I Think Ive Gone OTT

Well just a little bit. Ive researched how to improve egg and sperm quality to death, Im a scientist so its what I do best. These are the supplements that we are now taking:

For the sperm:

 Vitamin C to improve motility

 Vitamin E as an antioxidant

 Omegas

 A good antioxidant such as procydin (contains grape seed extract)

 Magnesium

 Selenium another antioxidant

 Zinc at least 60mg a day

 Coenzyme Q10 for the mitochondria (energy of the sperm) 100mg a day

 Homeopathic meds

 Probiotic

I have read a lot about pycnogenol and would be willing to try but its so damn expensive and you need a larger dose than what they say on the side of the bottle so you need about 4 bottles a month.

For the egg:

 Wheatgrass tablets for egg quality

 A good Vitamin B complex

 Vitamin E as an antioxidant

 Folic acid – at least 500ug.

 Omegas

 Coenzyme Q10 for the mitochondria (energy of the egg) 100mg a day

Maca Root which is a fertility supplement

Fresh Royal Jelly in honey (I found a shop in Durban that sells this and have gotten them to post me 4 bottles – OTT, I know) supposed to help with egg quality.

 Homeopathic meds

 Probiotic

 Ill add in whey protein during stims

I am also eating my carbs before 3pm, drinking lots of water, limit alcohol and getting to bed early.

Im spending a fortune on the above but Im hoping that by some small miracle all of the above will help to create beautiful embryos. Its one small part that I can control and yes, I realise Ive gone a bit crazy with the vitamins but I don’t know what else to do… I dont know any other “normal”.  Mornings and evenings are a half hour ritual to get everything out, sorted and taken. I guess Im being silly but desperation calls for going OTT??

The semen analysis with DNA fragmentation is on Thursday. Hope to have results by next week.


12 comments so far

  1. Gail on

    Good luck my friend! Hope all the supplements give you gorgeous embies and a beautiful baby. I also research stuff to death (as I’m sure you know :)). Taureans…

  2. Sunshine on

    Sounds like a plan, Dee! Keep us updated!

    Sunshine 🙂

  3. apieceofwood on

    We just have to do everything we can don’t we in the hope it will help. Hope you are well..

  4. strongblonde on

    we took similar things. B took high doses of vit E and C for a few weeks before the last IVF. no one ever mentioned if it helped or not. sometimes i think it can be psychosomatic, you know? i know i sure felt a lot better about what i was doing while i was taking additional folic acid and dha. i felt like i was really doing what i could to try and get pregnant.


  5. Clare on

    Not OTT in my book! I think it’s a great plan. Me and my DH have been a serious course of supplements, most of what you are taking too, and we have seen massive improvement in his sperm quality. Hopefully this will all result in some beautiful embies for us both!!

  6. Melissa G on

    Holy crow woman, I love your plan!!! I can’t wait to hear your results!

  7. lessonsinhumility on

    A girl after my own heart! OTT is the only way to go at this stage and I agree – We can control so little in this process that why not take control of the things we can. Hope it makes beautiful embbies! xxx

  8. Blondie on

    Very interesting, thanks for the list! I’m starting to get kind of supplement-happy myself, but I figure it can’t hurt, right?

  9. Mash on

    I’ve given up on all the vitamins and minerals, have a whole tupperware the size of an A4 page full. I’ve decided I need to simplify my life, and those tablets are causing me stress! Might pick up on it again sometime…

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    […] I took during stims. I also took a list of supplements starting 4 months before which can be found here. I never stopping drinking and had my last glass of wine on my 31st bday, 3 days before […]

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    […] clearly remember Dee’s post about all the vitamins she was taking and kind of agreeing with her that it was OTT.  But I’m there, in fact I think I might be […]

  12. Misses Juch on

    I know it’s been a few years but I’m seeing this post now via a google search for “supplements to take to improve egg and sperm quality” any updates? Did the supplements help? My doctor only recommended CoQ10. This was super informative and unfortunately I had one failed IVF cycle because out of the 14 eggs retrieved only 3 fertilized but they stopped growing after 3 days and my Dr. said it is most likely due to egg quality unless the Karotype test she took sheds some light (still waiting results for that). My doctor wants me to try another cycle again soon but I want a few months to let these supplements take effect. Of course she said the longer I wait the harder it will be but i really don’t want to jump into another cycle to have it fail again.

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