My Birth Story

Grab a cup of coffee, this is going to be a long post…

On Saturday the 4th December my blood platelet count was 163, my gynae wanted to deliver as soon as the platelet count dropped to below 150 so we all decided that Monday 6th December would be the DAY. My blood pressure was hovering between 125/80 – 140/90.

Platelet count is taken to determine the clotting ability of your blood, without this you can obviously bleed to death, anything below 100 and I would have had to undergo general anaesthetic (to prevent possibility of bleeding too much or a hematoma in my spine) instead of the spinal block which would have meant I would have missed the birth of my children.

Thankfully my platelet count on Monday was at 152 which meant I was good to go. I must say that I had to trust my my gynae here 100%, he has delivered 115 sets of trips and I knew he wouldn’t risk anything by delivering too early. It was difficult though to trust that at 33 weeks everything was going to be OK.

Monday 6th December 2010 arrived. I was calm as a frikken cucmunber. We took some last photos, did the NST test and DH and I sat chatting excitedly. They came to tell me that they had moved the c-sec to 6:30am, half an hour earlier because my anaesthetist was sick and the new anaesthetist had other appointments. Fine by me. So I got ready and wheeled through to the theatre. DH went to change and then all of a sudden my gynae was running out the theatre and there was a HUGE commotion going on. What had happened is a lady 31 weeks pregnant with twins had arrived at the hospital vomiting and the NST test indicated her twins were in distress. They had to deliver immediately and she was wheeled passed me. In a strange coincidence her gynae was also mine, so she basically had my gynae, pead, anaesthetist, theatre staff and theatre all ready for her to deliver. Afterwards my gynae said to me that her uterus had ruptured and that 5 minutes later, she and the twins would have died. Id like to think that it was meant to be that she arrived at that time and everything was in place and she delivered safely. Her twins are in the NICU too now and they are doing well.

Anyways so I got wheeled back to the hospital room for an hour which is when the nerves set in a bit. Hubby and I sat there just staring into space and he actually said to me – “I don’t know what to say”. Then we finally got wheeled back again, hubby changed and we were taken to the theatre. There were alot of people in theatre all chatting and everyone seemed excited. Hubby started the video camera and I got my spinal block, my legs went warm straight away and I had to have help lying down on that tiny table.

They put the blue partition up and my gynae started. I felt nothing which was great. I was so proud of hubby as he filmed everything and didn’t feel like he was going to pass out. My paed then said “he is down to the uterus” and I was like wow, thats amazing that I can feel nothing. Hubby then jumped up and said “oh my word” as my waters of Trip I (A) broke. Then the most amazing sound – a crying baby. My gynae held A up (and she wee’d!) so I could see and then passed her to the paed. Then Trip II (E) arrived and afterwards the assistant told me that she was already crying as her water broke which is obviously a great sign of lung maturity. My memory goes a bit fuzzy here. I remember feeling a bit woozy and on the video you can see my gynae really pushing and moving my tummy to get Trip III (G) out. She was the smallest (strange because I felt her the most throughout the pregnancy) but also cried as she came out. They then whisked all 3 of them to the NICU whilst I was stitched up. As instructed by me before all this hubby went with – I was scared someone would steal them 🙂 and he got all of it on video. I was stitched up and taken to recovery. Ive actually never felt better. I got a bit of the shakes but nothing serious and then I was taken to High Care which is a formality with having had triplets. I was given a couple of shots and then lay there wondering what the hell just happened! My mom, sister, BIL and MIL then came to see me and we all chatted and I was shown some photos of the babies. They were perfect, pink, breathing on their own and weighed as follows – A: 2.04kgs, Apgar 8,9,9 born at 8:22am; E: 1.78kgs, Apgar 9,9,10 born at 8:22am and G: 1.68kg, Apgar 8,8,9 born at 8:23am.

My memory isn’t too good for the rest of Monday but I do know that I asked for a breast pump and was truly amazed when I was able to pump and something actually came out. Afterwards I read that this is the colostrum that collects during the pregnancy but I was happy that they could start with that (little did I know that they wouldn’t eat their first meal for over 36 hours, instead they received a drip with proteins etc). On Monday evening I was wheeled on my bed to the NICU to finally meet my children. I held A and held back the tears, it was by far the most amazing feeling in the entire world. Its actually almost overwhelming. Im crying as I type this.

Monday night was a nightmare, not because of pain but rather because the morph.ine sent me for a loop. I was flying with the stars and by Tuesday I had to ask them to stop with the injections or i would loose my sanity.

