A Stitch in Time

So, um, ja the stitch. If Im honest it rates among my worst experiences of my life. It was awful.

I went into this with no knowledge of the stitch at all, I didnt want to read up any gruesome stories so I went in oblivious which for me was very difficult. I normally read up so much on these types of things so much so that I could probably become a doctor but this time I decided not to.

I wasnt prepared for the pain and the cramping and the bleeding. Without going into detail, please remember that the last time I was in hospital and had those same symptoms was when I had to have my D&C. Not a pleasant memory. I had to keep reminding myself of the reasons for doing this, which is trying to keep the babies IN. For those that have had a stitch before, please could you reassure me that this is the right thing to do and I didnt just do the stupidest thing on earth. Because honestly the pain and cramping was severe and I have quite a high pain threshold.

Its better now and the bleeding has almost stopped but its a freak out to see blood and not worry.

Just a bit stressed and weepy…


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  1. Fran on

    Big hugs my friend, i never got it done and I don’t know anything about the procedure, but I’m thinking of you and hoping you’ll get back to normal soon. Fran

  2. jill on

    I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. At least it’s over now though and it will be helpful to your pregnancy. Of course I can’t give advice but wanted to direct you to http://thedewaards.blogspot.com/ if you’ve never read her blog before, she has had a stich for the majority of her pregnancy and she is so nice. I’m sure she would give you some info/encouragement.

  3. Eve on

    So sorry that you had a yucky experience! Mine wasnt too pleasant either, but I do believe it’s the reason I carried my boys to 38 and a half weeks.
    Dont worry, you will soon forget that you have the stitch. Things get back to normal quite quickly.


  4. MariaE on

    Hi Dee,

    Sorry for such a bad experience. With my last stitch they gave me a pethadine injection in hospital after i was complaining of cramping. Not only did it stop the cramping within 1 minute, but never cramped again. Dont know if you can ask for that. Lastly for the bleeding they gave me cyclogest pessaries for a week only to stop the bleeding.
    But if DrRVR believes in the stitch in your case, then I would trust him. You are in good hands, but just ask him for a once off pethadine injection adn see what he says.
    Other than that, try stay off your feet till bleedign stops.
    Hugs, thinking of you

  5. mozzie01 on

    Ah shame Dee…thinking of you. Can’t shed any light on the topic as I didn’t have a stitch with the twins. Keep smiling! (((Hugs)))

  6. Marcia (123 blog) on

    Gosh, you poor thing. SOunds terrible. I was going to tell you about Eve 🙂 but I see she’s already been. Also, Marlisa at the group also had a stitch – also carried her little girl right the way through.

    are you with Dr van Rensburg?

  7. Marion on

    O my goodness! I can imagine that it must have been horrifying! Cramping and blood is not what you want to see when you are pregnant! I hope you feel better soon and I hope your little babies are still doing well in there!

  8. MommyInWaiting on

    It sounds dreadful and with memories like that no wonder you are stressed. I have no advice on whether this is normal but sending you big (((hugs)))

  9. wheresmybun on

    (((Hugs))) Dee, I don’t have any experience with these things, but to me it seemed the logical thing to do. Hope the bleeding and cramping disappears very soon. Hang in there, you’re doing really really well.

  10. Sharon on

    That sounds awful!!!!!!!!

  11. jonivdw on

    Shame Honey!! Sending lots of hugs and healing thoughts!! Hope you feel tip top very soon!! Hugs!!

  12. mash on

    I’m so sorry xxx hope it gets better soon!

  13. coachmarcia on
  14. samcy on

    I can only imagine how freaked out the bleeding must have made you. No experience to share but just want to reinforce that you did the right thing for your children.

    Hope it all comes right soon.

    Still praying for and your 3 precious babes.


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