Almost Halfway!

If you can believe that! I cant. On Monday Ill be 17 weeks, halfway to 34.

We scanned yesterday and all went very well. The doctor was running almost an hour late so he rushed a bit through the scan. Babies were also not really playing the game, 2 of them had their legs closed and refused to budge but the doc still reckons 2 girls and 1 boy. I think he is right.

Seeing the babies on the screen again was awesome and really is a highlight every 2 weeks. As I mentioned I have started feeling movement but its not ALL the time which brings about another set of worries when I havent felt them in a while. If you see them on the screen they move ALOT and I probably feel a tenth of what they do actually move. Doc says its because they still small so I cant be expected to feel them every time. He said by 20-22 weeks Ill feel them more regularly.

I seem to be putting on weight (according to the scale) but Im not sure where its going. My tummy hasnt grown substantially in the last few weeks but it does seem like Im getting wider rather than going outwards. Its rather strange. But the scan says they measure 17 weeks already so the babies are growing and thats the main thing.

I have started wading through all things baby related – prams, car seats, cots, compactums, bottles (what a mission that was), nappies etc. At the moment Ive just done alot of reasearch on the net. We have been to look at some items (I had to find the baby shops on the net as I didnt have a clue even where they were! – avoided them for so long!) but havent yet ordered anything. Ive chosen a theme for the nursery and we have calculated dimensions of the room to see what the best layout will be with 3 cots. I have even enrolled into my hospital’s baby program which offers a free 3D scan, antenatal classes and organised my maternity leave.

Its slowly sinking in that I might actually be a mom by the end of this year. I still have to pinch myself.


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  1. Abs on

    So glad to hear how great it’s going. You are going to have your happy ending times 3! Look after yourself and the little bundles! xxx

  2. Sharon on

    Very exciting indeed. Enjoy this time!

  3. celia on

    the weight is likely your increasing blood volume. So excited for you!

  4. Jodi on you just have to get some bottle props. I was watching make room for mulitples and a triplet mom got these styrofoam ones. The link is for cushion ones. I sure wish someone would have bought me these.

  5. Fran on

    Oh my!! you are doing so well!! When i read you were almost half way I thought “noway….we are the same time!” and indeed we are but you are having triplets silly me!! Delighted all is well, i hope I’ll have the same good news next week!
    much love, Fran

  6. darylfaure on

    You are doing so well! Please post another belly pic. I can’t fathom carrying 3 babies. It must be an incredible feeling. Take it easy and try and get all the big stuff finished soon. It may not feel like it now, but very soon you are going to run out of energy. I can’t believe you are half way already.

  7. Mash on

    WHAT?????!!!! I can’t believe it, half way holy cow! Jeepers your trips are going to be teenagers before you know it ha ha ha!

    Post pics. Of bottles and things 🙂

  8. Emily on

    Wow! Half way! So exciting. Glad your threesome is doing so well. 🙂

  9. Jen on

    Congrats! Half way – whoo hoo! It’s a big mark! 🙂

  10. isufferfromfms on

    I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now, but new to commenting. I just wanted to say congrats! Enjoy the shopping and the pregnancy and EVERYTHING!! You deserve this X

  11. skrambled on

    Wow! Time flys by. I’m so glad that everything is going well.

  12. cat@juggling act on

    You and the babies seem to be doing really really well.

  13. peanuttam on

    Wow, I can’t believe how quickly this is going my friend. Glad that all babies are doing well.

    Lots of love and hugs to you always Xxx

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