Presents, presents, presents!

Im back from our trip to Durban (for overseas readers its 600kms away by car, on the East coast of South Africa. One of the best places, I believe, in South Africa…)

The car trip wasn’t too much fun. We needed to stop often so I could use the toilet and I kept on having to readjust the seatbelt because I cant stand having anything tight around my tummy.

The weekend was spent seeing family and friends and boy were we spoilt! We told everyone that we would not be coming back to visit, I don’t think I could make that trip again with a bigger tummy or weaker bladder. So everyone went on a spending spree. We got TONS of baby outfits, nappies (700), sterilisers, blankets, all sorts of baby consumables, monitor, books etc. We had to leave our big luggage bag behind so we could fit the presents into the car.

It was entirely overwhelming.

People couldnt understand why I didn’t ooh and ahh over their present or even why my DH was opening all of them. My BFF even crapped on me asking “why the hell am I not excited” and “whats wrong with me?”. She on the other hand announced her barely 4 week pregnancy (they only tried once – I have another whole blog post in my head regarding this pregnancy). I tried explaining to her that we come from different worlds but I don’t think she got any of it.

My DH had to try and calm me down at one stage and said that the presents are so others can enjoy the pregnancy (buying baby outfits is apparently a lot of fun, haven’t tried it as yet) and that they just want to enjoy the moment with us. In the end it was fun to look at all the baby things as Ive never had the privilege of doing so.

On Monday we went to a stunning little baby boutique that sold everything that I would buy in a flash. Solid wood cots and compactums and beautiful embroidered linen. The only problem would be getting the furniture back to us here. Im looking for the same here but I haven’t yet found anything. The reason why we are thinking of the baby furniture now is the fact that I have a horrible symptom now in that my feet and legs swell up a lot even if I go for short outings. I cant be on my feet long so we are starting to look for the bigger stuff now whilst I still can. This swollen feet thing is really freaking me out. Apparently its very normal but not until the third trimester. I don’t believe Ive put on too much weight (around 9kgs) so it must just be fluid retention. Apparently drinking more water helps so Im doing that but also spending my life in the toilet.

And in other very very exciting news – I have started feeling movement!! It happened after the scan on Wednesday last week but I had just asked my doctor and he said I would most likely feel something in approximately 2 more weeks, so I just thought it must be something else. It was like a light tapping. Then I felt it again on Friday on my left hand side and just below my belly button. Then going to sleep one night it was an unmistakable bubble feeling. So now Im pretty sure I can feel them!!! I have googled and they say with multiples you do tend to feel them earlier. If I can feel them then that would make anxiety levels a whole lot better.


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  1. Sharon on

    Its true what you say Dee, we, infertiles, do come from a totally different world to “breeders”. I was so bad I refused to even accept gifts until after Ava was born. Its ok to feel that way but I do hope that you can start to get a little excited cos damn but there are awesome things to buy for babies!
    Enjoy it!

  2. sienna on

    your anxiety is entirely warranted given past experience, but i hope you somehow wake up one day (soon) and can’t remember any of the past, and become super excited (not that you’re not excited, but in a with-no-fear-way) about this!! your bff just doesn’t get it. unless you’ve dealt with IF, you’ll never get it. yaay for getting bunch of baby gifts :o)

  3. MommyInWaiting on

    Feeling movement – wow Dee that si super exciting! I am thrilled to hear that you and the trips were thoroughly spoilt, you will need loads, so all the better if everyone else buys lots of the stuff for you. Good luck finding the perfect nursery stuff, what fun, hope the swelling stays away long enough fo ryou to enjoy it.

  4. skrambled on

    I’m so glad that everything is going well. It must be so exciting to finally start looking at stuff to buy. But I can just imagine how daunting/exciting it must be to be planning for three. Thinking of you. xxxxxx

  5. bratty37 on

    When the babetjies start moving regularly your excitement will set in…it is your little secret..and it is awesome.

