Yesterday was a good day

We got to the doctors rooms a bit earlier and he was waiting for us so I didn’t have time to sit and stress myself out before going in (a quiet doctors rooms is really what you want). We discussed a few questions I had, including the bleeding I had last week (didn’t blog about it). He said its quite normal to bleed periodically up to 10 days past the stitch being placed.

Before scanning I asked very nicely if he could have a look and see the genders. I know last time he said we should wait until 16 weeks but hey I am impatient.

First he did a quick heartbeat scan and said “look they all alive”! Then he started looking between the legs, surprisingly the babies played along and let him see. The first one he said is definitely a girl. The emotions were just unbelievable, I was crying and laughing at the same time. He then moved to the second one and straight away said a boy. I was so so happy, deep down Ive always wanted one of each so this is wonderful, truly special. Then he said that 60% of triplets pregnancies are 2 girls and 1 boy so he would think that Baby 3 is a girl and she was!! WOW. Its like opening the best Christmas present you ever got, three times in a row.

We will confirm at our next appointment. I think he could see we would have been happy with any combo and if it changes at the next scan well then that’s OK. It has just made things feel a bit more real and we can start imagining what our family is going to look like one day.

He scanned for chromosomal abnormalities and said that everything looks OK, he wont do the blood test for triplets because he says he feels it is inaccurate. He did all the other physical measurements and all 3 are measuring 15 weeks which he said is wonderful as they are ahead.

We got a lovely DVD of the whole scan and we have already watched it 3 times! They move a lot and some of their movements are just too cute. Our boy held up his thumb and index finger as if to say he is number 1 (see posted pics – sorry they look a bit light now that Ive posted them) and then he pulled both hands up to the side of his face and we got such a nice shot of him looking like a scary monster! Girl #2 was moving her jaw up and down like crazy and I said she is preparing for real life where girls talk so much 🙂

We left the appointment on such a high and phoned our families, whilst talking to my mom I just couldn’t get the words out. I was just so emotional.

The news of a triplet pregnancy has spread like wild fire around work, I still find it awkward to talk about it. I decided that if people ask I will tell them that it was IVF, Im not going to pretend like I didn’t need it (or that it could have been natural). I don’t think its anything to be embarrassed by so now I tell people if they ask. Most times they back off once they hear that, especially men but some ladies like to pry more and then I just change the subject or walk away. Admitting you did IVF is one thing but talking about the lengths I went to just isn’t.

Some of the comments Ive had are ridiculous. They include “you are just never going to cope”, “how many people are you going to hire to help you?”, “you are never going to sleep again”, “are they identical?” which I reply no and then they want to know “why not”, “how can they be different genders?” see identical question above, “are you going to keep all of them” I didn’t venture to ask what they meant by this, “you will have to buy a bus”, “what made you do this”, “I have nothing good to say about children”. Due to all of this I no longer tell strangers its triplets, when they ask when Im due I just say December and move on. The flip side of the coin is that when people find out its triplets and assume we did some sort of treatment then everyone has a story of how they battled to conceive. Ive found out that a secretary couldn’t conceive for 7 years, another lady donated her eggs and is now becoming a surro, someone else is still trying via IVF, someone’s aunt had triplets, someone’s school friend had a friend who knew someone who had quintuplets. It goes on.

We are seeing our families this weekend and apparently they have all gone a bit mental with the shopping. My MIL says her lounge looks like a nursery. I am going to try and enjoy it, as my doctor says I need to start trying to relax… 🙂


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  1. CELIA on

    Yay BABIES! Dude, those people are just suffering from foot in mouth disease. Get some moby wraps and some kiddopotamus swaddles. And a hands free breast pump. You’ll be swell!

  2. ChrisN on

    Honestly, the comments are enough to drive one mental…. So who cares if you have to buy a bus!!! It will be the happiest bus transversing the roads of South Africa and THAT is ALL that matters:)

    There is so much excitement ahead. Enjoy the weekend and all the gifts that, by the sounds of things, are surely coming your way.

  3. Jodi on

    Seriously having my kids is the best thing I have done so far in my life. I don’t get people that don’t like taking care of their kids or why they had them to begin with if they didn’t want a change in their lives. Yes it’s a lot of work BUT if you have dh that helps (not that mine does much but some do) it won’t be hard at all. I am so jealous when I see your little people ultrasound.

  4. Emily on

    Great news! How fun to know the genders! The whole comment thing is RIDICULOUS! I’ve been getting it a lot too when people find out I’ve got twins coming. So happy for you!

  5. strongblonde on

    you really just have to try to laugh most of it off. people get dumb when around a pregnant person. if that person is pregnant with multiples? well, they just have no common sense whatsoever!

    i hope you enjoy the time with your families.

    and i am so happy you found out the sexes! that’s so exciting. how interesting that most of triplet pregnancies are ggb! you’re going to have the cutest little family!

  6. cat@juggling act on

    So glad you are sounding so great and positive. Really, people say the most stupid things were multiples are involved. I still get the question – are they identical? when any fool can see that they look NOTHING alike. And the negative comments like “double trouble” – you’ll possibly get “triple trouble”. Good luck!

  7. Marcia from 123 blog on

    this is just the start of all the unsolicited comments and advice, unfortunately 🙂

    I think there’s two groups of people – those who won’t tell you how hard it is and those that want to do nothing but.

    And then some in between 🙂

    It is going to be hard but it is ALL so worthwhile – do you read Lots of Scotts?

    I’ve read her since way back in the day when I hadn’t even considered IVF – her whole story is in the sidebar – very cute triplets

  8. Marcia from 123 blog on

    P.S. sometimes all you can do is just smile and walk on – I don’t enter into much of the stupid conversation these days BUT Sadia (comments often on my blog) told me once that people don’t intentionally mean to be stupid – and that helped me a lot.

  9. Lesley on

    The comments are just silly and insensitive! They’re from people who haven’t got a clue how precious these little miracles are. Enjoy the shoping now that you know what colours to shop for. Shopping for one is so much fun, so shopping for three is going to be awesome!

  10. celia on

    Not to bum you out, but one they get here the comments get dumber. I could cheerfully strangle the next person who says “sleep when the baby sleeps”. Because unless they are gonna clean my house, that is just not an option.

  11. MommyInWaiting on

    I am so thrilled to hear that all is preceeding so well with the trips. I bet since this post you have watched the DVD a few more times. Awesome that the family are going crazy with the shopping you will need it. And as for all the stupid people out there – well – nothing really to say!

  12. ttcnot2easy on

    I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks – how wonderful that your babies are progressing so nicely! And how glorious to see those pictures! Please keep them coming, I’m THOROUGHLY enjoying watching you and then grow! SO exciting!
    Oh – and as for those comments… speechless. Especially the one about ‘are you going to keep them all’.. WTF?????

  13. samcy on

    How fantastic Dee – so special. Ppl will always make silly comments – best to try and ignore them as best you can.


  14. jonivdw on

    Oh Dee that is just soo soo awesome and very exciting!! I am so very very happy for you all! I can’t believe the cr@p some people think and say.

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