Apparently I dont have PCOS…

So I met my new doctor today and wow! Our appointment was at 10am but we were only taken around 10:45am but I can see why. The doctor really took his time with us and we discussed all our previous cycles in great depth, he asked a lot of questions and we discussed everything from testing the spindles of the eggs to PGD, PICSI, apoptosis (DNA testing), alternative therapies, protocols, drug combinations, environmental factors, blood tests you name it. What I liked about him is the fact that he spoke to us in “doctor” talk and not “baby” talk. He could see we have been around the block. He also made me fill out a questionnaire about my mental state and mentioned that maybe I should look into seeing a counsellor. I like the whole rounded approach to our treatment.

I did a scan and would you actually believe it – I DON’T HAVE PCOS!!! He says that he has no idea why I was ever diagnosed with PCOS in the first place but I remember my previous doctor showing me the cysts and everything. Well now there are none. He wants me to stop my Glu.cophage as he says I don’t need it. I always wondered why I had the PCOS diagnosis when all my blood tests came back normal and I don’t have a single PCOS symptom other than irregular cycles. I just assumed I actually had PCO (without the “S”) meaning that I just have the cysts. I asked him about my irregular cycles and he said its possible that I just have a hormonal imbalance. Anyway I have no idea…

The Plan is to have a sperm analysis with the DNA apoptosis test to determine what percentage have DNA issues. Then we will use PICSI to weed out the genetically good ones and use those to ICSI an egg. I told him about my hard outer shells and he said that they will do pre-ICSI laser assisted hatching, if needs be. He also said that often the “bad” looking sperm could actually be genetically ok and that is why going my sight alone is not advisable, especially with 6 failed cycles behind us. He suspects that we have a DNA issue.

My protocol will again be the long protocol using Lu.crin from Day 21 of the BCP cycle. We discussed Cet.rotide as all my cycles using Cet.rotide gave me the worst fert rates and embryo quality, this includes my first cycle with no fert. He says he doesn’t like Cet.rotide but does use it with some patients but with my history we will stick to Lu.crin, which made me feel very happy.

Next we will start with a high dose of Fost.imon, a pure FSH drug imported from Switzerland. Ill be on 5 amps a day to start, which is great as Ive always felt we could go a bit higher and Ive never really had OHSS except for the normal bloaty feeling after retrieval. Then I will have a steroid during this time to prevent egg antibodies from forming. Never even knew this existed? Then at retrieval we will see how many eggs we get and quality embies and then perhaps do PGD (not yet convinced about this yet??). He also mentioned taking the mitochondria out of one egg and inserting it into a second egg because apparently if your eggs do not have enough energy (energy produced by mitochondria) then it will stop growing and fragment, as my embies do. At this stage I was as happy as a pig in shit because FINALLY someone was giving us options other than donor sperm or donor egg. I told him that he has full permission to try absolutely anything and everything on us. I want the FULL MONTY here. We even discussed hypnotherapy and acupuncture. Ill be doing both.

I realise that yes, the lab has never worked with our gametes before, the doctor has never seen how I stim etc etc but these are some cutting edge procedures that were never offered to me at my previous clinic. I feel like they had “one size fits all” cookie cutter approach and unfortunately I aint no cookie that needs cutting.

The doctor warned that we “have a mountain to climb” which I am fully aware of but at least I have a bit more hope again, a way forward. I did R2000 worth of MORE blood tests, so now Im sure that Ive done almost every single blood test ever invented.  So we are set to start with BCP in March, until then I will stay healthy, eat all the good foods and prepare for the baby that will be arriving soon. I can feel it in my bones.


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  1. Jen on

    Wow! Cutting edge is right! That’s fantastic! 🙂

  2. Gail on

    Wow, friend! The Dr sounds fantastic and it is so nice to be given new options. I really hope this works for you guys xx

  3. Cindyhoo2 on

    I had no idea many of those things were even options. How exciting!

  4. Sharon on

    Hey Dee, I’ve had PGD before, so if you want to discuss it or have questions, feel free to drop me a line, but don’t pin your hopes on it too much. Its not a new technology and only tests for a couple of Trisomy issues.
    The other stuff sounds really intersting! All the best for your cycle!

  5. celia on

    Well then, this sounds promising. Good luck!

  6. R.J. on

    Sounds like you found a very capable RE – congrats! It’s encouraging to see that he’s thinking outside the box with MF – so few do that. The only answer I’ve heard is ICSI or donor, no therapy, no options. I really hope science is starting to catch up.

    I’d be interested to know what your DH’s DNA levels come back; if you don’t mind sharing. As we chatted before, we are in the very-high DNA frag levels and there really wasn’t any other option given to us after our failed IVFs other than donor. I’ll have to look into PICSI. I wasn’t aware that they have the technology to find the “genetically normal” sperm?? That is great news if that is the case. Our no -fert cycles could have been saved if this is possible ….

  7. Abs on

    Sounds promising Dee. Using your own eggs must be super exciting after doing donor cycles. I’ll be holding thumbs for you my friend! xxx

  8. Marion on

    Wow, sounds like an excellent POA. I’m glad you are happy with your new doctor. I’m praying that it will result in a BFP for you!

    Just a little shocked about the PCOS though.

  9. skrambled on

    Well, it sounds complicated and promising. I’ll be hoping and praying.

  10. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Oh wow, small world.

    I went once, did NOT like that whole ambush counselling in the beginning or Dr D’s attitude (maybe it’s my straightforward personality) so i didn’t go back. I felt they didn’t give me ANY options – he did ONE internal, no blood tests or SA (and this was my very first visit with an infertility specialist) and straight away said we have to do IVF

    And that’s when we did nothing for an entire year – I was so put off.

    I’m very glad that my experience was not the norm as I have a friend here at work who has got pregnant twice through them (through IUI and then IVF) and now you’ve had a wonderful experience.

    i sooooo hope this is IT for you (you’re saying “me too!”_

  11. Elize on

    Wow! Sounds amazing!!!! Who is this new Doc? I really hope that your answer lies with him and that you’ll finally become a mommy!

  12. Hope on

    Hi Dee, I’v been following your story since 2007, I was on the stork sisters website before, you have been going through allot, and I hope this will work for you.I’m still strying too, 4 ops later 2IVF, 5AI’s & still nothing… Money has been a factor & went for my last op in May last year, had to pay cash for all the ops (lubal problem)and have eaten into our savings.Every time I read your update it gives me new hope…Cheers to your pink feet…

    • Jeana on

      I feel like I am reading my own story.I would love any updates..I am on IVF cycle 5..andI am not ready for donor eggs.I loved acupuncture, and even took the herbs the acupunsturist reccomended. Its nice to know when you are not alone in this journey

  13. Christina on

    wow! that is great news! hope you like your new doc, that’s such an important piece to everything.

    best of luck!

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    […] work out.  I spent the afternoon checking out Dee’s old blog, and in particular, this post.  I also contacted her on FB and she very kindly phoned me and answered all my questions.  (I ask […]

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