    Regarding the swelling of the feet…I started getting this and read up on how to avoid. Three main ways 1. increase fluids (1 drink 2 ltrs a day..many toilet trips 2) increase salt intake and 3) start swimming…the swimming forces your body to work a little harder (ie your kidneys). All of the above lead to increase toilet usage..but it is worth it in the long run.

    Good luck

  6. Jodi on

    It’s sucks that some women feel like such crap that it is difficult to enjoy all those presents and parties people throw for new babies and mommies. I think I get more excited about baby stuff now then when i was pregant because I recognize the value of certain gadgets or think gee i should have bought such and such I wish i would have know that. It is hard having to react to every little onsie when you want to barf up your lunch I hear ya! I am enjoying reading about your pregnancy. I live in florida USA. I hope u have time to blog about life with trips I blog about my twins its fun to reflect and laugh about life with multiples.

  7. darylfaure on

    How exciting that you can feel the babies move! It really does ease the worry when you can start to feel movement.
    I’m glad you were so spoiled this weekend, and hope that as the months progress you will be able to enjoy unpacking and repacking the nursery and staring in awe at the beautiful tiny little things. Don’t ever apologise for what you are feeling. You have walked a hard path, and you will not have an easy pregnancy, so you go right ahead and take care of yourself first.

  8. Mash on

    So excited that you can feel them…

  9. Gail on

    Hi friend

    Re the movement, I felt K from 15 1/2 weeks. At the beginning it feels like flicking from the inside or a muscle twitch. Amazing! You are going to have 3 times the fun 🙂


  10. samcy on

    How wonderful that you got so spoilt but I can understand your hesitation in throwing yourself into it all gung ho. Now that you’re starting to feel movement I hope that you can try and enjoy it as much as possible (including shopping for your babies )


  11. jill on

    So many people just don’t understand the fearful feelings. I’m sorry your friend wasn’t more understanding 😦

    Buying baby things is a lot of fun. I used to do it all the time way back when I was sure pregnancy would happen eventually. I hope your anxiety lets up a bit so you can enjoy all the gifts!

  12. Emily on

    That is so exciting about feeling movement! I completely understand about not getting excited over baby stuff. I’m having a hard time with that. Fertiles just don’t get all that we went through to be pg and that it is scary for us to get invested in the pg. I’m getting the same response from friends and family. “why aren’t you excited?” “you’ve wanted this for so long” Hang in there…

  13. Kirsty on

    Congratulations x 3! Wow 🙂
    You can buy gorgeous embroidered 100% cotton linen, and awesome wooden cots at the design quarter, near fourways. (I assume you’re in Jhb if Durbs is 600km away 😉

  14. Invivo on

    So happy to see ur doing so well.

    I made the mistake of waiting too long to finish my nursery and wish I had enough guts to have gotten it all done earlier. There is so much that will take up your time when they arrive. My picture frames still hang pictureless. Getting it done this week, hopefully.

    I do however understand the emotional hesitation after so many years of trying. It’s darn hard.

    If at all possible, try and have it ready and savour those last days taking care of small projects that won’t require you to be on your feet. Drink it up as the preparation is part of the journey.

    Have you spoken to anyone re the feeding of multiples?

    Re weird comments people make. O boy! *sigh* Once those little bundles of joy arrive you will realise with time the more your life deviates from the norm the more immune you become to people’s lack of awareness. Infertility is only the tip of the iceberg. Like water off a duck’s back. Don’t begrudge people, just accept that they don’t know any better, it’s the only way you’ll preserve your sanity and warm and fuzzy feeling towards strangers in general.

    Best of luck!

    Can’t wait to check back in for more good news!


  15. cat@juggling act on

    Great on the movement. For those swollen feet (and I had huge problems with those in my singleton pregnancy) try: Asparagus, watermelon, lots of water etc. Also reflexology helped me a lot!

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