9 weeks

I haven’t posted in a while not for any reason other than Im finding it almost impossible to do anything lately. I feel like a large lump of laziness. This weekend was spent in front of the TV with a mountain of food, drinks and blankets next to me. I only basically moved to go to the toilet and to get more food. My back even aches from just sitting around. The nausea is basically with me 24/7 now, at times it can actually become overwhelming. I have to concentrate really hard not to loose my lunch. I dry-heave at almost everything, I even wake myself up doing it. Im reluctant to take anything because its not like Im being sick and not able to eat or drink and the nausea at least reassures me. I eat to get rid of the nausea and then once the nausea subsides I eat because Im hungry. I basically eat all day long. I went weekly shopping last week and the bill came to R800 when its normally around R450 and that’s due to all the extras that Im munching.

I put on a pair of black pants this morning to wear to work and the button was about 3 centimetres from the button hole – no ways could I even attempt to close them. But what surprised me even more is the fact that I haven’t actually put on any weight. I weighed myself this morning and Im still the same as last week. Ive ordered a book off the internet which details how much weight I need to put on in the coming weeks. I just don’t know how much MORE I can actually eat.

I think my tummy is growing, I say think because at night its massive and you can see a definite bump but by morning it’s much smaller. I wanted to take a pic to show you guys but both my camera batteries were flat last night.

My blood thinner injections are becoming more and more difficult. They say on the instructions to hold a lump of fat and inject but my tummy has become so hard that its almost impossible to grab the skin. The bruising has started to get so bad, Im black and blue. Im trying to figure out if there is anywhere else I can inject. Any ideas? Its something I need to speak to my doctor about next week.

Its winter solstice today which means that we are half way through winter and hopefully it will start to warm up soon. It was minus 8 degrees here last week, our geyser pipes actually froze and the valve started leaking (at 1am in the morning), that was fun.

Otherwise my scan is in a week, cant wait to see the little ones again. Last time was such a blur…


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  1. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Isn’t that the coolest thought? The difference between the morning and evening belly?!

    Enjoy the munchies – the minute you have the babies you go back to normal – I remember going hours without food and thinking WOW!

    Really? Are we half way through winter?

  2. MommyInWaiting on

    WOW time is just flying by – 9 weeks already! So glad all is progressing well and I agree the nausea must be such a comfort, symptoms are good and at least you aren’t loosing your lunch.

    Can’t wait for summer to rush back to us.

  3. Lesley on

    Congrats on 9 weeks! Your babies will have grown so much since you last saw them, it will be amazing.

    Sorry to read about the nausea, it is seriously debilitating at times. The good news is that it does seem that the babies do have a calender in there with them and that when 13 weeks rolls around it is amazing at how much better you feel. Sorry not much comfort when your a few weeks from that mark but just get through each day believing that it will get better though not sure if this will be different with trips.

    Happy Winter Soltice! It is a particulary yucky day in CT and I plan on skiving off very early.


    My tummy (and boobs) are way bigger and I definitely cannot fit into my old jeans but I am 0.5 kgs below pre-IVF weight?! Not sure how this works…

  4. darylfaure on

    You do whatever you need to to get through the nausea, and if that means eating all day, then eat all day. You have 3 babies growing in there and that is one serious amount of energy required, so don’t worry.

  5. Fran on

    Oh my friend, I also have a scan this week, terrified and excited at the same time. Can’t wait to read your updates!

  6. Cedge on

    hehe. What a wonderful update. Everything that is happening is a definite that everything is going great. What a comforting thought.

  7. Sharon on

    Just enjoy it Dee. I wouldn’t worry about the exact amount of weight to gain, I think as long as you’re eating and you’re getting your nourishment, you will be totally fine.
    And yay for reaching the half way mark of winter, I’m so sick of the cold already!

  8. skrambled on

    I am glad you are doing well (besides the naseau).
    Half way through winter…..YAYAYAYAYA! I am so sick of this cold. I can’t wait for another scan update.

  9. Ab on

    Keep yourself and the baba’s warm hun! xx

  10. samcy on

    *munch munch munch* Sorry what was that you said about eating non stop? I’m in the same boat and I don’t have triplets to feed ;-P

    Just keep doing what you need to do to get thru each day honey. Can’t wait to hear your update next week.


  11. Cathy Nel on

    9 weeks! Yay! Congrats and please upload the pics, dying to see 🙂
    Enjoy eating what you want and letting it ‘all hang out’!
    Looking forward to your updates and the scan

  12. Cstelle on

    Cant wait for your scan next week. Must be so excited!! With trips you wil be nausea 24/7, good luck. Find out somtimes you can inject the bloodthinners into your upper thigh!!

    Enjoy every sec!


  13. bratty37 on

    Oh dear….that nausea is just too terrible…I felt sorry for myself 24 hours a day. I could not even concentrate at work…I tried everything..!!!! Enjoy the belly growing…

    You are almost out of that first trimester…

  14. Cindyhoo2 on

    Here’s some sad truth: moms of multiples have more nausea and for longer periods. Joey is still puking at almost 18 weeks. If the nausea is managable, great! If it gets bad, take some medicine. 🙂 also Joey often finds that a short slow walk makes her feel better than just sitting all the time- which is not to say she doesn’t rest alot (because she does). Enjoy all the cuddley couch time you can. It’s great for you and the babes. Also it’s a good idea to make the switch to maternity clothes now– moms of multiples almost always wear them before the second trimester due to fast belly popping. Such fun to wear the comfy stretch clothed rather than uncomfy regular pants!! Yay, still so excited for you.

  15. jahni on

    Through all the discomfort, I still want you to know I’m BESIDE myself with happiness for you!!!!

  16. Kaitake on

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope it passes soon for you, or at least stays manageable. As for where to inject, you could ask your doc about injecting…wait for it… in your behind, in your thighs, and maybe in your upper arms? I’m diabetic, so I have experience with injecting all over the place 😛 I realise that I’m not injecting the same stuff as you though, so please check with your doc if it’s ok. Best wishes 🙂

  17. ttcnot2easy on

    9 weeks already?!? Flippity… the times seems to have flown!

    Sorry that you’re feeling a little under the weather 😦 I hope you’ll start feeling better as the first trimester nears its end!


  18. Mash on

    Amazing how quickly it’s gone! I heard that Seabands (which are for seasickness and available at Dischem) are amazing for morning sickness, although I lent mine to a friend once who was preggers with twins and it didn’t work. I think the morning sickness is stronger with multiples. Good luck with the scan, hope to see piccies soon! PS – remember that DVD I posted you, I also posted it to another friend (who hasn’t watched it yet) and she also fell pregnant. Am considering posting the DVD to myself 😉

    • dee on

      @Mash – LOL 🙂

  19. strongblonde on

    is it dr. luke’s book? if so…it’s great. gives you a great idea of how much weight you should gain and how to do it. i found it really hard to gain weight during the first trimester, but that book totally helped 🙂

    you’ve got a little bump going on! 🙂


    • dee on

      Yes it is! Apparently I need to gain 36lbs by 27 weeks, thats a HUGE amount of weight!

  20. celia on

    Protein shakes will fill you up, and since I cannot imagine you having a natural birth all the protein and iron will help you with the c-section. I liked the chocolate ones.

  21. celia on

    I have also noticed that women who eat a more carby diet tend to have worse morning sickness.

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