Bloody Hell

Thats were Ive been this week, in hell.

Sorry for the bullet post (Im exhausted) and sorry for the f-bombs but Im fucking upset.

Long story short I was dispensed the wrong medicine by Dischem (no dots between that name, hopefully I get some hits so other people can read what happened to me)

I was given Ursotan (gallstone meds) instead of Utrogestan (prog support). All because of some fucking stupid pharmacist (FSP) couldnt have been bothered to do their job properly.

I think I know more about Ursotan than the manufacturers at this point. Apparently its safe to take in pregnancy and has been prescribed before for something called ICP (Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy)

I am so fucked off about this for two reasons – 1. I took the meds whilst in the back of my mind wondering why it wasnt oily like prog normally is Ive never been on Utrogestan before so I didnt know, they were flat white powdery tablets. 2. The FSP fucking knew our 5 years history with IF and was still fucking negligent.

All this happened right at the point that I actually starting to RELAX. Dischem FSP took all that away from me. Im as paranoid as Ive ever been, weepy, anxious, stressed out, cant sleep etc.

Yes, I know Ive been told its OK and I fucking hope it is BUT I find it near impossible to stop my mind drifting to WHAT IF? I could have lost my babies due to some incompetent bitch. I literally want to rip her eyes out.

Dischem have admitted fault but all they can harp on is that it was safe for me to take. Nevermind WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED, never mind the fucking anguish Ive been in since I found out, never mind the 5 years of IF that I went through to get to this point, never mind the hundreds of thousands of rands spent, never mind the tears Ive cried over this, never mind my state of mind and never mind making me anxious for the rest of this pregnancy.




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  1. sienna on

    omg, i’m sooo sorry. can you SUE their butts off for this? at least for mental anguish?? after all you’ve been through, for something like this to happen bc someone didn’t double check their work is just unfreakingbelievable. ugh, i’m soo pissed off on your behalf!!! i’m glad that at least physically, you’re okay. sending you hugs and all my positive vibes. let’s pray for *only* smooth sailing ahead! xoxoxoxo :o)

  2. Lara on

    omg, if you lived in the US, this would be lawsuit city. and despite the fact that it’s safe, what about the progesterone support you did NOT receive?? this is unbelievable and i bet they’re counting their lucky stars that the error did not result in a different med that would have be unsafe. infuriating! try to vent and relax though – you and baby need it, as deserving as FSP is of your anger.

  3. isufferfromfms on

    I would take legal action. They cannot just let this slide. The FSP also needs to be disciplined. Very glad to hear that the meds were safe to take though. Shit. Hectic stuff.

  4. celia on

    You need to be calm for your babies. But those sumbitches should pay.

  5. The Frugal on

    Not good at all but all that is important is that you and your babies are fine – which going off your post you are, aren’t you?

    As for a lawsuit *sigh* mistakes happen, yes it’s not good and yes the result COULD have been bad but it wasn’t and honestly a lawsuit wont help right not, at a time when you need to be relaxing and enjoying your pregnancy.

    I understand you’re pissed, totally, ANYONE would be in your situation (and you have every right to be) but it just irks me how people are so quick to suggest lawsuits – I get the feeling that genuine mistakes aren’t “tolerated” in America….despite human error being perfectly normal, as no one is perfect.

    Glad to hear all is well despite that.

    • dee on

      In SA the law says that you need to have lost something or be injured to be able to sue. In this case thank goodness neither has happened. My first thought was to sue BUT I dont need more stress in my life right now.

  6. Elize on

    Hectic stuff Dee! I would be damn livid, and I completely understand that you are worried. Shame man, I can’t believe something like this has happened to you. This is the stuff nightmares are made of…

  7. skrambled on

    Its very hectic! I am so glad that it ok, but I understand how much they have taken from you.

  8. Fran on

    OH MY GOD. Your reaction is totally justified and I would demand compensation for it or even that the incompetent one be sacked as the mistake is unforgivable. What if it wasn’t safe to take in pregnancy, what if she had given a blood pressure medication instead? This is just beyond “i’m sorry but it was safe in pregnancy anyway”. And what about the fact that you didn’t take the progesterone you should have taken?

    Having said that, now take a deep breath. For how long did you take the medication? Repeat to yourself that it was indeed safe (even though you didn’t need it) and your babies are now having an independent metabolism and you are acting as a big filter. Your babies are fine, deep down you can feel it, they move and want their mommy to be calm and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. Much love, Fran

    • dee on

      I took it for a month…

      Thanks Fran xxx

  9. MommyInWaiting on

    Oh Dee you really have been through hell this week. Make yourself a lovely cup of tea, put your feet up and try to take some deep breaths. Hope the stress of this passes soon so you can go back to relaxing again.

