desperate need of some hope. Congratulations!

    I’m curious,did you do any immune testing before you
    decided to try your own eggs with an immune protocol, or did your RE just want to try everything they could?

    • dee on

      Hi Kathryn, I did some immune testing which all came back 100%,there are a few tests in SA that are not available, like Natural Killer cell activity so we added in the immune protocol because I had never tried it before. Hope that helps. x

  11. Ashlee G. on

    Found your blog through ICLW. Congrats on the triplets! I hope everything goes beautifully for you!

  12. Beverley on

    Hi…found your blog by coincidence. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am a mom to 4year old triplets – two girls, one boy. I was also diagnosed with PCOS and after one cycle on Clomid, well the rest as they say is history! All the best for the rest of your pregnancy.

  13. Juanita on

    Hi Dee,

    Go team pink !! I am so happy for you. It is hard to be pregnant even after IF and I was only expecting one. Don’t be so hard on yourself – you may complain you even when other might think you should just be grateful it is still hard being pregnant with triplets.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us – I once had wrong medication dispensed for my child by the same pharmacy (still go there close to my house)I called and told them that my child has a chest infection not diaree what the dispensed medication was for. – The pharmacist got in her car and delivered the correct medication to my my house so soon I think she was terrified that I would report her.

  14. Jennie on

    I love checking in on you to see how you are doing. Please do not stop blogging , you give me hope ! How about sharing the 2 names you have picked so far . Three girls nogal ??? What does DH say about being the only male in the household. Also regarding the scary feelings , after all that you have gone through in the IF journey it is only natural to worry about everything. I am not even going to say Relax cause lets be honest it’s gonna be just about impossible ! Hang in there girl you are in my thoughts

  15. Leigh-Anne on

    Found your blog today – I read it all one sitting.

    Congratulations on your triplets. Your pregnancy gives me hope.

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