Alive and KICKING

All three of our gorgeous babies are alive and KICKING. Oh my word the scan this morning was totally amazing. Straight away I could see how much they had grown in 3 weeks, I could see arms and legs and heads!! Truly gave me goosebumps. After the measurements of baby 1 and 2 had been taken (measuring 9w6d and 9w5d) they started MOVING, kicking and jumping around. It was so special to see that, I had tears streaming down my face. Baby 3 seems to be tucked far in my uterus and therefore a bit more difficult to get a nice look at but he/she was also right on target at 9w6d.

I have never been so relieved and happy. Thank you God, thank you so much.


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  1. ldr1604 on

    Hi Dee

    I agree they are stinking cute at 10ish weeks. Such a radical change from earlier in your pregnancy. Glad all the babes are doing really well. All the best for your next scan, hard to believe now but it will be even better. Enjoy staring at your scan pics πŸ™‚ Lesley

  2. bratty37 on

    Wow…what an amazing experience. Congratulations….how is the belly growing?

  3. Ab on

    Must have been amazing Dee! Enjoy every second. xx

  4. anya sizer on

    I have got goosebumps just reading your message ..WOW ! I am thrilled for you and so pleased that they are all doing so well .
    What an amazing journey they , and you have been on to get to this stage .

    Well done !!

    Love Anya Sizer
    Fertility support co-ordinator for the London Womens clinic

  5. Tam on

    How amazing my friend, must have been so amazing to see.

    So happy for you and J.

    Much love Xxx

  6. Cathy Nel on

    Awe man!!!! I’m so looking forward to following your story and your 3 beautiful babies! what an amazing blessing πŸ™‚

  7. Cedge on

    How awesome. Praise God indeed!!

  8. sienna on

    this is sooo exciting!! i hope the little ones are treating mommy well and that you’re not feeling too sick :o)

  9. MariaE on

    Hi Dee,
    Thank God all is well with triplets. 3 more weeks and you are in second trimester πŸ™‚ It is really incredible following your progress.
    Enjoy every second.

  10. Hope on

    Congrats Dee, keep updating us, it gives me hope too.

  11. Fran on

    Fantastic news my friend!! So happy all is well!!

  12. MommyInWaiting on

    Oh Dee I am thrilled to hear they are all well and so is their mom. Enjoy this it is such a miracle you are carrying around.

  13. Melissa G. on

    YAAAAAAY!!!! I’ve been cyber stalking your blog, in hopes for an update. I’m so, SO happy for you Dee.

    How are you feeling? (aside from relieved!)


  14. Jen on

    Wow, just catching up…three!!!! Congrats! It’s so amazing seeing them on the screen! πŸ™‚

  15. Cindyhoo2 on

    Isn’t it amazing to see them move and kick?! I also teared up when I saw our twins at that age. Congrats on having 3 healthy developmentally on- target babies. Such a great way to start a day!

  16. zamom on

    So thrilled to hear that all three are doing so well. If you thought today’s scan was good just wait till the 12/13 week one and all the amazing detail they can see. So unbelievably special. My DH treated 1 of a triplet the other day (minor 2 year old finger caught in a door accident) and all 3 were born happy and healthy.

  17. celia on

    That is AWESOME!!!!

  18. wheresthestork on

    Great news, so glad all 4 of you are doing well!!

    Look after youself and your precious cargo.


  19. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    You are doing fabulous. Is the eating any better? And have you told everyone at work?

  20. darylfaure on

    Brilliant – must be incredible to see 3 little babas doing a dance in your womb! It just get’s better now with each scan so enjoy every special moment.

  21. Marion on

    I’m glad all is well with all three your little ones! You are
    getting closer to the 12 week mark, so I hope all will stay well from now on…

  22. Sabine on

    Congrats! Absolutely amazing news!

  23. liberalgranolagirl on

    That is amazing!!!!

  24. Mash on

    Congratulations!!! That’s fantastic news πŸ™‚

  25. Sharon on

    This is such wonderful news! Congratulations Dee!

  26. samcy on

    Fantastic news Dee! I am SO happy to hear it and give all glory to God – Praise him for this amazing miracle x 3!


  27. Kaitake on

    That’s wonderful news! It must be an amazing feeling. Great to hear all 3 are growing well, and that you are healthy too πŸ™‚ Best wishes!

  28. jonivdw on

    Yay!! That is such awesome awesome news!!! We are soo soo happy for you guys!!!!

  29. skrambled on

    That is so so wonderful! I am SUPER happy to hear that.

  30. RJ on

    That is so great!! I’m so excited for you. Hope you’re feeling not-so-bad as well.

  31. Cam on

    That is so so so so special Dee!!! So happy for you guys xx

  32. ninadan21 on

    Wonderful news Dee!!
    I agree, the 12/13 week scan is super special!
    Enjoy it

  33. Eve on

    Fantastic Dee!! So happy for you!
    Yup, I agree, the next scan is just the best!!!

  34. ttcnot2easy on

    πŸ™‚ Soooo happy that all is going so well!!

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