Soul Evolvement

Something a bit more thought provoking. I have wanted to share some of the learnings that I have gained from a recent course that I have completed. I must say that it helped me immensly to answer some of my burning questions and offered some insight into why things happen the way that they do. This post may not be everyone’s cup of tea so if you dont agree with some of the things I say, please be kind – I am always up for a debate.

It is believed that your soul evolves through the process of reincarnation. Your soul takes a journey of constant change and growth, reincarnating several times until a lesson is learnt and you are able to move onto the next lesson.

The evolvement is as follows:

  1. Soul Emergence – the emerging soul moves into incarnation and the journey of soul fulfilment continues. The Law of P.rogression governs this process of continuous forward movement and progression. As your consciousness has evolved through all the kingdoms, it is possible that you have evolved from being a crystal or rock before becoming aware of your conscious mind.
  2. Birth – The physical incarnation. 
  3. Life – The soul has chosen a life which assists in the karmic enfoldment of the soul’s spiritual journey. The Law of C.ause and E.ffect is learnt. The soul moves along its journey and learns from the material world. Each soul wants to learn the most out of that specific lifetime.
  4. Death – As death occurs, the soul moves from the physical plane into the spiritual plane.  Death begins when the soul calls out that it is time to leave the physical world. The soul then starts its journey into the spiritual plane.
  5. The Spirit Plane – We come to learn why we chose to be born into certain circumstances, three major  events are isolated from the life recently experienced for the future, all other memories fade. We then choose what our next set of circumstances will be able to teach us and prepare for another physical incarnation.

Please Note: I have tried as far as possible to write the above in my own words but please be aware that the information above is copyrighted to M.etaV.arsity.

Which means that before we are reincarnated into a physical body, we choose the circumstances that we want to learn from, at the end of our life we access what we did, how we did it and whether we learnt from that lesson, if not, its possible that we may have to repeat the same life pattern over again in order to gain some understanding of why we are in the predicaments we find ourselves in.

This means that my soul chose the path of infertility and the question “Why me?” has become redundant. Throughout this journey Ive always tried to learn from the experience, what is it trying to teach me? Will I have to come back one day and repeat all of this so I can learn from it? I hope not. What do you think infertility has taught you? Im struggling to come up with a decent answer other than the normal “patience, understanding, compassion” but perhaps that is all there is to learn? Any thoughts??

I think about miscarriage – someone struggles to fall pregnant, they finally do and then its all taken away from them. What does that all mean? Why would we have chosen that pain and anguish for ourselves? It shows that we are resilient, we get back up, pick of the pieces and then carry on with life. It shows grief and how we handle it. It shows your relationship with God, perhaps strengthening it, perhaps weakening it.

I still think about our baby that could have been and I still cannot find the answers as to why it happened. The other day a colleague told us she had a miscarriage, I got that shock, sick feeling in my stomach. I wanted to try and comfort her but I could hardly speak. It made my heart ache all over again. Sometimes we are sent curve balls which are extremely painful, I just hope that I learnt enough of myself and of the experience that I dont have to experience that pain again. To all my blog readers who may have suffered a loss – words are not enough to express how sorry I am.

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  1. skrambled on

    This is a very interesting post. I went to a past life reading where I was told that in my past life all my children were born with some sort of birth defect. So unconsciously I reject my own eggs and genetics. I’m still not sure whether I believe this or not.

    What have I learnt from my journey? To empathise, to ask, to listen… Do I know what my big lesson is? No! But I pray that I don’t have to learn to live without children. Please please don’t let it be THAT lesson.

  2. Cindyhoo2 on

    I am not sure that I am ready to think about choosing infertility as a life path so I will address another issue. You mention some “simple” lessons like compassion but I think those are rather the hardest lessons to learn. Think about it: if we lived in full compassion with others and with ourselves, we would have reached enlightenment. I think there are no truly simple lessons 🙂

  3. samcy on

    Hmmm thought provoking and whilst I don’t believe in reincarnation and past lives etc, I do believe that our journeys are there for us to learn from them – so if all you learn from infertility is to be more compassionate then you’ve learned from your “life lesson”. If you’ve suffered a loss and you’ve learned that you can pick yourself up and go on with life – in my humble opinion that is huge. I think too often as humans we underestimate ourselves. We think we are less than we are. Sometimes the biggest lessons we learn are the simple ones. Like love, compassion, patience etc.

    Hang in there Dee!


  4. Journeywoman on

    Very interesting. I believe in reincarnation but I don’t know if I believe in predestination in regard to it.

    I think that my husband and I chose to be born (reborn?) together, but it was a crap shoot as to whether we would meet. I mean seriously, I should never have been able to get into the college I did.

    I think we hope for things and take chances and then things just suck–IF being one of them.

    Interesting blog.

  5. Lori in Denver on

    I wrote about this same topic once:

    Perhaps even the babies come in to experience something during their very short existences. For me, only when I cease labelling a situation as “good” or “bad” does any of it make sense. Each one just is.

    You might be interested in the book “The Game of God.”

    Very thought-provoking. Thanks.

  6. just me on

    I’ve been really interested in this idea recently, and even more so since reading some of Brian W.eiss’s books.

    What lesson might one learn from being infertile? Just reading your story about your coworker who had the miscarriage, it seems that you may have learned a deeper lever of compassion and empathy.

    I also think one might not recognize a lesson in infertility until it reaches a resolution- giving birth to a baby, adopting, or choosing to live ‘child free’. I could imagine there could be some lesson about valuing children, or valuing the creation of life…

    Great post. 🙂

  7. Billy on

    Very interesting and thought provoking!

  8. bratty37 on

    Just came across this post…I know it is very old. But I do believe in past lifes…. I do believe that your past comes back to learn lessons and once this is learned you heal.

    Very interesting post

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