14-9 to the SHARKS!!!

WOW what a weekend! The Sharks won the Currie Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the Sharks supporters had a few very tense minutes when the game ran over 80 mins and we all had visions of the infamous Super 14 final when the Blue Bulls beat us in the dying seconds of the game. I drank like a fish and yet again suffered like hell on Sunday, but its all good. I swear this week I’ll be good! December is looming way to fast, need to get my head around this upcoming IVF pretty soon!


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  1. samcy on

    Go Sharks! It was a great game wasn’t it? I had a mini celebration all my by lonesome while hubby was at his 20th school reunion 😉


  2. Shaz on

    We had an awful time! First the satelite link went down and no sooner was that back up then our freaking electricity went out!
    Well done Sharks but I predict next year the Currie Cup will go back to WP who’ve won the Currie Cup a total of 32 times! At least that’s what I hope for! 😉

  3. April on

    …January is sneaking up….

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