On Tuesday I was moved to Maternity and was able to get up for the first time which I couldn’t do on Monday due to the morph.ine and the electronic compression socks that were attached to me. I then went up to the NICU again in a wheelchair this time so I could see my children again. It was a bit scary then as they hadn’t been fed and I could see the amount of weight that they had lost, they looked skinny and wrinkled which obviously freaked me out. They only started feeding at 3pm on Tuesday and started at 3mls every 3 hours. In the NICU they always check to see how much food has been digested by aspirating what is left in their tummies via their feeding tubes. If there is nothing then they increase the feeds. As of this morning A was on 18ml feeds, E on 24ml and G on 21ml feeds so they have increased alot since Tuesday. Every day I can see an improvement and all but A has reached their birth weight again. A battled a little with her breathing and had to get oxygen but the other two have been OK. A also doesn’t digest her food as well as her sisters which goes with having a premature digestive system.

Im expressing every 3 hours and we rotate who gets the breast milk. Im up to around 25mls an express which is basically one round of food for one of them. The expressing has been difficult. After getting lots of colostrum I basically got nothing on Wednesday and Thursday which was disheartening to say the least. The two drops I was getting I syringed up and took it to them in the NICU. The sister just put it on one of their dummies so she could have a taste. I was feeling very down as I watched other mothers bring full bottles of EBM to the NICU. It was explained to me that due to the fact that the babies were prem, that my body was trying to play catch up and expressing at 33 weeks vs 40 weeks is a different story. I started on meds to bring on the milk and that seemed to help as I started getting a bit more by Friday. I unfortunately didn’t get to speak to a lactation consultant as I suppose they felt there was no need as my babies were not with me but I really would have appreciated some help with one of the sisters actually sitting with me to let me know that I was at least expressing properly (I know how hard can it be?).

I had a few tears inbetween all this which was difficult as my mom, dad and MIL were hovering most of the time so I had to at least try and pretend that I was OK. Visiting hours are ridiculously long, like 4 -8pm and it was hard to try and hint that I needed time to myself and to express. My mom was insistent on sitting with me and thankfully my hubby stepped in and said that I needed to rest (my mom wasn’t impressed but that is a whole other story). Its extremely difficult to be on the same wavelength as family/friends as they are so super-excited and whilst I am too, having your babies in the NICU is a completely different story than having the babies with you. You are stressed that they are still OK, being looked after etc etc. No-one will quite understand unless they have had a baby/babies in the NICU, which is why I have appreciated the support from 2 wonderful moms who have been there – Marcia and Roz. When I got sms’s asking when Im being discharged with the babies and when can people visit them in hospital or when I saw massive full term babies rooming in with their moms in the hospital rooms or heard families oohing and aahing over the babies, I tried to not let it get to me. The babies still have a long road to travel in the NICU, I haven’t even dare ask when they might be coming home although a sister mentioned around 6 weeks time. Im just taking it day by day.

My days are now filled with expressing and visiting them in the NICU. The sisters there are very nice, some nicer than others. Most understand how we are but I can see others get a bit irritated with all our questions but hey I literally dont care, all I want to know are the updates and know they are doing well. Yesterday we both held a baby using kangaroo care which was wonderful. My DH is totally and utterly smitten with his daughters as am I and I often have to pinch myself. This time last year I was facing my 6th IVF failure and now I have 3 daughters. In un-frikken-believable….


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  1. Leigh-Anne on

    Wow. Amazing. I am in tears. So happy for you.

  2. Kaitake on

    Amazing!! Congratulations – 3 little girls what a delight! After following your blog for many months now I am really pleased everything went well for you 🙂 Best wishes to your new family 🙂

  3. Sabine on

    Congratulations!!! Sending love xx

  4. Cstelle on

    Baie geluk!!!!!! amazing!!! you must be popping of joy!!!

  5. Sharon on

    Becoming a mother is the single most awe inspiring experience of ones life! Congrats!

  6. little29 on

    i am so thrilled that your little princesses are doing well! congratulations – what a fantastic journey you have ahead of you!! you are tripple blessed!!

  7. darylfaure on

    Dee what an incredible experience! I can only imagine how hard it is having the babies in NICU, so please take it very easy and rest when you can as much as possible. Your family will just have to suck it up and understand that your babies and your health comes first.

  8. Emily on

    I’m so happy for you. Your birth story is amazing. I hope your babies NICU stay is short and uneventful. Good job mama!

  9. Melissa G on

    So great to hear from you!!! What an amazing story – I’m so thrilled for you!!!

    Sending lots of hugs!!!

  10. Marcia (123 blog) on

    darn! this thing lost my (very long) comment.

    Basically, yes, that’s why I phoned you on day 2 – v hard with (normal) people when you have preemies.

    tell the family longer than you expect to buy time for the girls 🙂

    Love your husband taking charge and creating boundaries for you!!!

  11. mozzie01 on

    I totally understand where you are at right now and that is why I am here for you every step of the way! I remember lying in my bed in maternity ward with a baby crying next door and I so missed having my girls with me. But, day by day it gets easier and the visits to NICU get more and more exciting as you watch your babies grow from strength to strength! Keep your chin up!

