Quick 30 Week Update

We are seeing the gynae weekly now so you will be seeing alot of updates, also because I want to keep a record of progress somewhere.

Babies weigh between 1.4 and 1.5kgs, so Im carrying just under 4.5kgs of weight now and Im feeling it. Backaches and pubic bone aches are daily aches now. If I attempt to lie on my back I soon start to feel like Im going to pass out, even at the doctor yesterday I had a very woozy feeling so what I do is prop myself on the one side with a pillow which makes for some fun scanning.

Bladder taking major strain, I constantly feel the need to go, even if I went 30 seconds before, almost feels like a bladder infection but my pee stick was clear and the doc says the bottom baby is lying directly over my cervix and bladder and using them as a trampoline, thank heavens for the cervical stitch or else I would be seriously worried.

Baby C’s placenta is degrading faster than the others BUT again cord flow is excellent so until the doc starts to see the cord flows decreasing he says he is happy. Blood pressure is completely normal so the degrading placenta is not due to pre-e but rather just to aging.

C-sec still planned for 20th Dec. 4 weeks to go!

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  1. Lesley on

    Hi Dee

    Glad the babies are still doing well, but sorry to hear that you are taking serious strain. Since about 34 weeks I have been feeling some of the same though I doubt to the same extent. Are you getting bad Braxton Hicks? I get them when I drive to work and then can’t turn the car around in the parking-lot.

    • dee on

      I have stopped driving now because its too uncomfortable. I do get BH but try not to freak out too much about them.

  2. Kitty8218 on

    Awesome news, I can’t believe how fast time has flown, it’s amazing that in 9 short months you’ve made 3 beautiful lives that are very nearly ready to make thier enterance into the world 🙂 How about another tummy update?

    • dee on

      Ill update when I get some of the professional pics we had taken, I am very happy with them!

  3. Abs on

    Great news Dee. It’s going to be SUCH a happy Xmas for you! xxxx

  4. samcy on

    No ways – only 4 weeks to go? So glad to hear that they are doing well – sorry you’re so uncomfy right now but once they are here I’m sure it will all be worth it 🙂


  5. Sharon on

    Not long to go now….
    Glad to hear your babies are doing well!

  6. Cedge on

    wow! The babies are having a nice growth spurt, do u think they will be close to 2kgs at birth?

    The part about placenta degrading is quite interesting, what causes it? Is it normal for late pregnancy?

    Only a few more weeks of discomfort now. Am praying all will go well with the delivery.

    I agree, it is gonna be an awesome christmas. Going to be such a precious and special christmas for you and J. Yeah! I am so happy for you both. 🙂

    • dee on

      Its very normal in every pregnancy for the placenta to start degrading, for some or other reason in multiples it happens faster. Its also an indication of pre-e starting but as my blood pressure is OK its just aging at his point.

  7. Invivo on

    Good golly! 30 weeks already! Phew!

    I have to giggle a bit (sorry) ’cause I can just imagine how terribly uncomfortable you are right now. Kudos to you for not complaining a bit more. You are fully entitled.

    If you are anything like me you will probably feel like you’re going out of your mind over the next few weeks, it’s a long, long wait. Maybe for me it was so terrifying seeing that I had the PUPPS, but still, 4.5 kgs! hectic!

    Now it’s just one day at a time ’cause each day longer gives those babies a tremendous head start.

    Min dae.

    Best of luck!


  8. Marcia on

    I can’t WAIT to see the pics! You are doing so great and I’m so proud of you – will Husband post when the big news happens (or in case something unexpected like waters breaking)?

  9. Cstelle on

    You must be so excited!! you going to meet your babies soon!!
    Glad you are doing well, enjoy your last few weeks!!!


  10. celia on

    Whoohoo! I don’t know if you can where you live, but here in America babies born before the New Year are allowed as tax write offs for the whole year. If you have not done it already, I strongly suggest getting all your bills on autopay, we had about half on autopay, but the other half were all late the first two months because we were so busy. I am thrilled to hear everyone is still toasty and baking away!

  11. celia on

    Also if you tilt forward on the toilet your bladder will empty most completely and you might gain a little more time between bathroom runs.

  12. Cindyhoo2 on

    You are doing great!!! All excellent news. Congrats on hitting 30 weeks.

  13. Sweets on

    You all seem to be doing amazingly! Can’t wait to see the belly pics update.

  14. sienna on

    this is sooo exciting!!! hang in there. you’re almost there. i can just imagine your discomfort with having one of the babies bouncing up and down on your bladder. ahhh, that one might give you trouble when she gets here (jk)!! i hope the discomfort doesn’t get much worse and that the time flies so that you can meet your little ones :o) xoxo.

  15. Jodi on

    Wow you are doing fantastic. The bladder and back are the worst and you look like you have a small frame.

  16. Melissa G. on

    Holy crow! Four weeks?!?! I can hardly believe it!

    Keep us updated!

  17. MommyInWaiting on

    Dee I am so glad to hear how well you and your girls are doing. Not sure I commented on how stunning the nrusery is looking! Just four more weeks, not long to go at all.

  18. zamom on

    30 weeks, well done. Cannot even begin to imagine how uncomfortable you are, I only ever had 3,4kg’s of baby with 1 placenta to deal with!!! One day at a time and they’re such good weights perhaps in 4 weeks they’ll be close to 2kg’s, WOW, such awesome news.

  19. Waiting In Sunshine on

    This is all so exciting, you are doing wonderful!

  20. waiting4amiracle on

    So exciting. Time will fly now.

  21. sophie on

    Oh Dee, I am glad your LOs are well and picking up weight nicely. You are doing great in carrying them !!
    Wishing you strength for the remaining 4 weeks !!

  22. strongblonde on

    omg. i’m so behind. but 30 weeks, that’s awesome!!! and the nursery is so darn cute. i can’t even believe it. is it starting to seem real yet to you? i remember in a state of disbelief my entire pregnancy! 🙂

  23. cat@juggling act on

    I haven’t been here in ages, but so glad you are doing so well! It really gets very heavy towards the end, but try to rest. I had about 6kg of baby when they were bron – the last 2 weeks almost killed me.

    BTW – look at the December/January issue of Your Pregnancy for an article about multiples wrote by margot (You ma se bleddie blog). Some advice from me in there.

  24. Reese on

    I am so glad your babies are doing great. Thank you for the kind words on my blog. They really do help.

  25. RJ on

    4 Weeks will be here so quickly – how crazy is that? My C-Section is scheduled for Dec. 14. I’m not convinced I’ll make it that long, but I’d love to make it past this Wed. which is 36 weeks. Thinking of you!

  26. Bratty on

    Wowee…only 4 weeks to go…time really flies by. I bet your cannot wait to meet your three little girls. Thinking of you.

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