26 Week Scan Update

We saw the gynae last week and he is very happy with the progress of the babies. I have started ste.roid injections as one baby weighed in at 1002g, the other 2 are just below her weight. The babies are all breech, the poor bottom baby is in a kneeling breech position so she has her sisters basically standing on her spine and head. She is curled up into a ball and all her kicks are inside, mainly on my bladder and cervix. The other two are just having a party together under my ribs and liver. Each time one moves the other will move too, they wake each other up all the time. I always feel bad when Im sleeping that Im squashing the one on that side but the doc has reassured me that they are weightless inside and they dont know the difference. My parents actually came with to the scan, they flew in from Durban and then spent the weekend with us. I must say it was very weird having them there and I was more than a little anxious. I know my mom really, really wanted to see a scan but I would have much rather have just shown her the pics. My gynea was very nice to them and explained in great detail everything that he was doing – how he calculates the quality of the placenta, cord flows, brain flows etc. My dad was amazed and they chatted away for quite a while (get my money’s worth!).

My cervix is long (not measured) and I dont have any indications of high blood pressure. Im so happy that things are all going well. My only real complaint is the tiredness but since Ive stopped working it has helped alot. I am at least able to start dinner and do a few jobs around the house, oddly enough its hard being at home and seeing all the little things that need to be fixed/cleaned etc. I dont over-do it but its good just to have one or two small jobs to do!

My dad helped my DH with all the nursery things – hanging pics, curtains, shelving etc, its looking so nice now (another surreal thing). The linen is coming this week and then I will post some pics. Ill also do a belly photo update, sadly the stretchmarks have arrived. I dont think any amount of oil/cream will help for a triplet pregnancy. Its cool, Ill wear my battle scars proudly!


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  1. MariaE on

    Hi Dee,
    So nice to read your update and see that all is going ver well. Poor LG at bottom, she will have lots of strong bicepts from lifting her sisters 🙂
    Great to hear the nursery is almost done. Such a huge burden off, cause then you know all is ready for baby and you can just sit and relax.
    All the best till the next scan. Do you have 8w left now? Assuming you deliver at 34w?

  2. Melissa G on

    Battle Scars, I love it. Beautiful scares, indeed.

    Dee, you have no idea how much I’m rooting for you. And knowing that things are going smoothly for you absolutely makes my day.

    Thanks for the update friend.

  3. Ginger on

    Sjoe, 26 weeks already. I bet you can’t wait to meet your girls. I’m glad all is still well.

  4. Marcia (123 blog) on

    woohoo – 3 little girls are doing so, so well!

    And indeed, battle scars they are – wear them proudly!

  5. Mash on

    I think this is all wonderful news. I have battle scars (not stretch marks, actual scars) and I don’t give a rats bum who looks at them. Wear my bikini with pride!

    • coachmarcia on

      LOVE Mash’s reply!

  6. Bratty on

    Enjoy the time at home….your little girls seem to be very happy in your tummy.

  7. Cedge on

    woohoo! I am so pleased that you are all doing well. Your parents must have felt so proud and excited to be included.

    As for the battle scars, if they only just appeared then there is a chance you can minimise their effect, keep on with the creams and oils.

    Can’t wait to see the pics of the nursery. As their arrival gets closer, I am really getting more excited.

    Take care my friend.

  8. Eve on

    So glad things have been smooth sailing! Enjoy the rest at home. And dont worry about the stretch marks – they look much worse when you are pregnant than afterwards 🙂

  9. Sharon on

    So glad that all is going well!
    Enjoy the time at home!

  10. Fran on

    I had a scan too where my mom was prsent and it was indeed a bit strange! but the joy on her face was priceless…

    You look great and your belly is really really cute, you are only +15kg and you have not a bit of fat on you, it’s just a bi belly! Hopefully you’ll post pics of the nursery too! Love, Fran

  11. sophie on

    Dee, I am so glad all is going well with your LGs ! I bet you must be v. tired to host 3 growing babies inside your womb ! It sounds like you are doing the job really well and that you know exactly how much you can/should do around the house and when to stop ! I hope everything falls into place by the time your babies arrive. Looking forward to see your pics !

  12. MommyInWaiting on

    Dee how special for your folks to have been able to attend the scan. But I hear you, not sure I would be up for my parents or in-laws being at a scan with us? Glad to hear all is well with you and the girls and they are progressing so well. Looking forward to seeing the nursery pics.

  13. Jodi on

    I know what you mean being at home is stressful in the day because all I see are all the cleaning and fixes that need done. A never ending process.

  14. strongblonde on

    how the heck are you so far along?? hasn’t it just flown by??? you look great, btw! 🙂

    i really hope that you are able to get some rest and that the pregnancy continues along this good path you’ve got going!! my blood pressure really started acting up at the end 😦 looks like you’re doing awesome, though!!

    i’m getting so excited!!!

  15. jonivdw on

    Yay Dee!!! Min dae…. waiting in anticipation!

    Look after yourself and take it easy!

    Can’t wait to see the pics!

  16. darylfaure on

    Thanks for the update! Always great to hear how you and the babes are doing. I can’t believe they are all 3 breech. Must feel quite strange and I bet your bladder is taking major strain. It must have been really special for your mom and dad to be at the scan. Are they coming up for the birth or soon afterwards? Can’t wait to see Nursery and new belly pics. Take care, take it easy and rest as much as possible.

  17. Jennifer on

    I came across your blog from a friends site (she is trying to get my into blogging). Thought I would stop over to say Congratulations on making it this far!! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your time not at work/preping for those girls! Praying all continues to go so well for you!

  18. Waiting In Sunshine on

    Love the belly pics! I love following your blog, and I am SO thrilled that things are so great for all 4 of you

    Yay battle scars! 🙂

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