Hospital Admission

So I knew it was a possibility. Ive thought about every scenario in my head and so when the doctor told us that I wouldnt be going home today, I just pretended I was in a drill, like its been going on in my head for 8 months. Very calmly and relaxed, I got authorisation from my medical aid, booked in etc. This morning I woke up with butterflies in my tummy, I have always wanted to make it to December so this morning I was excited that finally the month I am to become a mommy is here. It seems it will be sooner than later. Im kinda thankful that there was no pre-term labour, rushing to the hospital in the dead of the night scenario, that was the one I was dreading the most. So we had the more gentle introduction into the hospital. Pre-eclampsia is the diagnosis.

As soon as I walked into the doctors room, he said “your face is looking puffy”, not sure what he was seeing but I really dont think my face is all that puffy. So we scanned and Baby B is causing the issues (different baby from the one we thought would give us issues – baby C), her placenta has degraded from Grade 2 to 4 and cord flow is not too good either. She weighs in at 1.9kgs and her sisters who are all still doing OK are 1.8kg and unknown, the third baby has wedged herself between her two sisters so to get an accurate head measurment is almost impossible.

Yesterday I was feeling my tummy and right down the bottom I could feel bumps, almost like when the elastic of your pants is too tight and you get those bumps. I showed the doc and he said it is the start of water retention, a symptom of pre-e. Other than this small thing, I have absolutely no issues. I feel completely normal, infact I feel better now than I have in past weeks.

In hospital I will be monitored every 8 hours. Strapping 4 monitors to my belly is rather funny and my uterus doesnt like it much. My bp is still pretty normal 135/85 and hopefully some of the meds Im taking will help to stabilise it.

So basically Ill be a mommy within the next few days (scary and exciting at the same time πŸ™‚ ). My doc has said Monday, all depending on my bloods and bp status. Im a tiny bit disappointed that I wont carry the babies until my goal of 35 weeks, but I guess 33 weeks isnt too bad…

Please think of us! Ill update as soon as I know more.

PS all the family arrangements are obviously out the window!


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  1. celia on

    Good Luck! I will pray all goes smoothly.

  2. mash on

    Ha ha ha – careful what you ask for, you might just get it (the family arrangements). Oh I’m so excited. So incredibly excited for you!!! Woohoo. I’m sure everything will go smoothly! Just today I was thinking I should ask you to make another belly pic because it’s min dae now… Keep us posted xxx

  3. RJ on

    Sorry about this unplanned development but you’re at the right place! You’ve done great so far. Hopefully they can keep you stabilized for a bit longer too. Hang in there!

  4. samcy on

    Thinking of you and can’t wait to meet your gorgeous miracle daughters. Holy Cow Dee! You’re gonna be a Mommy SOON πŸ˜€


  5. sienna on

    Wow, the time is here!! I will be thinking of you and the babies and wishing you all the very best. Hope to hear about a very easy, smooth csection and recovery :o) xoxoxoxo.

  6. robged on

    Oh friend i am thinking of you! Can’t believe you will be a mommy of 3 gorgeous girls within a week or so!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE DONE SO WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking of you and tell the family its ALL ABOUT YOU,J AND YOUR GIRLS for now and hey you love and adore them but the time you have dreamt of, the money that was spent is all so worth while right now and hey they must step back and let you enjoy the ride for the next few weeks!!! Chat soon.
    Love Robz

  7. Sweets on

    All the best. I was diagnosed with severe PE at 34
    weeks, it came suddenly and quickly, and after a routine check-up I was admitted to hospital and my baby delivered within 2 hours. I hope you are able to make it to you next milestone and even perhaps beyond. But with the care you are getting I am sure the girls are ready for the next step – hope mom and dad are too!

    Hopefully this sudden change has sorted out some of the family issues! πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to reading your updates and progress. Rest well!

  8. Fran on

    Oh my God sweetie you are so much in my thoughts!!! Sending you love and positive vibes!

