Answers to Questions Part 2

The easier ones now!

From Marcia:
Why and when did you decide to move to Jhb?
It was pre-decided for both my husband and I in late 1998. This is the story of how we met actually. In 1998 (second year varsity) my dad came to me and said he could no longer afford my tuition and that I would need to look for a bursary. I was studying chemistry and applied to a large company to be a bursary student. I very half heartedly sent in the application and really didnt expect much. My b/f at the time was the one who encouraged me, little was he to know…

My husband had applied to literally hundreds of companies and got no-where with any of them. He ended up applying for a second time to the same company I did. We were both awarded a bursary with the same company. In January 1999 I met my husband for the first time when all the students got together to go on a 3 day tour of the facilities. We had lots of social time and I actually met my Dh at a bar! He bought me a drink and the rest is literally history. I came home, broke it off with my b/f and we have been inseparable since.

One of the conditions of the bursary was that we would have to work in Jhb after our studies for the same number of years we had the bursary for. So in 2003 after both getting our Masters degrees we moved here. Luckily for us we did the whole move up here together which helped immensely with the homesickness. Durban is our home and one day we will return, that I am very certain of.

If you could do anything in the world, what would you do? For a living, that is.
A lecturer of chemistry is my dream job.

From strongblonde:
Do you ever anticipate the kids sleeping in seperate rooms?
Yes, if we can afford a big enough house then definitely.

Ideally, how long would you like to breastfeed (I think I remember you saying that you wanted to bf)
Til at least 3/4 months of age but we will obviously see how it goes, if its going well then I will contiune and will have to somehow juggle work and expressing!

What color is their bedroom?
Its a colour called Cameo Silk, a light stone colour, the same as our bedroom. The next post I promise to post pics, I just have to go take some.

What’s your favorite season?
I would say spring, the winters here are brutal – ok nothing like you guys get but just remember we have no central heating, warm clothing etc everything here in SA is geared towards summer. Our houses are built for summers. My house is double volume, not double story so trying to warm up a double volume space is not fun in winter. When the first signs of spring arrive it makes me happy that winter will soon be over. I enjoy sunny days but I hate the heat, yes, I know one downfall of Durban is that humidity, it freaking kills me!

What’s your favorite book?
Eat, Pray, Love I think. Maybe a bit clichéd but I read it almost in one sitting. I loved the story line and the book was just written with so much honesty. Ive read the second book and I was disappointed. She got the first one spot on and the second was like an afterthought. I also love In Black and White written by Jake.White, the SA coach who took our rugby team to France in 2007 where we won the world cup. I love sport and loved his honest autobiography. The next book Im reading is the autobiography of Herschelle.Gibbs a SA cricketer who has written a tell all book, cant wait, its waiting on my nightstand for me!

Favorite food/meal?
Sushi, lasagne, pasta, soups (love soups), chocolate brownies that I make with no eggs or butter but they are frikken amazing, ice-cream any chocolate but the more bitter the better!

From Cindyhoo:
What is the dumbest thing anyone has said when they found out you have 3 baking?
Oh, that list is literally endless.
One person refused to believe me, no matter how much I tried to convince them.
A work colleague I havent since in a while got a huge shock when she saw me the other day and when I told her its 3 she literally couldnt speak. She stood staring at me with her mouth hanging open for a time longer than reasonable – awkward…
“You mean twins?”
“How did you get that right?” My reply – alot of drugs and money.
I did a post a few weeks ago that has alot more, prepare yourself for a laugh!

From Leigh-Anne:
Are you worried about the financial implications of raising triplets?
A little. We will open up an education fund as soon as they are born. Thankfully both my DH and I earn a decent salary so for now Im not too worried, unless I want to be a SAHM then we will have to be very clever with money.

But I’m still extremely happy for you and more than a little envious. I hope my turn will come too, one day.
I want to touch on this comment. Still to today I cannot comprehend how 6 IVF cycles could be absolute disasters and the 7th would be the one that worked SO well. I want to say dont give up but I know that isnt always the most constructive assvice, for some the end is after 3/4/5 IVF’s, for some its turning to surro, DE,DS, adoption etc. Just try and listen to your gut (not easy when emotions are running high) and honestly ask yourself how much do you have left in you. I too hope your day will come, really I do.

From waitingforamiracle:
Its inevitable that our blogs will come to an end at some stage. What do you think you will do with the information? Will you keep it or destroy it forever?
Ive been thinking about this for a while and I dont think a parenting after IF blog is for me. I guess my blog will just run its course. I hope to leave it as is and hopefully whoever finds it will find something they can relate to.

Hope I didnt miss anyone!
Leave me a comment if there is anything else? 🙂


7 comments so far

  1. coachmarcia on

    Thank you for the answers. So you BOTH did chemistry. Now that brings up more questions. Do you actually work with him still? How does that work? I ask because D and I could NEVER ever ever work together – we’d kill each other 🙂

    And I really, really hope you’ll continue blogging. It was my lifeline during those first 6 months and then I just found it so therapeutic and look at me now, friends with wonderful people ALL over the internet 🙂

    Also, can you share your chocolate brownie recipe? 🙂

  2. celia on

    I can understand you not wanting to start a new blog, but I will miss reading you. On the other hand, you have a joyous reason to be so busy.

  3. celia on

    Blogging when I had time really helped me tremendously when Peter Pants was soo tiny and his doctors REFUSED to medicate him for his acid reflux. I did not know anyone in real life with an acid reflux baby and they helped convince me to press on for meds. Which made a huge change in everyone’s quality of life. I do it now, because I enjoy the break from Mommy Land and it helps keep me sane for him.

  4. RJ on

    Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. You’re always so honest and I love that about reading your blog. and I’m getting so excited for you!!

  5. Fran on

    Oh here it is!! i knew you had this post and couldn’t find it! I meant to say i’m a chemist too! and i do lecture in a University! So it appears i have your dream job eeheh but let me tell you, there are lots of downsides too…

    • dee on

      Really? Thats so weird! You are like an Irish me…

  6. Jodi on

    I would love to hear about your parenting keep writing!

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