Its not about just me anymore

So I made an appointment with a high risk gynae. My current RE is also classified as a high risk gynae and he gave us the option of staying with them but I just don’t know, I think I would rather move. My instinct is telling me to move so I think Ill listen. The new gynae delivers at a hospital with an excellent NICU which is really important. The earliest appointment I could get is a month from now anyway so Im glad I called now, the first scan is also R1500 (gosh!). We live an hour away from the gynae/hospital so Im also thinking of just getting an appointment with a local gynae just so he is also aware of us and I can be classified as a patient incase we have an emergency. I can no longer just sit back and hope for the best or be scared of this process, its not about me anymore, its about getting 3 healthy babies into this world with the least stress possible.

We have decided to start telling people after our next scan. I need my managers to know so I can take sick leave when necessary and besides my tummy is going to give it away soon. Luckily its winter so I am wearing coats so I dont think anyone has noticed yet.

In other very exciting news I puked this morning and it was wonderful! Because its winter here we always put the gas heater on in the mornings. The gas is running low and you know that hectic sulphur smell? Well I started dry heaving and then ran to the bathroom where I was trying to convince myself not to puke. DH was standing behind me saying “puke, puke” so I did. Then he laughed at me and I did a happy dance. Never been so happy to puke in my life.

We also decided over the weekend that we are not going to go to the World Cup Soccer games that we have tickets for. I just don’t think I would enjoy myself, too many people and I would constantly be thinking of whether I was jeopardising anything and I just cant deal with that. Im also concerned about swine flu, I was even thinking of wearing a mask, I didn’t care how silly I looked. Its just not worth it and luckily we have some friends who are willing to buy the tickets from us.


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  1. Fran on

    Well done on the puking!! This morning I was so so close to puke also! My nausea is getting stronger since yesterday, I’m taking it as a good sign!

  2. Sharon on

    I think moving to a new gynae is a good idea. An RE who also practices high risk pregnancies sounds like a gynea who dabbles in fertility and that’s not what you want for your precious cargo.

    Good plan on the World Cup tickets as well! Let me know if you struggle to get rid of any of your tickets, I’d be happy to take some off your hands! 🙂

  3. Cathy Nel on

    I had a little giggle about the puke scenario! Too cute he hee. Well done for listening to your instincts and I’m so looking forward to reading about your updates and the triplets 🙂
    Congrats again and keep the updates coming!

  4. Jennie on

    Enjoy every minute of it – even the puking. I can’t wait for that ! A sure sign that it has worked. I would also avoid the soccer to many germs around – you need to keep your presious cargo safe & healthy.

  5. skrambled on

    I love the puking story. I laughed at the explanation. So funny. Sjoe, I’m really sending all my positive thoughts and stuff to the five of you. Lotsa love.

  6. Rach on

    Enjoy every minute of the puking….oh and congrats x 3!


  7. theresak80 on

    I’ll buy your Soccer tickets…let me know if you do sell them 🙂

  8. ldr1604 on

    I think you made a good call on both the gynea and the World Cup. The nausea is good in that it does make you feel alot more secure.

  9. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Do you know what I’m doing? SMILING as I read this post – Gosh! I am so, so happy for you.

    BTW< the first appt is usually very expensive, and then 12 and 20 weeks

  10. Mash on


  11. Waiting In Sunshine on

    I think this all sounds so wonderful! I also wouldn’t have gone to the World Cup. Sounds good!

  12. celia on

    It is worth it,I missed my good friends bridal shower while I was on bedrest. But our baby was a guest at the wedding! Even before I was put on bedrest, I modified my behavior. No vacuuming, no heavy cleaning, no strong chemicals, lots of resting and laying on my left side.

  13. Gail on

    Hi friend

    My sickness always started just after the 1st scan 🙂 Congrats!

    The prices are the same as my gynae (Maybe you are with my gynae?). Very expensive, but worth it in the end!


  14. Kaitake on

    That’s husband-humour for you! 😛
    Congratulations – hope your new doc is a goody 🙂

  15. samcy on

    Yay for puking 😉

    And yay for your high risk OBGyn to make sure you have 3 healthy babies!!


  16. wheresthestork on

    I am so happy for you that you are pregnant with 3, you really deserve it!

    I found out this week that I am also pregnant with triplets, I would love to chat with you (if its ok) as not many ladies are carrying triplets! Im am 7w2d.

    Ps – I am glad you are not watching the soccer, I think flu would be the biggest risk which I am trying to get over and its not fun!

    Look after yourself and your trio!!

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