Need some words of wisdom, really stuggling today. No symptoms (im essentially 8 days past ER).

The cycle that we had a +, I tried my utmost to block out any symptoms so now I cant remember what I felt at what stage. I know I didnt have many symptoms, it was only the day before testing (13dp3dt) that I “felt” maybe it had worked. I keep on trying to remind myself of this fact. Dr V has also reminded me that each pregnancy is different and that i shouldnt compare. Ja I’ll try hey.


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  1. samcy on

    I know it’s not easy Hon, but Dr V gave good advise – each pregnancy is different so maybe it’s good that you can’t compare where you’re at now vs the last one?

    Thinking of you and praying that this is it!


  2. Shaz on

    Ugh, there is nothing quite like the torture of an IVF 2ww. Thinking of you Dee! I know its hell & I know its impossible not to compre & not to look for symptoms, but thats absolutley impossible to do anyway.
    Praying really hard for your BFP!!!!!

  3. April on

    😦 i hate the 2ww. anything and everything starts to seem like it could be a symptom of pregnancy or non-pregnancy. you’re more than half way there.

    thinking about you!!

  4. Cedge on

    Hang in there. Not much longer now.

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