Ive been playing with the idea of posting our baby names, at first I wondered whether I wanted to reveal them before they are born as perhaps we would want to change them when we meet them. Then I started reading another triplet blog the other day and read this post regarding privacy which refers to another blog with a far more scary post about privacy. And if that didnt scare me enough then this definitely did, a family photo landing up on billboard in the Czech Republic. And then if that wasnt enough, I watched a show on hacking on TV last night which describes how hackers are designing programs to profile you depending on the information that you share on blogs, social networking etc. What you write and publish on the internet cannot be undone, ever.

For those who know me IRL and who I have communicated with via email you will know that my real name is infact not Dee, its not even close. I chose that name when I started posting on the internet as my real name is far too unique and I didnt want anyone googling and finding me because it would be very easy. When you google my name anyway you get 3 main hits – a lady who is rather famous in the US (who I chat to on FB actually because our name and surname is the same – very weird!!), a p.orn star(!!) and me. Some of the work I have done has been published and can be traced on the internet. Which is why I never use my real name anywhere. I have also never posted a picture of myself on this blog, well none where you can see my face.

So therefore I will protect the names of my children with the same level that I protect mine. Sorry guys. If you know me IRL then you will find out the name when they are born. If you really want to know the names and you have my email address then you are welcome to email me, Ill send a mail to you when they are here. Seems a bit but I just cant take a chance.

Speaking of the babies they are doing so well. We scanned yesterday (22.5 weeks) and I really enjoyed it. I could feel the kicks that I saw on the screen! They sometimes kick so hard now that my tummy moves. Its very special and helps with the anxiety as I know they are OK. My doctor is very happy, they weigh 531, 544 and 577g, so Im carrying 1.5kg of baby already! I picked up a block of margarine and thought this is one of my babies! My placentas look good, good cord flow, no blood pressure issues and my cervix is long and closed. My body is doing well and Im so so grateful.

My doc asked when I would like to go on leave, which I had started thinking about. Ive decided that 26 weeks is fair. That means 1 month sick leave and then my maternity leave will start 1 month before the due date, so Ill have 2 months at home. I really need it. Work is proving to be quite a challenge. Sitting at a desk all day is good in that I dont have to walk around much but my legs and hips get so sore and if I sit too long I get a bit crampy. Ive been getting Braxton Hicks which took me a while to figure out what it really was but I get a tightening in my uterus, not painful but its a bit scary. It happens if Ive been sitting too long or walking too long. Im thinking of everything that I still need to do because I basically only have 3 weeks left until Im mainly house bound. Ordering things off the internet is the best thing ever so I dont need to go anywhere. Anyone got any series DVD’s for me to watch?


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  1. Elize on

    Hi Dee! I’m so glad everything is going so well and you’re sounding upbeat! I would love an update on your babies names and some photos! So please don’t forget me.

  2. MommyInWaiting on

    Wow Dee your pregnancy is progressing so well. I cannot believ only three weeks until you will be home making final plans for the babies arrival. I totally get not sharing thier names in public, we will all love them in the blogosphere even if we only know them as girl1, girl2 and girl3.

  3. gailsnail on

    Hi Dee

    I am also going on maternity leave in 3 weeks. Glad all is going so well. Would love to catch up next time I am in the area.


  4. Marcia (123 blog) on

    Yes, please tell me your gorgeous girls’ names 🙂

    And I think you are very wise – I can’t keep things straight as to who I said what to… so I have to be open 🙂 I do keep job stuff mostly private though.

    I think you’re very clever to go on maternity leave at 26 weeks – it will be the last rest you have until the babies make their very-welcome arrival – might as well enjoy it 🙂

  5. strongblonde on

    arg. now i’m all freaked out again. i didn’t post pictures for a long time, then i did. now i’m regretting it. i suppose they’re names are a public mystery, although people who know me know the names….

    glad to hear that things are going well 🙂 i think it’s a great idea to go off work that early. you need the sleep and peace and quiet while you can get it 🙂


  6. RJ on

    Yay for only one more month of work! Glad you’ve decided to take your leave early. I think it’s a good way to keep those babies baking.

  7. waiting4amiracle on

    I understand that! Its definitely freeeeeeaaaaky! But I would love to know their names when you are ready. How about waiting ‘friends’ or ‘How I met your mother’. I love both of them.
    Very uplifting. So glad everything is going well.

  8. Sharon on

    So glad to hear that all is going so well with your babies. I’m looking forward to seeing their photo’s and knowing their names when the time comes!

  9. samcy on

    Glad all is going so well Dee – can’t believe that soon you will be home waiting for your daughters to come 🙂 Crazy!

    I understand what you mean about the babies names and privacy – plse don’t forget me when they are born. Would love to “know” them.


  10. cat@juggling act on

    I am so glad all is going well.

    We do not have anybodies real names on the blog – not even the dogs. Btu I do have pictures because I think in visuals, it’s just who I am.

  11. Cedge on

    I totally get it about the privacy issues. Being a private person myself, I would never start a blog. I am on facebook but I hate that people can tag photos of me.

    yeah for not posting their names!! I want to be pleasantly surprised when they are born. 🙂

    I am sooo happy that everything is going well for all of you. On the home stretch now … all the best for your rest phase.

  12. cat@juggling act on

    Hi Dee, I thought you might enjoy reading the info on this link to my good friend Jen’s blog (triplet mom)

  13. Sarah on

    I never use our last name on my blog because it is extremely unusual. If you google it you get my husbands published papers, his sister in her sorority and his brothers band. But our first names are so common that I didn’t worry about it.

    Glad things are going so well with your pregnancy!

  14. Sweepea on

    Hi Dee

    Really happy for you that all going so well with the little ones and you. I think its safer not to divulge too much online. Enjoy your time off and connecting with them in your tummy before their appearance.

    keep well:)

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