3D Scan

The scan went well yesterday! It started off a bit shaky as the sonographer seemed to struggle a bit. I had to lie on my side to try and get a view of the baby on the right hand side, which meant I had my back to the screen so I kinda missed her scanning that baby but she had her face toward my spine so we couldn’t see much anyway.

The baby in the middle also had her back to us and was hunched into a ball so we moved to the left hand side where we got some lovely shots of a very chubby cheeked baby! (Posted pics if you want to see). Then finally the one in the middle turned and we got a few good pics of her but her face was right in the placenta. One thing I noticed is that comparing these two they actually look quite different (not sure if you can see on the pics?). The third baby refused to move so we only got shots of the top of her head and little nose. Its OK, as the doctor said its really just a “fun” thing to do. They often don’t look like that when they come out.

One thing for sure is seeing our babies in 3D made everything so much more real. Last night I just lay in bed thinking that they will be here soon and our lives will never be the same again. I looked through the CD again and thought to myself that I will do absolutely anything for these babies, they are my whole life, I will go to the ends of the earth for them. Its such a strong maternal feeling and its wonderful.

Doc is still happy with everything. He measured cord flow, brain flow. They are all weighing around 750g. At 1kg we will start steroids for their lungs. I also got a script for a tranquiliser – which has a two fold benefit – a calming effect and relaxes the uterus a bit. I told him that I am in pain, especially at night. My pelvic bones and muscles ache so much. Im on a quarter dose and we will go up as I progress. He also warned at gaining too much weight at this point. My aim is 20kgs and Im already 14kgs up.

I have 1 more week of work and then Im off. Ive got all my reading at home to catch up on, I literally cannot wait to just be able to relax at home.

And yes, we have booked a photo shoot with a professional. Its on the 14th Nov. She is coming to our house which I prefer. I have to have a black bra and undies ready (oh boy…)

Oh and they remade the cots to fit through our door frames.


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  1. Marcia on

    Yay on the cots through the door. Since you’ve been so obliging, can we have pics? 🙂

    And yay on the photoshoot. Don’t leave it too long…….. you know my story – shoot booked for 34 weeks, babies came at 32 weeks…..

    I love that you’re going to go off next week – life will be so much easier!

    Can’t wait to meet your girls. Enjoy this time with them moving around – it is the best thing about pregnancy and the thing you’ll miss the most.

    A piece of trivia…after my 4d scan, I have never ever looked at that thing again – they look like aliens to me 🙂

    • dee on

      Will definitely take pics need to wait for the linen though and then all is sorted!

  2. Cedge on

    Those are awesome pics. Very very real now.

    Glad everything is on track. Your babies are growing! Yeah for weeks of rest and relaxation. Enjoy this time. Can you believe how the weeks have gone by?

    I am soooo happy that they will be here in time for christmas, and what a special christmas it is going to be … no more sad thoughts on christmas day.

    take care my friend.

  3. Biz on

    Long time lurker… so happy for you!
    So excited for the photoshoot–and 3D scans are amazing 🙂

  4. wheresmybun on

    AWESOME pics Dee! I’m so glad you’re cots are sorted out and that you’re on leave from next week! I can’t wait to meet your babies!!

  5. celia on

    I am so excited for you! Peter was hiding for the fancy ultrasound too, we could only see his ear. Everything else was hidden,the little stinker.

  6. Jodi on

    Oh wow wait until you actually have them the maternal feeling grows and grows. Honestly it is kind of sad for some dh’s because me I feel totally fulfilled once I had kids as in they are all I need and for a while they took all my everything love time sanity. I know however that the marriage is very important too and needs love and time invested. BUT the kids are just so much more fun. I am glad you feel that you will do anything for them because you will have to do it all! It’s such a huge and wonderful responsibility.

  7. Melissa G. on

    They do look a little different! (the baby’s pics)

    So glad to hear things are going smoothly, and that they fixed the cots!

    Thanks for the update!

  8. zamom on

    It still blows my mind that you have 3 little girls in your tummy. Absolutely awesome.

    • dee on

      Me too zamom…

  9. Fran on

    You are doing fantastic!! How long will it be before they are 1kg? Oh my, you are nearly on maternity leave! This is really happening!!

  10. MommyInWaiting on

    So glad to hear all is going well with the three girls and their mommy! Awesome news on the cots! Enjoy putting your feet up, I hope this means you will have more time to keep us updated…

  11. sophie on

    Fantastic news. Glad that all is well with you and your 3 miracle LGs !
    Also good news that this is your last week at work. Must be exhausting to combine a triplet pregnancy and full time work !

    All the best further Dee !

  12. strongblonde on

    i used to always think that the 3d scans were creepy. then i saw ours. it was cool. i couldn’t wait to meet those little people.

    i can’t wait for you to meet YOUR little people!!


  13. Nix on

    OMG Dee, they are beautiful!

  14. coachmarcia on

    I wanted to say a big thank you for your comment on my post. It touched me so much and validated what I’m doing – thank you for encouraging me and making me a little teary 🙂

  15. Waids on

    You are an inspiration to so many of us trying to conceive.

    good luck and i wish you all the happinness with your babies.

  16. Lesley on

    Hi Dee

    Glad to hear all is well and that you did at least see some of the babes in the 3D scan. I think you have really done very well with the preganancy. Just with a singleton, I also have the hip pain and am also battling to sleep so with three babes on board you are dooing great. 14kgs also does not sound like very much weight to have put on. Glad you’ll be resting from now on and enjoy the reading.

  17. jill on

    So glad the scan went well! 🙂

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