  12. tolovebella on

    I loved reading this story – fortunately, I’d just made myself a cup of tea before logging in 😉
    You certainly shouldn’t have to worry about what some of the sisters have to say – they’re your babies for goodness sake!
    All the best – I’ve loved reading about your 3 Treasures’ journey to home!!

  13. Abs on

    What an amazing and inspiring birth story Dee! I can’t begin to imagine how stressful it must be having your 3 little girls in NICU but I also know that you are strong enough to cope wonderfully well with your hubby by your side! You have always been so strong! Every situation is unique and there are many of us who ‘get’ that we cannot understand unless we’ve been in your shoes. All of us are sending strength and love for you and your family!Just make sure you look after yourself too hun. Nobody expects you to hold it together ALL the time – even super mom’s are allowed a little ‘me time’ now and again ;0) xxx

  14. cat@juggling act on

    Congratulations! What an incredible story. Good luck with the NICU run – that can be a tough one.

    I get with the alone time – with my first one’s birth I was almost out of my mind by the visitors. With the twins, I only allowed my mom, MIL and best friend. It was a good decision.

  15. MommyInWaiting on

    I am just so relieved to hear that both you and the girls are doing well. Sending you all so much love.

  16. mayflowerladybugs on

    Congrats, firstly, one the birth of your daughters!
    I had twins in the NICU for 3 weeks, after theyw ere born at 34 weeks due to PPROM. It took 6 days before my milk came in, but then it REALLY came in! I ended up being able to express feed both twins solely on EBM for 2 months. I realize trips are mcuh harder though! I only want to add that having the babies in the NICU was really hard on me and I ended up with a degree of PND so watch out for that – I think having multiples alone is quite a risk factor, what with the reality of dealing with more than one tiny newborn. Having said that, my 2 are nearing 2 now, and it is really wonderful, it keeps on getting easier and being as prepared as you are will only help! Good luck with the time in the NICU!

  17. Kim on

    Hi Dee – what an amazing and emotional birth story. Congratulations to your and your DH on the arrival of your little girls!

  18. Cam on

    So awesome Dee!!! I have just ended IVF 6 with a BFN and you inspire me not to give up! Enjoy all of your triple miracle xxx

  19. samcy on

    All sounds like it’s going so well and I’m incredibly proud of J for telling family that you needed your rest 🙂 your girls sound like awesome strong fighters – just like their mommy!

    Congrats again to you and your new little family Dee, can’t wait to hear about them reaching their milestones in NICU and soon coming home with you guys.

    Sending loads of love

  20. sophie on

    Deer Dee, I did not drink coffee while reading but had to stop in the middle just because I was having goosebumps all over. I can not imagine how it must feel for you, experiencing it for real. Thanks for sharing your story.

    I find it is amazing what you did; growing 3 “people” inside you and delivering them, with such a nice APGARs ! Really proud of you, Sister !! CONGRATULATIONS

    I can only imagine how hard it must be to have your treasures in NICU. Surely not easy at all to not have them close and return home “with empty arms” while all is ready and waiting for them at home. I hope their progress will be continous and that they can come home v.v. soon.
    Hope in the meantime, you can get maximum rest to recover from the extra-ordinary pregnancy, so that your BM will start flowing nicely and to recharge before the crazy time of “non-stop” feeding and changing and hugging that lies ahead of you.

    Looking forwards for your LGs updates !!
    Much Love

  21. Lesley on

    I can’t believe that the babies were out so soon after each other! That must have been an incredible minute – three new little lives entering the world 🙂 Glad to hear you sound so well and that the babies are also doing great.

  22. Fran on

    Thanks so much for posting your birth story, I can totally relate with the feelings of constant visitors, I know my mom would be the same, but you know what she said to me the other day (she’s here as Mike is in Mexico for a conference)? She said “You cannot imagine how big this is for us. We don’t talk about anything else. I understand this is so so big for you you can’t see how big it is for us too” I think she’s right. Much love and you are doing so so well being strong, the babies will be fine and I’m confident they’ll be home earlier than expected! Fran

  23. ChrisN on

    Dee huge congrats to you and your DH. Your story is so beautiful and so inspiring. I wish you and you girls a speedy recovery and a huge growth spurt. I know it must be so hard to be in the NICU but before long you will be taking your precious angels home to continue this incredible journey. Wishing you all much love in the next few weeks. Please keep posting.

  24. Ceejay on

    What a story. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your three little angels in the NICU and feel so separated, but it sounds like they’re doing fantastically. I also can’t believe the nurses are annoyed with your questions–have any of them ever had triplets in the NICU? I doubt it!

  25. Mash on

    First stop back in bloggy land was here… so glad to see that everything went well. My friend had her little girl in NICU (single pregnancy) and a few years later her son. I will never forget the devastation it caused her, she is one of the strongest people I know and she cried nearly every day. There is nothing tougher than watching your babies in a hospital bed. But her kids are very healthy and strong today. Hang in there. xxxx

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