Money Matters

Hubby and I sat down and did a few calculations the other night. It was scary. We both earn a decent salary but we are going to have to cut back on alot of things in the next few months/years. Ive always been a bit of a spender but now before I spend I have to wonder if its necessary. I obviously want the best for our babies but wow the price of just basic baby furniture/car seats/prams is quite ridiculous. Luckily we found out that my husbands car can fit 3 car seats at the back so that was a relief that we didnt have to start looking for a bigger car. We also dont want to trade in my car for a smaller car as there really is no point – we going to need the space. (A bit of a relief as its my dream car but obviously I would have traded it in a heart beat for my babies)

The plan is for me to work half day, to be honest I would prefer to be a SAHM but Im not sure we are going to be able to make it out on just my husband’s salary. I mean I didnt spend over R200 000 over 5 years to have children to be looked after by someone else. I just cant get my head around how this is going to work, I have some ideas floating around in my head but they need a bit more thought. I would love to leave my job, the money is the only thing keeping me there and I guess that isnt very good. At least I get 6 months maternity leave at full pay which is going to help.

So we started looking at our bank accounts more closely, Im not one to scrutinize my account and Ive seen that I can definitely save more than I am at the moment eg R600 on wine delivered every 3 months, clothing accounts (but dont ask me to cut up my Wool.worths card…).

I am actually at home – feeling sick, Im not suprised as almost everyone around me has been sick the last few days. Anyone have any ideas for getting rid of a cold without meds? Im on paracetamol and vitamin C at the moment. At least the nausea has left me for a short while, I dont think I could have managed both at the same time. A few days ago I was battling to eat anything at all. Its really bad when you cannot think of a single piece of food that doesnt make you feel sick. The best I could come up with was pancakes with jam, a nice dinner but probably not very healthy.

I posted some scan pics in the tab above.


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  1. skrambled on

    Can you take Moducare? I took three a day for a while and it sorted me out.

  2. Melissa G. on

    I can imagine how scary it seems to prepare financially for THREE babies at once. I wish I had advice for you, but I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out.

    Hope you feel better soon. Love the new scans!!!

    More Belly pics?

  3. Cathy Nel on

    Sheesh money sure does matter!!!! Don’t worry you’ll manage 🙂 Keep the pics and updates coming and show us how your tummy is growing 🙂

  4. Leigh from 123 blog on

    We are so very similar – must be the ESTJ 🙂

    I said the same thing – I didn’t spend R100 000 to not spend time with my kids BUT… just take it easy. As you know I am not a fan of the newborn stage and really, work saved my sanity.

    You will be fine with money – it really does all work out. If you could make the means to have a gazillion IVFs you can pay for triplets 🙂

    I will say this – the one expense (investment actually) you really need is a good nanny. If you have a domestic at present, great. Increase her to full days and get a nanny and between the two they should be able to cope with the 3 babies.

    Do you have the space to have a nanny live in?

  5. Gail on

    Hi Friend

    Kids are very expensive (especially 3 at once :)). 1/2 day is perfect. I’m sure after your 6 months maternity leave you will find that you actually enjoy the stimulation and adult contact at work. And then you will be able to spend time with the kids in the afternoon. Later on they will be at school in the mornings anyway.

    I have also just been sick and went into a health shop for meds. They gave me something called Stodal which worked pretty well. It is fine for pregnant women and even infants. They do cough syrup and tablets for pain, fever etc. I know there is a health shop at Vaal Mall…

    As for the eating, just get down what you can for now. You can start thinking about healthy eating when you are feeling better.


  6. Mash on

    Wow, amazing pics!!! I totally agree with you, I also dream of being a SAHM. And financially I’m also unsure of how that’s going to pan out, even with just one (hopefully) child. It certainly isn’t easy! I’m already scheming for lots and lots of second hand baby things, I reckon my future (hopefully) child won’t care what they look like until they are older, or if they have the best cot on the block. But I guess things like prams for triplets aren’t all that easy to find second hand! You’ll find a way through it all, don’t stress. Look how you’ve found your way through infertility 🙂 You can handle that, you can handle anything. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  7. Ab on

    Kids are expensive, especially when it’s 3 at once. But you will ‘find’ the money somehow. I guess it’s the same as treatment…you just find a way! You are lucky that you and Hubby are both earning good salaries. It definately helps!Pancakes for dinner – awesome! xx

  8. MommyInWaiting on

    Best of luck figuring it all out. I can’t even get my head around how we will make it through maternity leave (when I get knocked up) – I’m a contractor so no maternity pay and no guaranteed job afterwards either.

    Having babies makes us take a long hard look and really think about what is a priority. I hope you find a way to make this all work with maximum time at home with those precious growing beans.

  9. Sharon on

    I felt exactly the same way after Ava was born, but when my 5 months maternity leave ended I was glad to go back to work, obviously on reduced working hours. I now love how our life has worked out because I still get to spend loads of quality time with her but get the benefit of adult conversation and stimulation daily as well. My suggestion would be to not make any decisions on that front until the babies are actually here.

    They are very expensive! I worked out that our monthly expenses for Ava are in the region of R5 500 (nanny, Kinder Music and all the other odds and ends) but you could do it for less, I’m just not prepared to because only the best is good enough for my sausage, not everyone feels that way. And obviously when you have a singleton its different to multiples.

    Don’t sweat the details too much, they have a way of working themselves out.

  10. celia on

    Hey, One of the things that made me CRAZY was not knowing how much our baby would cost each month. We spend around 200 dollars a month on Peter. That includes co-pays, clothes, toys, books, and gear- like a swing. It cost around 2 grand to set up his nursery, with the crib, stroller, car seat, clothes, etc. But we got most of that at the baby shower. He really does cost much less than we thought he would. I think the big deal for you is to watch for sales NOW. I am a stay at home mom and my husband makes just under 50 grand. Try and hold off on buying any infant clothes, people LOVE to give you infant clothes. Concentrate on buying stuff for when they are over six months. Also, if you are ok with hand me downs, you should be able to get quite a lot.

  11. wheresthestork on

    I was drinking lemon and honey with hot water, if you are in pain, you can take panado, their is also the panado medsips that can be taken. And chicken soup! You can also rinse your mouth/gargle with salt water if you feel sore throat coming. But if you dont feel your self getting better, you shoud see your gp, sometimes trying to doctor ourselves doesn’t always work and then you are forced to take antibiotics like I had to. But also loads of bedrest!!!

    Hope you feel better real soon!


  12. strongblonde on

    wow. so jealous of your maternity leave! i had 4 months and that was like gold in this country!!! lol.

    lots of fluids and lots of rest 🙂


  13. samcy on

    Amazed at the awesome pics 🙂 That’s a nice belly you’re growing there!

    I don’t have any advise on the money front cos obviously I have no clue about it but I do think you will enjoy the stimulation of working 1/2 day when the time comes.

    Enjoy it to the max Dee – you’ve worked hard for this pregnancy!


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