C-sec Scheduled

Its Monday 6th December 2010, 7:00am, 33 weeks exactly!!

It seemed like things were getting better (but as my doc says they do get better before they get worse), blood pressure went to my normal range of 125/80 and then started slowly climbing again until last night it was 147/88 which is very high for me but still within what the doc thinks is acceptable.

Its been an OK hospital stay, havent as yet been bored. They filmed an advert here yesterday so that was amusing. Food OK, I was feeling a bit hungry as the portion sizes are small and now they bring me snacks like every 5 minutes, to be honest its actually awesome as I dont need to do anything!

Family all arriving tomorrow for the big day on Monday. It all seems so surreal. My husband is taking a bit of strain so I told him to go back to his hotel room and get some sleep, I think I need to give him one of my tranquilizers….

Ill post as soon as I can although I will be in the ICU so hopefully my DH can post something here to let you know whats happening. Im excited now πŸ™‚ Im on the final flip of that rollercoaster. New rollercoaster called Parenthood is about to start!


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  1. waiting4amiracle on

    So excited for you Dee. You will all be in my thoughts. Good luck!!!

  2. Leigh-Anne on

    I am so excited for you! You will be starting the new year with not one baby, but three!

    I am confident that you are in good hands and that all will go well.

    Please encourage your DH to post as soon as there is any news.

  3. zamom on

    Can’t wait to hear the news and see the photos. I hope and pray that all goes well on Monday and that your girls’ stay in NICU will be completely uneventful. Good luck with the breastfeeding as well. Thinking of you so much. I know things will be a little hectic for you with 3 tiny babies and you might not be able to hold them straight away but after my eldest daughter was born and was lying on my chest, I just cried and cried, happy tears, the battle was over, I was a mom at last. Still brings tears to my eyes.

  4. celia on

    I am thinking of you! The actual c-section is no big deal and you will get many delicious drugs. We won’t discuss recovery. 😦 But, I am telling you- your babies come out amazing after a c-section. They have the most perfect heads because they did not get squished.

    Celia’s breastfeeding tips, it takes five days for your milk to come in after a c-section. No one told me this and I was afraid I had no milk, so the sooner you can get a baby on a boob, the better. I was pretty pissed that no one told me there is such a big difference. A term baby has a stomach the size of a quarter, so it does not take a lot to fill them. Do not fret if you feel like there is not a lot coming out.
    Liquid makes liquid, drink water. Then have more water.
    Oatmeal is your friend. Oatmeal is great for production.
    Massage your breast tissue starting from the middle of your side( think under your armpit and parallel with your breasts) and massage outward toward your nipples. This will help move the milk along, especially because early babies are slow eaters.

    The most likely time to get a blocked duct is in the beginning. When you shower, if you have a handheld spray, work a hottish spray over your breast and out toward the nipple- in much the same way that you massage it- this will keep things moving.

    And most importantly, good for you for wanting to breastfeed as well, but if it does not work out- your babies will still thrive- and you will have the jolly bonus of anybody being able to feed the babies at 3a.m. I have been doing it for nearly 9 months and while looking forward to martinis in March- I will sad too.

    I don’t pretend to have any clue at all about multiples, but I am sending you good wishes from Pennsylvania!

  5. Nicole on

    Good luck!

  6. Emily on

    Exciting! Just think, in a few days you’ll see your LO’s. πŸ™‚ Hoping all goes well for you.

  7. Esperanza on

    So exciting! Good luck on Monday! Can’t wait to hear all about your beautiful babies!

  8. April on

    Rollercoaster is right!! πŸ™‚ just take care of yourself and enjoy the ride. It gets overwhelming at times, but is totally amazing for the most part! Xoxox

  9. darylfaure on

    You sound amazingly calm and prepared for what is to come! Good for you. Dee I wish you only happiness and good things and most importantly a wonderful birth.
    Hope you have taken some last pics of your belly – I’m sure you will be glad to have your body back, but you will miss your belly and the special kicks and movements.
    Tell your hubby to stock up on cabbage leaves. They are great for engorged breasts. I slept with one every night for the first week or so after my milk came in. Smells terrible in the morning, but managed to avoid blocked ducts or anything else horrid.

  10. RJ on

    Wow Dee. I am so excited for you and your hubby!! You will be parents of 3 gorgeous girls in a few short days. You all will be in my thoughts. Keep us posted PLEASE!!

  11. ChrisN on

    So exciting Dee. You sound so calm and collected. This is the moment you have been waiting years for! Can you believe it has finnaly arrived. Will be thinking of you tomorrow as you wait for your beautiful babies to arrive. Wishing you all the love and luck in the world!

  12. pinkreflections on

    You do indeed sound amazingly calm, Dee!

    You’ve done an amazing job of providing a safe haven for your 3 little miracles up till now. All the best for tomorrow – may it be a wonderful experience.


  13. Mash on

    I’m so excited for you, shivers going through me! I wish you so much love and joy on your journey to parenthood. Hugs and kisses xxx

  14. ttcnot2easy on

    FLIP! You have been on my mind the WHOLE weekend!!!

  15. Sweets on

    All the best!

  16. robged on

    Thinking of you and J and may today be the beginning of absoulute Joy and Happiness!! Keep strong hun and hope you get to see your girls really soon once you are all sorted. will chat to J later!!! love Robz

  17. samcy on

    You’re a Mommy right now and J is a Daddy! SO BLOODY EXCITING!!!! Welcome to the world precious angels πŸ™‚


  18. robged on

    Yip TODAY IS A FANTASTIC DAY can’t agree more with samcy!! Well Done on the Birth of your MIRACLE littl girls!!!

  19. cat@juggling act on

    Yeah! By now they are here, I presume! Congratulations and all the best.

  20. Fran on

    It must have happened by now!! I’m so so excited to hear all about it!!

  21. Jodi on

    oh wow!

  22. Ceejay on

    I’m thinking about you today! I guess you’re ahead of us in time, so you probably have three babies already!

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