In Standard 5 (sorry for my USA readers, I *think* its grade school??) I had a “boyfriend”. I mean I was 12 so we did what normal 12 year olds do, run away from each other and I probably said 3 words to the guy.

So last year I revived my Face.book account after I got all the privacy settings figured out. I had an extremely nasty ex and I felt that he may have been looking at my photos, reading my updates etc which is why I closed my account for a while. Anyway so I get a friend request from my Std 5 “boyfriend” . I always screen everyone I accept for the reason I have given above and I thought it would be no harm to accept him as a friend.

Soon I was getting a few emails from him, just “what you been doing” harmless stuff. Then I started getting more and more (luckily only through FB, he doesnt know my email address and its not on FB). Then he started addressing his amils to me as “hello sexy” then started telling me how much he loved me (18 years ago!!), he misses me (WTF?) and that there is a specific song that reminds him of me. Can you say CREEPY? I mean I was 12 when I saw him last???  I only recognised the name and would never have guessed it was him from his profile pic, but come on it was 18 years ago?

I thought ignoring him would send him a message and then he kept asking “whats wrong” and “did he say something to upset me?”, still addressing me as “sexy”. I told him Im married which didnt seem to phase him. So finally I had had enough and blocked him from my account so he cant find me on FB, write to me or anything. I kind of feel bad but it was just starting to creep the hell out of me.

Have you guys had anything like this happen to you?


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  1. Sharon on

    Oh hell yes. All on the same day, my ex husband and ex boyfriend (both abusive) send me messages and friend requests. Now my profile is hidden, I can find you but you can’t find me! 🙂

  2. Lara (NoodleGirl) on

    This is CRAZY! What a creep! I’ve never had it happen to me, which could make me feel undesirable but much more so makes me relieved! 😉

  3. jill on

    Yikes that is creepy! I’ve never had anything like that happen to me but it sounds like you did the right thing.

  4. R.J. on

    That is definitely weird. Way weird. You did what you had to do!! FB is a stalker’s haven.

  5. ttcnot2easy on

    No no no. Unacceptable and totally inappropriate! I would’ve done the same. In the beginning, I wasn’t too perturbed about screening people and I had 3 incidents with guys “wanting to meet me” and “you’re hot” and “mm..” and just .. so many inappropriate stuff. I felt quite threatened and it was a bit invasive – not to mention bloody scary, so I blocked them straight away. Even the friends that I have now, which include alot of clients and school friends, have limited access to my personal info and my photo’s.
    You did the right thing blocking him.

  6. Mash on

    My colleague’s ex also contacted him, and it was a similar situation (although not from when they were 12). Eventually he phoned her and very calmly explained that this type of conversation has no place in his marriage, nobody’s feelings were hurt, and he removed her from Facebook friends.

  7. skrambled on

    I haven’t! But that is really creepy!

  8. samcy on

    Sorry you’ve been unwell honey. Good to hear that you’re taking the plunge and are painting the “soon to be nursery” – good on ja both!

    RE the FB friend – it’s not happened to me but I am vigilent about who can be my friend on there… don’t want arbies seeing what’s happening in my life.


  9. Bratty on

    Oh hell…i know the feeling….I am actually on FB under another name. Anyone on my FB knows my history and has nothing to do with my ex..(in fact all my friends hate him)

    So now, unless you know me very well…you will never find me on FB…hee hee, I think I am quite clever

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