A Very Big Day

Today was a big day, we graduated to our new gynae, saw our 3 munchkins and “came out” to friends, family and colleagues. Wow, Im exhausted.

Firstly our 3 precious babies are doing very well, I still get nervous before scanning, like very nervous in I cant even concentrate on anything, cant speak, eat etc. I had stress written all over my face when we met our new doctor but he was very nice and has a sense of humour that I quite like. We had a 45 minute appointment booked but the first half an hour at least was taken up with us explaining our history (pretty lengthy), medication Im on, prenatals, questions I had, explanation of the stitch Im getting etc. He explained that he has delivered 113 sets of triplets and how he will try and get us to at least 34 weeks. He is not an advocate of bed rest and he also doesnt want me to gain excessive amounts of weight (great now I have differing opinions), he gave me a script for meds and explained why he has given me each one. He then organised us a tour to the hospital NICU AND THEN ONLY did we scan. By this stage the adrenaline was pumping so hard, I could hear it in my ears.

But all was well, he did a quick heartbeat check and then measured sizes, blood flow through the cords, organ check, checked fingers and toes. He was running a bit late so didnt scan for as long as what I would have liked and when we left I realized that we didnt get any pictures. Its all so hectic at the time that some things just slip your mind! He wouldnt have a guess at the genders, I even begged but he said he waits until 16 weeks. Bummer.

We booked scans every 2 weeks now, which is about all I can handle. I also had to get all the hospital info for the stitch which Im getting on Monday. He is so fully booked that the only time available is 6am, which means I have to book into hospital by 4:30am!! I am NOT googling info on the stitch as I dont want to freak myself out. I will be on antibiotics for the whole pregnancy to prevent infections, especially from placing the stitch.

We then went to the NICU for the tour and saw triplets that were born on Monday. They all weighed around 2kgs but they were tiny. It kinda scared me but the best news is that the NICU looks really impressive. The head nurse explained everything to us and at least tried her best to put our minds at ease. What she did say is that they like to prepare the parents for this time in the NICU, which is why they do the tour.

Then finally we got back to work. I wore quite a tight fitting top today and you can clearly see Im pregnant, my hubby called it my “coming out outfit”. Turns out that most people I work with already knew but didnt want to ask me. They figured it out from my growing size. One guy said he thought as much coz Im looking fat. Nice. Such tact.

Im against the whole FB post and didnt want to spend hours on the phone speaking to thousands of people so we ended up doing a bulk sms. It went something like this “after a long journey to get to this point, dh and I are excited to announce that our family is soon going to increase! our triplets are due in dec”. Thing is that people phoned when they got the message (all at once too) so I ended up talking to everyone anyway. One friend thought I was joking (think I have a better sense of humour than that) but mostly everyone seemed really happy and excited for us. I have no idea why telling people made me so anxious, it should have been enjoyable but it just wasnt. Way too much attention and advice for my liking…

Im just so happy that all is ok with the babies, its such a relief. I guess at 12w3d I might actually start believing this is going to happen…


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  1. jill on

    Well, at least it’s all out there now πŸ™‚ So happy to hear all is well with your little team!

  2. Marcia (123 blog) on

    I am so excited that all is well with the babies! YOur doc sounds excellent – is he in your side of the world?

    My MIL also thought D was joking when he said it’s twins! She didn’t believe us til I emailed her the scan pics with the two sace πŸ™‚

  3. RJ on

    Congrats on passing 12 weeks! So glad to hear they are all doing well. How comforting your OB has delivered so many triplets, holy cow!

  4. Fran on

    We are so so close! I too came out to some colleagues today (and yesterday at 12w3d!!) so happy all is well with you and the babies!

  5. Melissa G. on

    Horray for coming out!

    More belly pics!

  6. Sabine on

    I know what you mean – telling is quite anxiety inducing, but that feeling will soon wear off and then you can start enjoying it!
    Great news that babas are doing so well!!

  7. MommyInWaiting on

    I am thrilled that everything is great with your babies and it sounds as though your gynie knows what he’s doing and the hospital is ready to handle your babies arrival. I can just imagine the response you had to the sms – I bet your ear ached by the time everyone had finished congratulating you.

  8. Sharon on

    So glad to hear all is going well with your babba’s!

  9. ChrisN on

    Sjoe – talk about a hectic day! So pleased all is well with your babies and that the first trimester is pretty much behind you. I hope the rest i plain sailing! All the best Dee:)

  10. jonivdw on

    Yay!!! Oh Dee, I am soo soo happy for you guys!! This is just awesome and can’t wait for Dec!! Congratulations again Honey!!

  11. Cathy Nel on

    What a great post, thanks for sharing. Wow how exciting and the hospital and doc sounds like you’re in good hands, phew what a relief. I’m thrilled the babies are doing great and am so looking forward to following your story.
    Congrats on ‘coming out’ and at least that stress is behind you now. Now it’s time to nest for those 3 little angels, how very exciting!
    Please KUP

  12. samcy on

    So so pleased that all is still going 100’s with the babies and that you are in such good hands with your new gynie πŸ™‚

    All the best for the placement of the stitch on Monday honey, will be thinking of you.


  13. Sian on

    Lovely. I am so glad that everything is going well. Sounds like your doc is really nice too.

  14. bratty on

    Big congrats….your gynie is the best…trust me..smile.

  15. MariaE on

    HI Dee,

    Well done on making it to 12w3d, and Welcome to the second trimester. I am so glad you found our Dr good. Will only be meeting him on 04/08.
    So happy you came out, so that is out of the way and now you can enjoy your pregnancy without being careful of where the conversation leads. I can fully imagine the exaustion yesterday after the scan, nicu tour, and not to mention all the phone calls.
    Take care of those little beans and yourself.


  16. MariaE on

    Hi again.
    Forgot to say, Good luck for Monday with the stitch. Even though you dont want to know the grewsome details of how it is placed, all I can say you will not feel anything so there is nothing to worry about. Just take it easy after its in, until the bleeding has completely stopped. Other than that Good luck, I will be thinking of the 4 of you.

  17. LastChanceIVF on

    Hooray for coming out!!

  18. liberalgranolagirl on

    SO glad that everything is going well with you and the triplets πŸ™‚

  19. Waiting In Sunshine on

    This is SO exciting! Also such a relief to come out, I can imagine! You go!

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