Its been a while

Im at home, sick as a dog. Throat infection and just generally run down.

Ive been working hard the last few weeks and its been good. Its nice to feel like you are doing something other than wallowing in self pity. Thoughts of ttc have been pushed to the back of my mind and Im surprised that Ive been able to do it with more ease than I thought possible, although its also been only a week or so.

We painted our bedroom and took up the (old, yuk, dusty) carpets. Our bedroom is now a beautiful soft stone colour and we getting laminated flooring installed next week. I love redecorating because then I have a room exactly as I want it to be. Our room used to have these stupid animals on a wallpaper border around the whole room, I hated it! We have commissioned an artist from Cape Town to paint us a stunning painting that we are going to hang above our bed. Ill take pics when its all finished. The last room in our house to be painted is the spare room soon to be nursery. I remember standing in that room almost 2 years ago, having just got my BFP and dreaming of what we were going to put where, colour schemes and watching our baby grow up. I still have that dream but its just getting so much harder to hold on to the faith that its going to happen. I go onto forums now and actually get jealous of those who have succeeded on their first, second and even third IVF, isnt that just so stupid? IVF isnt a walk in the park at any stage and I keep on just having to remind that terrible green monster on my shoulder.

So hubby and I decided that we are going to paint the nursery, its going to be the same colour as our room that way it will be ok for a boy or a girl (or both) 🙂 I mean how can we both be scared of a room in our house? Its ridiculous. So thats the mission for this weekend. Painting of the “soon to be” nursery.

And with that Im going to watch the taped “”. I love not being at work he he.


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  1. Abs on

    Hey Dee, Sorry you are feeling ill. I really hope your ‘soon to be nursery’ will be occupied in the very near future! I have one too which I’ve also been too scared to paint since we moved in 3 years ago. It’s turned into a bit a sports store room for now but I keep dreaming of the day I’ll get to decorate it. xx

  2. Hanneke on

    Sorry to hear that you are ill!! I hope you get better really soon, i am glad that you are painting the nursery and i pray that it will be filled with a beautifull LO soon. I painted ours grey until we get answers and know where to from here.

    Take care of yourself !! Ta xxx

  3. Leigh from 123 blog on

    I’m envious – you can paint? I’m so scared to undertake any DIY projects because we are both useless. Seriously.

    The laminate flooring is going to be stunning…

  4. ttcnot2easy on

    Hey there. Sorry that you’re feeling poo!! Hope you are better soon.
    I used to keep the door to the bedroom assigned to be the nursery closed ALL the time – for almost a year. I didn’t even allow our domestic in there to tidy (but I think she went in anyway). It’s not stupid to have that jealousy – on the contrary, I think it’s natural. I have certainly been through my fair share of jealousy over the years of TTC!!
    Hope you are enjoying SYTYCD… I KEEP ON FORGETTING TO WATCH IT! What a chop I am!!
    Get better soon! xxxx
    (Oh, and the range of products I’ve been using for my pigmentation is the new-ish Ponds range – pink & white packaging)

  5. cindyhoo2 on

    You sound great! I know the feeling of jealousy fo women who succeed at IVF. Sometimes I think, “who in the world am I letting myself become?” On the other hand, the painting sounds lovely. PIctures? And I think your idea of reclaiming your nursery is brilliant. Mine is full of dog kennels. 🙂

  6. Sunshine on

    Good – no- Great for you! I don’t have the guts to do it but so happy for you. And April is around the corner!!


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