What a week!

Shoo, what a week. It feels like Ive been in a whirlwind. Im so glad that its Friday!


OK, so after my dental visit last week, I was fully expecting to start eating on the other side. Boy was I wrong. Ive been in AGONY, can hardly eat a thing and when I do the pain is so intense it brings tears to my eyes! So on Monday I call my dentist for an emergency appointment. I could only see him on Wednesday. Turns out he drilled a “little bit too deep” and now the new filling is touching a nerve! SO now I have to go for ROOT CANAL next week! I am so incredibly mad about this situation. I wanted to remove the mercury from my mouth and now I have to end up doing ROOT CANAL on that tooth. I was so pissed off, fuming in fact. After this root canal I reckon I’m going to get a new dentist.


Last night we didn’t have any electricity, it seemed to only be our street. It went out at 2pm and only came back on around 10pm! Needless to say we ended up eating out and then drinking gin and tonic at a bar!! It was great fun BUT I did wake up with a bit of a headache (could be from the sore tooth aswell? Maybe not…) and of course when I drink too much I smoke (BAD girl I know, don’t remind me). With the Sharks/Blue Bulls Game on Saturday it means more drinking I guess (cant watch that game without some sort of alcohol in me). Speaking of the “big” game Im proudly wearing my Sharks shirt to work today and I have pinned my Sharks flag to the entrance of my office! Nothing like trying to rile up the BB supporters!!


Talking a bit on the elephant in the room – DH and I had a very serious conversation the other day about our fertility treatment. We have decided NOT to use donor sperm, it was a difficult conversation. I’ll leave it at that.


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  1. Nix on

    Shame man. I can’t think of any pain worse then tooth ache.

    Yip i can agree with the smoking thing. I’m back on it in a big way. slowly working my way up back to 20 a day. Not quiet but almost. I have to quit, but seen as though we’re not gonna offically start trying till next year i’m just gonna carry on for now and stop at the end of the holidays….

    1 week 1 day to go… Yippee, i’m so excited!

  2. Shaz on

    I have JUSt one thing to say: GO THE BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. April on

    I know the feeling. I am going to the U of MI v. MSU football game tomorrow and am already anticipating the pain. (It’s the only good thing about KNOWING there is no way that you are pregnant…you can drink without guilt).

    Here’s to a fun weekend! 🙂 a

  4. Michelle on

    EWWWW tooth aches are the worst pain in the world! I’m sorry! Have fun at the game this weekend. Drinking will make it better. 🙂

  5. KandiB on

    I feel so horribly for you! I HATE the dentist – fillings are bad enough…but a freakin’ root canal?? They better be paying for – those things are expensive! Glad you had a little fun despite it all. And, decisions are good, even if they are tough. iclw

  6. theworms on

    OMG, that is just awful! You need a new dentist. GL.


  7. Kristine on

    Yikes, talk about an awful dentist appointment! I sure hope they aren’t making you pay for the root canal!

  8. Amy on

    Seems like you’re having a difficult day or two. Hopefully, things will turn around.

  9. kirke on

    Awww smoking….sometimes I like to linger outside next to a smoker to get an extra whiff…Oh, how I miss you tobacco.

    Sorry to hear about the root canal. I hope he does it for free or at least throws in a lifetime supply of dental floss.


  10. jwhite05 on

    I would have some serious words to share with my dentist. I hope he’s not charging you for the root canal.
    Good luck with your tooth.


  11. mnrn on

    Ouch! I hope your tooth feels better ASAP! Good luck with your infertility treatment, whatever you decide. Happy Saturday. ICLW.

  12. K @ ourboxofrain on

    I’m sorry about the root canal situation — that absolutely sucks. I hope it gets resolved with a minimal amount of additional pain!

    Hope you are having a fun weekend.


  13. Trish on

    Donor sperm … beyond the realm of my IF experience. Sorry …no words of wisdom to offer.
    Hope your dentist is nice to you and hope you have a quick recovery too. OUCH
    Here from IComLeavWe… (adoption,pregnancy loss, IVF twins)
    My Little Drummer Boys

  14. sassycupcakes on

    What a nightmare. Toothaches are horrid. I hope you can get it fixed soon.

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