I think Im turing into a B!itch

I feel like Im turning into a real bitch. I don’t really like ranting and raving at people but lately it seems life is throwing me these curveballs (or am I looking for them???)


Firstly, last week I crapped out our contractor who renovated our kitchen – the owner decided to let the workers go off to another job one day without telling us, which peeved me off.


Then the infamous “incident” of Saturday night and then yesterday I arrive home after work to find that all 11 lavender bushes that have been planted outside my main wall were in varying degrees of carnage.


The #^$&^*())(%#@@ garden services were at my house yesterday and decided it would be a good idea to mow them all down – with only a few strands left here and there. Now before I tell you about the ranting that followed me finding this out, let me back-track to ½ an hour earlier. I left work in the POURING rain and unfortunately my car wasn’t in the normal parking space – it was at the far end of the lot. By the time I got into my car I was DRENCHED, my hair was plastered across my face, make-up running AND I was wearing a white shirt which was stuck against my skin, so I unbuttoned it and drove home. When I arrived home to find my lavender mowed to the ground I literally jumped out the car (no shoes either) and ran outside to see what had happened. I TOTALLY forgot about the unbuttoned shirt – SO my neighbour had also gotten home and she just smiled at me from across the road until I looked down and saw my bra sticking out!! It was pretty funny except I wasn’t laughing. I got inside, called the garden services supervisor and told him to come over to my house and witness the carnage.


In the meantime I wrote a letter (in pen on a blank piece of A4 – felt strange with the amount of time Im on the computer!) cancelling my contract with the garden services.


He arrived shortly but by this time I had put a raincoat on. I was screaming and shouting at him – showing him the knee high weeds that are left to grow abundantly whilst the lavender is mowed to the ground. I then handed the handwritten note to him to give to the owner and told him that I will not be paying my SIX HUNDRED RAND for November. My husband was quite bewildered at this stage.


When I got back inside I looked at myself in the mirror and actually laughed. I was soaking wet and had great big panda eyes from mascara that had run and my hair was plastered all over my head – I looked like a crazy woman. No wonder he offered to replace all 11 bushes!!


Think I need to calm down a bit – these outbursts are not good for the blood pressure and stress levels!


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  1. Shaz on

    Eish, you sound like me. I tend to loose it like that on a regular basis too. And the worst part is it doesn’t achieve a damn thing except to get me all worked up and my blood pressure raised.
    We need a chill pill girl!

  2. April on

    🙂 it’s the drugs. and the IF. and life. you’re not a crazy person. this isn’t you, but you can’t help it either. things seem to get compounded pretty quickly and set you (and all of us) off, you know? how is anyone supposed to take a crap weekend, a crap workday, walking in soaking rain, AND finding your plants mangled?

    i bet you were cute, though 🙂 that would be a perfect scene for: IF-the movie


  3. Elize on

    I hope your garden services are still fired even if they do replace your lavender bushes, because that type of things is just not on! Don’t beat yourself up about your outbursts, its the end of a very long and trying year for you. It’s no wonder that you are angry. Next year things will hopefully look better. I hope you have some leave over the Festive season, so that you can regroup and have a bit of fun. As for the incident at JKP, I would have done the same, and who can enjoy dinner and maybe have a bit of private conversation with some one sitting practically under your feet? Honestly, some people have no manners. Hang in there Dee, life can be tough, I mourned for more that a year after my first miscarriage, but it will get better, time does heal. You will get thought this and remember this too shall pass. (((HUGS)))

  4. Sian on

    I think that everyone needs a break at the moment. My irritation is that when I get mad….I cry. And then I just look like a big cry baby. But mean while I am fuming.

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