Doing Well

18 week scan went very well. Babies are all doing well, growing beautifully and kicking up a storm. The 2 girls are 100% confirmed but our boy is STILL not 100% confirmed, he just refuses to open his legs at the right time. I even drank a small amount of Coke before just to try and get him to move but alas. Anyway the most important thing is that they are all doing well.

Me on the other hand, Ive recovered from last week. My gynae has reassured me again today that its OK that I took the other meds and with triplets my progesterone is probably pretty high anyways. He received 25 articles written about Ursotan used in pregnancy so I really think its OK. Im still pissed about it though but decided to rather put my energy into other things, although I have lodged a formal complaint with the council and hopefully get s response from that.

Otherwise Im getting bigger and getting out of the car or up from a low chair is quite a mission. Ive also started bumping into things and the other day shut a door and forgot about the extra few centimeters which got in the way. I am battling to sleep at night as soon as I lie down I get heartburn and just cant seem to be able to find a comfortable position. Ive tried pillows between my legs, behind my back, preggi pillow etc. Im trying to delay sleeping sitting up for as long as possible.

We have also been given so many things, my colleague at work has given us a Peg pram, car seat, bath, play pen and another friend of ours has given us a Macl.aren twin pram, we have also decided on the cots and compactum and we will order them soon. We have chosen saligna with a dark mahogany stain.


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  1. Marcia (123 blog) on

    Wooohoo, babies, you’re doing well!

    Can you believe it?! 🙂 I get SUCH a kick out of this.

    So until when are you planning to work? And are you going back afterwards?

    Unfortunately I can’t help you on the sleep issues – I slept like a baby throughout. I think God knew we wouldn’t sleep afterwards for nearly a year so He let me off easy.

  2. Melissa G. on

    So glad to hear you are doing well, and though I understand you would have prefered to not have had to worry at all – I’m grateful it was all for not.

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Cathy Nel on

    It’s so nice to hear that you and the babies are doing so well. I checked out your pics, sheesh that tummy is growing! I can’t wait to see how it progresses!

    As for the incident with the pharmacy, ah man I think I would’ve been just as pissed as you! You’ve walked a long hard lonely road to get to this point…. but with that being said you’re right to focus on that everything is okay and if something were to go amiss it would’ve already. Placing your energy into those beautiful babies is where it’s most needed.

    I’m so happy that everything is fine and look forward to following your progress. You’ve made it so far already, keep up the strength!


  4. Lesley on

    Glad to hear all is well with you and the babes and that your mind is more at ease.

  5. skrambled on

    I am so glad that everything is going well. I also can’t believe you nearly at the 20 week mark, wow! Looking forward to more and more good news.

  6. peanuttam on

    So glad that everything is going well my friend. It’s going so fast now!

    Lots of love to you and yours Xxx

  7. Mash on

    Sleeping sitting up??? Good grief!

    Glad to see all is going well!

  8. Fran on

    So happy all is well and that you are reassured by your doctor too. My scan is in two weeks…anxious and hopeful all will be well!

  9. RJ on

    So happy to hear things are swell! I hear you on the sleeping bit though. I think we’re going to buy a recliner this weekend which will be my new bed.

  10. darylfaure on

    Yay for you and the babies! So glad you are all doing well after the last week. You hang in there – I can remember the heartburn with one baby- so hate to think what it is with 3. My sympathy, empathy and hopes for some peaceful nights.

  11. wheresmybun on

    I’m so glad everything is going well with your babies! I can’t really comment on the sleeping thing, but I hope you’re able to get some sleep and before you know it your babies will be here!!!

  12. bwub on

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I came to yours to see where you are with things and…..oh my goodness…triplets! Congratulations! Triple the sweetness. Triple the joy. I hope everything is okay after the pharmacy screw up. I also hope you brought the matter to the attention of that person’s boss. Take care and I hope you are able to get some rest!

  13. cat@juggling act on

    Glad things are going well. I have one of those Maclaren twin prams – they are really fabulous. Try to see if they can make the cots to have one side down to convert to a toddler bed. We did that – really helpful with multiples as they are smaller than big beds. Mine are almost 3 and still sleeping in them.

  14. samcy on

    Time is really flying Dee!!


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