  9. Jodi on

    OMG goosebumps! I had to get admitted for preelampsia too. I think my pressure was high though. The doctor let me go home first to get my things (not allowed by rules) I called dh from the drive through at starbucks and told him that I was getting coffee to try to poop one more time before hospital (TMI sorry pregancy is so constipating). He said he needed to spray his green houses. I said,” you can do whatever you want but I am going to the hospital!” He was just in shock he came with me. I am excited and scared for you. My kids are the best things that ever happened to me yours will be too. Those moniters at the hospital hurt!

  10. Leigh-Anne on

    OMG! I am so excited for you! I will be compulsively checking your blog for updates!

    Good luck for the birth and enjoy the rest while you can!

  11. Emily on

    Wow! Good luck! I’m thinking of you and your little (soon to be big πŸ™‚ ) family.

  12. Melissa G on

    Dee, I’m so excited for you!!!! This day has been a long time coming and I’m so thrilled it’s finally here for you.

    Can’t wait to see your next update!


  13. gailsnail on

    33 weeks is EXCELLENT for triplets and their weights are good. Sure all will be fine. So exciting that your time has finally come! xxx

  14. jill on

    Thinking of you! And very excited for you too! πŸ™‚

  15. zamom on

    Sorry to hear about your admission but glad you’re safely in the hospital and that your girls are all such great weights. 33 weeks is very good and I hope with the steroids on board that they’ll only need help with feeding (not breathing as well)for a little while. Hope all goes well with the birth and that it is a magical day for you both. Can imagine it will be quite a “full” theatre helping you to welcome your daughters.

  16. waiting4amiracle on

    Thinking of you! xxxx

  17. Ceejay on

    Haha, take that, crazy family :). Just kidding. I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see pictures of the three little ones!

  18. strongblonde on

    i was just telling B the other day that you’d made it to 32 weeks. I’m super happy for you! i know you would have liked to make it longer, but this is still so, so awesome. being in the hospital sucks, but i felt better about it since i knew that people were keeping a close eye on the babes! can’t wait for updates!!

  19. ttcnot2easy on

    (I’ll have to go and check my makeup shortly as I have tears streaming down my face).

    Thinking of you Dee!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Sharon on

    Praying for the safe delivery of your little girls!

  21. Cindyhoo2 on

    33 weeks is fantastic!! You are a rockstar!

  22. little29 on

    I have recently started reading your blog – I am so excited for the pending birth of your “little ladies”!! I with you a safe and stress free delivery. Your life is about to change forever-what a blessing!!

  23. Erika on

    Wow, I have got goosebumps all over me now!
    Good luck. I will really be keeping you and your 3 little babies in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping they will be little fighters like their mommy and be strong and healthy.

  24. coachmarcia on

    how are you doing? the hospital treating you well?

  25. Lesley on

    You have done brilliantly πŸ™‚ The babies will be little but they are not scary small. All the best for Monday, enjoy meeting your precious little girls, you have fought so long to be a Mom and next week this will become a reality.

  26. Natalie on

    I just stumbled upon your blog! Congratulations for keeping these precious babies in for so long! Amazing! I love the nursery. Best of luck to you.

  27. darylfaure on

    Well this is one very excited follower of your blog!

    All the very best Dee. I know it is probably going to be a very busy theatre on the day of their birth, but I hope you still get the birth you have been wanting.

  28. Reese on

    I am so excited for you! You get to meet your babies soon! Hang in there, hope the stay in the hospital is not hard. Can’t wait to see the birth annoucement!

  29. ChrisN on

    Dee, wishing you all the very best. I am sure your babies will be beautiful and they will take such good care of all of you. You are finally going to be a Mom. In 2 days! Wishing you and your DH and your three precious girls so much love.

  30. Cedge on

    My dear friend. I want to say congrats on getting to far. Well done, also, and handling everything so well. Their weight is great, so well done to the girls too.

    Can’t believe how the time has flown and that your little girls will be here, am sooo thrilled that your dreams will be coming true in a few days. heeeheee. How exciting.

    You have lots of support, love, and prayers for monday morn, can’ wait for the news that they have arrived, all the best to you and daddy-to-be soon.

    I am sooooo happy for you. Guess your christmas presents are coming a little sooner.

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