Grief & Thanks

You know grief and sadness are funny things, obviously not funny ha ha, you get it. It starts off with shock, your heart is aching, your mind is dull, your memory is non-existant, you just go through the motions so to say. You get angry, mad, desperate, exasperated but then you somehow just start to feel better. Im obviously still sad, mad, pissed off that this didnt work but Im grateful that the intense feeling of hoplessness is going.

We sort of have a plan forward, it changes daily but I think one thing we are going to do is get a second opinion, just to have someone else have a good look at our file, I think it would make us feel better. So Ive asked my current clinic to send my (extremely large file) to CFC in Cape Town which I believe is an excellent clinic. I honestly believe I am getting the best treatment where I am currently BUT you never know what another set of eyes sees.

I just wanted to say thanks to a number of RL and internet friends who have really helped me get through this rough patch – Kimbal, Robz, Shaz, Sam, Eve, Marcia, Nicole, Tertia, Tanya, Carolene, Gail, Tam, Tessa, Vanessa, Melissa (All things Griffin), Cindyhoo (hope I didnt leave anyone out) – thank you for all your emails, sms’s, phone calls and thoughts, I would never have gotten through this without you. xxx


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  1. Lisa RM on

    For cases like this, I’ve always liked the term “queer” over “funny” but it’s been changed in meaning so much, I’m afraid of causing confusion. {hugs}

  2. Cindyhoo2 on

    Glad to hear that you are having a second opinion. I am a big fan. I have had a total of 4 REs check me out…. Makes me feel confident that nothing has been overlooked! Also glad to hear that the grief is moving to a slightly more manageable level: though it still sucks about this cycle.

  3. Melissa G on

    I’m glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. And that you are getting plenty of support.

    I think it’s brilliant to see another doctor. I agree with Cindy about making sure nothing is over looked.


  4. Clare on

    A second opinion is good idea.. i’ve totally lost faith in doctors going thru all this, a second opinion is a must in my humble opinion 😉

  5. Beautiful Mess on


    I’m so sorry about your cycle. I wish I had the words to make you feel better. Please know that I’m holding you close to my heart and sending you lots of love.

  6. skrambled on

    Once again, I feel gutted for you.
    I’m glad you have a plan forward and I really hope that plan is fruitful.

  7. samcy on

    All the best for the second opinion Dee, you never know what fresh eyes might reveal.

    Thinking of you lots and you’re in my prayers.


  8. Eve on

    I am still so sad for you Dee. I am glad to hear that you have another plan, and a second opinion is never a bad thing.

    You are in my thoughts constantly!

    x x x

  9. Shaz on

    A second opinion sounds like a great idea Dee! You just never know what they might find, God know’s it was the greatest gift I gave myself!
    Here for you always!

  10. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Am glad you’re getting a second opinion – at worst it confirms what VL are already doing, at best you have OPTIONS!!!

    Big hugs to you and always praying because words often fail me…

  11. Eve on

    I typed a comment earlier, but it has gone???

    Just wanted to say that I am still so sad for you Dee. I think a second opinion is a good idea. A fresh set of eyes!
    As Leigh says: worst case scenario is that they confirm VL’s diagnosis.

    Please keep us updated and sending you a cyber hug!

  12. Egg Factory on

    Hang in there! Sometimes having a plan, no matter how big or small, helps tremendously. Sounds like you’re on your way.

  13. Annissa on

    A second opinion can never be a bad thing, the worst thing they can do is tell you the same thing …

    I do hope in seeking the second opinion with a new perspective, you find an answer that is worth exploring that will lead you to the place you want to be!


  14. strongblonde on

    still thinking lots about you 😦

    i always think a second opinion is a good idea. new eyes=new ideas!!


  15. Camilla on

    Good luck for the 2nd opinion!! Where were you before? I am also thinking about moving if my next cycle doesn’t work – I agree a fresh set of eyes can help!!! KUP and big hugs

  16. Melissa G on

    Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.


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