Why is it so hard to keep positive?

Been doing OK. The rest at home has really helped me, I felt like a zombie for the first few days. Im staying as positive as I can, visualising embryos implanting, talking nicely to them, listening to my relaxing CD’s etc. But why is it that negativity creeps in? A tiny voice in my head keeps saying such negative things and I hate it.  IVF is so difficult, its emotionally gruelling, definitley not for the faint hearted.

Im also having such terrible side effects from the PIO. I get such bad headaches and terrible nausea and I get so HOT!! Just wondering if I should switch to Cyclogest or just hang in there? DH says well at least its working which is true.

So I try to remain positive, think only good thoughts and keep on willing the little ones to implant! Today they should be blastocysts so implantation should be soon, I pray so.


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  1. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Try to keep busy – that’s the only thing that helps. Personally I found the second week the worst and that’s when I’d start peeing on those sticks 🙂

    Hey – my scan post is up, just for you 🙂

  2. Shaz on

    I’m like Leigh. The closer I get to test day the more anxious/negative/crazy I get. Hang in there, we’re all routing for you!

  3. dee on

    I DONT do pee sticks. I will only do ONE on test day to prepare myself for the bloods. Otherwise I become a bumbling mess!!!

  4. Tam on

    I agree, the 2nd half is also worse for me and the closer it gets to test day the worse I get, those negative feelings never leave us alone – it human nature. I also WILL NOT do the pee stick thing, even on test day (which I never get to anyway).

    I’m hoping and praying for you my friend, we all know how hard this is and even tho you feel so alone, you’re not and we’re here for you (not that that always helps either)

    Big big hugs xxx

  5. samcy on

    *sigh* it never gets any easier does it? Hoping that the second half of the 2ww goes quickly without too much negativity creeping in honey! I never get to test day so I don’t even bother buying pee sticks…

    Hoping and praying right along with you Dee!


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