  10. Marion on

    You know even though the meds were safe the fact that you didn’t get your progesterone that you needed could be unsafe…

    I hope you get some peace of mind soon that all is well with the 3 LO’s.

  11. jill on

    Oh my gosh that’s terrible. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I would be incredibly pissed too.

  12. elleznom on

    Fucking Fucking FSP!!!! I will still go and punch her, the bitch!

  13. strongblonde on

    omg. i totally can’t believe this. i really hope that there is some sort of punitive action against the pharmacist. those kind of mistakes just shouldn’t happen!!!

    glad you’re okay.


  14. Kim on

    Hi Dee- you poor girl and what a few days of terrible anguish you have been through. I read your first posing on FC and actually could not believe it. I know you have been through hell but am very thankful that it is actually a drug that can be taken in pregnancy. I hope the remainder of your pregnancy is smooth sailing. xxx

  15. darylfaure on

    Dee I feel for you and hate that you have to go through this when you should be enjoying your pregnancy. All I can say is please try not too let the FSP take that away from you. You have waited so long for this and really deserve to be wallowing in happiness so try and let all your concerns and worries go.

  16. Lesley on

    I can totally understand the “rip the eyes out of” comment. I would feel exactly the same. I agree that to say “We made a mistake but no actual harm was done” is just not acceptable when the stakes were this huge.

    Can only hope you find some way to get past this and to go back to starting to enjoy the growing of those precious lives in your tummy.

  17. cat@juggling act on

    I am just glad that you are ok. I just keep thinking, for one thing it is safe, but for the other, not getting the prog could also have proved disastrous. Does Dischem’s head office know? (I know people there – just asking? I would think they may want to compensate?)

    • dee on

      Yes, Ive been speaking to them. They going to pay for my next scan and reimburse me for the wrong meds I bought.

  18. ttcnot2easy on

    to call her a fucking bitch is polite, darling. gawd.. after you’ve gouged her eyes out, send her over here. She really needs to be raked over the coals for this – I certainly hope that some form of action will be taken against her, even if she isn’t at Dischem any longer. This kind of mistake should certainly not be taken lightly. You just don’t fuck with meds.. you DON’T.

  19. mash on

    thinking of you (still) and hoping you can put this behind you. Incompetence is infuriating (I’m having a few issues of my own as you know) but I’ve realised that I must make the choice not to let the anger run my life. And it was for a while, sleepless nights etc. You can’t have that right now. It sounds like you have made the right decision to let it go. It was very, very wrong. But you and those trips are absolutely the most important thing right now, try not to lose anymore energy to this!

  20. Kathryn on

    Your story is so amazing. I’ve spent the morning reading through your blog. I can’t believe everything you’ve been through – and I can’t believe my story is starting to look similar. 😦 We are starting IVF #5 and my doctor has started the DE conversations. One thing we plan to use this IVF is steroids and blood thinners. I noticed that they were included in the protocol for your successful cycle. I wondered if you might take a moment to email me with more info? I am curious if you had additional testing which determined these were necessary or if your doctor just added them because they couldn’t hurt. Thanks for your help. Kathryn

  21. SCY on

    Holy shit! That is crazy… I’m super glad to hear that all is ok but geesh – cannot believe that they are so fricking blaze about it…

    I would take it to the top dog at Dischem! It’s simply not good enough.

    Thinking of you Dee.


  22. liberalgranolagirl on

    OMG. I am fucking pissed off for you.

  23. peanuttam on

    Geez Dee, I can not believe it. What asswipes.

    Glad that everything turned out okay but people just don’t get the emotional turmoil that things like this cause sometimes.

    I’m sorry that you’ve had to go thru this.

    Lots of love to you darling Xxx

  24. Lloyd Thomson on

    Dear Dee ,
    I am also extremely sorry to hear about the mistake the pharmacist made in dispensing to you . I am also a pharmacist (qualified in 1975) and have seen many errors occur over the years , fortunately none fatal . I work in a private hospital pharmacy with three other pharmacists and we frequently check each other especially as most doctors’ handwritings are notoriously bad.
    I would love to see the actual prescription the doctor wrote to see (on an educational/preventative side) where or how she saw the item as Ursotan . I fully endorse doctors who are starting to use computers to generate their prescriptions so each Rx is legible.

    All the best to you and your family.

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