Lots to Update

After the 4th person sent me a mail to find out how Im doing, I thought its probably time to update my blog. There isnt any real reason why I havent posted in a while, being at home all day makes me very lazy and its been hot, hot, hot. The heat drains me so much.

Anyways 28 weeks has come and gone, the days are just flying by now. We scanned again yesterday and my doc is happy. I have slight calcification of 2 placentas, he said nothing to worry about at his stage but he will obviously keep an eye on it. Thankfully those 2 babies have an excellent cord flow which means the placenta is still working just fine. Only when the cord flows start to look bad will he consider a c-sec. Babies weigh in at 1.2 kgs more or less. We saw Baby B has quite chubby cheeks now so Im glad they are fattening up. Baby A is still in a kneeling breech position. She is in a U-shape so her feet and face are touching and her spine is quite curved. Im a bit worried that she might have some spine issues as she has been like that since around 12 weeks. My doc says there isnt anything we can do and he thinks she will be fine. Her two sisters are now head down so all 3 of their heads are basically in one place, its quite cute to see. Although who knows how the doc measures as I couldnt tell one head from another. I knew Baby C had turned as the other day my tummy went into this really weird shape, all lopsided and I thought she might be turning.

Otherwise Im OK, getting larger and finding everything a bit difficult to do, even just changing into clothes is a mission because my pelvic bones ache so much that I have to take it really slow. My doc wants me to swim a bit which will help with the heaviness and also cool me down. Sleeping is difficult, luckily we have aircon in our bedroom so I sleep with the aircon blowing on me all night with no blankets on, thats how hot I am. Turning over is a bit tricky, I have to take it slow and have my pillows prepared on either side of me. My bo.obs have also started to ache again and Im hoping they are preparing to produce lots of milk.

We actually met with a breast.feeding consultant who explained that feeding trips is possible but obviously will take more effort than formula feeding. As you know, Im not one to give up easily, Ive decided to try my best. Ive got all the equipment I need so Im hoping to give this a good try. Ive always wanted to bf and dont see why I shouldnt even though there will be 3 hungry mouths. Many people think its crazy but hey since when do I care what others think.

A story I wanted to share – my gynaes rooms are located downstairs from a fertility clinic. The fertility clinic has a pharmacy so when I go to my gynae I normally just stop by and buy the ste.roid injections. So I was on my way upstairs when I saw a couple coming down. She was holding onto a water bottle (just like I used to do), my heart literally missed a beat. I could feel the daggers coming my way. I wanted to blurt out my whole history so she could understand that I was there once before. Instead I just asked my husband to go up and I went to the toilet. I had tears in my eyes remembering those days.

I had my work baby shower last week. It was actually very nice. About 2/3 of the ladies dont have children yet so there weren’t any discussions on babies or assvice or labour horror stories. I got loads of gifts, mainly clothes, so I think we have about enough clothes. My FIL also sent a huge box of clothes from the USA, probably around 50 outfits so Ive washed them all and they are ready to be worn!

Thats it for now. My BFF is driving up from Durban to visit this weekend. She is 18 weeks pregnant and is the one that Im pretty darn sure got pregnant because I was. I love her to bits but she is very very tiring. I might be a bit drained after this weekend!


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  1. wheresmybun on

    I’m so glad you’ve posted an update, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing. I’m so glad everything is going so well, and before you know it you’ll have your babies! I can’t believe how time has flown! It feels like just yesterday when you made your announcement. Is your BF consultant going to be with you in hospital to help you with the initial BF? My SIL had a La Lesche lady waiting for her as she REALLY wanted to BF her 2nd one and it turned out really good for her. All the best Dee and take care of yourself. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ your LO’s!

  2. Marcia on

    I keep smiling when I read your preggy updates…

    I know how you feel about that girl in the pharmacy – I was that girl about two years ago!!! 🙂

    You promised us pics of the babies’ bedroom… whenever you’re ready.

    I’m also having a friend over tomorrow – this one is just for lunch – it’s my princess friend although when I joked with her on the phone, she said she’s not so prissy anymore LOL (must be since she had kids)

    Anyway, have fun with your friend. Try to just enjoy the time together and focus on the good things.

    Also, please do me a favour and send me your home email so I can check on you now and again. I have a new computer and your details were saved on the old one.

  3. sienna on

    i was wondering how you’ve been as well!!! glad that you’re taking things easy and that all is doing well. just looked at your latest pics from 27 weeks and your tummy is sooo adorable. can’t wait to have a big tummy like that :o) don’t let your friend overtire you this weekend. you come first!! xoxo.

  4. waiting4amiracle on

    Wow! I am sure the time will fly now. So glad everything is going well.

  5. RJ on

    Thanks for the update, I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. 28 weeks is fantastic. I’m sure the aches and pains will get worse towards the end (my certainly have) but we’ll survive somehow!

  6. Melissa G. on

    Yay, thanks for the update! I’ve been thinking about you! While I’m sorry to hear that you’re physically uncomfortable, I’m so thrilled that you seem to be doing great otherwise- as are the babies. Every new update from you puts a big smile on my face – I’m so thrilled for you Dee.

    Keep us posted!

  7. Jodi on

    You can totally do it (the breastfeeding I mean). I love hearing the updates and seeing the pics. Those girls are going to be so cute and tiny.

  8. Ceejay on

    I was just wondering about you this morning! How cute about all three girls’ heads in the same place. Sounds like they’re getting ready to go! I’m so excited to see pictures of them outside the womb in a few weeks!

  9. samcy on

    You are doing SO well Dee! Glad to hear that all is going so well and that you’re on the home stretch so to speak 🙂

    I hear you about that girl from the fertility clinic, I often find myself (only now after many years of dealing with this crap) wondering what it took for that person to get that amazing belly.

    Thinking of you and sending you and the girls awesome vibes!

    Much love

  10. strongblonde on

    🙂 so glad to hear it!! i remember being that hot, too. poor B. he would be shivering and i would be sweating!!

    glad to hear that you’re doing good. just do your best to stay relaxed and as comfortable as possible!!


  11. MommyInWaiting on

    Your story of visiting the gynie with the fertility clinic upstairs brought tears to my eyes and in fact my cheeks! I am so sorry to read that the pain doesn’t go away. I so hoped that when we got pregnant we could move on, but our journey haunts us. It does make us more compassionate and help us to relaise what other people may be going through. Sending big hugs.

    Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well.

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