I just want to thank Melissa G for sending me the most beautiful Eventually necklace and card. She actually bought me TWO, the first one never arrived here in South Africa. Thank you so very much for doing this for me, I appreciate it more than you know. This is what amazes me about the cyber world of IF – a woman Ive never ever met, who lives half way round the world takes the time and spends money to get a gift to little ol’ me. The support that the IF blog world gives one another is truly fantastic, it actually makes me want to cry.

In other news, it took me a good few days to get my mind around having triplets. At times it just blows my mind that we will go from a family of 2 to a family of 5!! Hubby did a bit of research into things like prams and such and all I can say is its gonna be hilarious!! I cant wait for the adventure.

At times its overwhelming, Im sure we havent even thought of some of the implications of triplets. I found a blog this morning of a lady who had triplets and I must say it was interesting.

Otherwise Im doing well. Nausea still comes and goes and Im hungry most of the time. One of my major symptoms is still tiredness and my heart beat which seems elevated all the time, even when Im just sitting. My newest craving is warm milk. The other night we ran out of milk and I was not impressed. My tummy seems to be growing somewhat, I was never slim and always had a bit of a bulge but now its become a larger bulge and my tummy is also very hard to the touch. Ive added a pic so you can tell me what you think.

For those that have had multiples – did you take extra folic acid? My doc said its not necessary and most website just say stick to whats in your prenatal but Im still just wondering. Im on 800mg at the moment.

One thing that shocked me this week is that I got an email from my previous doctor, he had heard via the grapevine that I am pregnant. I guess thats the perk of being a veteran of IF – news travels fast. He seemed genuinely happy for us but it was a bit strange. He wanted to know more about Nicky the astrologist and wants to meet up with her. Nicky later emailed me to say that she is so excited that a doctor is taking note of this and could she please use our case history as an example!! I dont believe the astrology was the ONLY reason we got a BFP but I guess it did help. I cant help smiling at all this. 🙂


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  1. MommyInWaiting on

    This IF community is truely amazing and it’s not just the love and support that blows me away it’s how much we can learn from each other and the advice given with such love the we give each other. Glad you are smiling – keep that grin growing.

  2. skrambled on

    The IF community is amazing. It adds invaluable support.

  3. april on

    I took 2mg of folic acid total. When the doc found out there were for sure two in there she said I needed 1mg for each babe. I actually continued it throughout the entire pregnancy.

    I always chuckle when I see triple strollers! They’re super cute and I just try to imagine what it must be like!!
    Still so happy for you! 🙂

  4. celia on

    I have read that multiples need more folic acid.

  5. cindyhoo2 on

    That belly is definetely an early triplet belly! Go out and buy some mat pants now. Joey transitioned to maternity wear during the first trimester and was oh, so glad she did. Multiples make everything pop sooner. It sounds as though you are handling things like a champ.

    I am attaching the link to another blog couple pregnant with trips. I think you will find her belly interesting. 🙂

  6. Mash on

    So exciting!

  7. Melissa G on

    YAY! I’m so glad it got to you! And thank you so much for the shout out. You are the perfect recipient, and a wonderful example of the concept of ” Eventually”…

    All my love.

  8. jill on

    Very sweet gesture -love the necklace 🙂

    I haven’t responded yet… holy crap!! Triplets! I’m sure it’s nerve-wracking but wow, I’m so happy for you!

  9. cindyhoo2 on


    I found another triplett blog. These babies are just born.

  10. ldr1604 on

    Hi Dee

    I couldn’t close the button on my jeans especially after having eaten at already at 10 weeks and there is only one so with you three little ones at 7 weeks a little belly sounds about right. Maternity jeans are so cosy and although it felt all wrong for me to be wearing them intially the comfort soon out-weighed my feelings that it was way too soon. I bought 2 pairs of pants from Woolies, they are very warm and snug with the stretchy soft fabric at the top. Also a tight fitting pants top made my nausea worse.

  11. samcy on

    What a beautiful gesture. Glad you “eventually” got your Eventually necklace 😉

    I think that your old doc would be genuinely happy for you Dee. That’s just the kind of person he is.

    enjoy the ride and adventure!


  12. Waiting In Sunshine on

    Beautiful necklace! Question- do you guys have the same/similair rules for doctors in South Africa as we do in the U.S.? I ask because one RE could never have told another RE anything about you without explicit approval from you, the patient. That would have violated the doctor/patient trust here in the states. I would have been shocked to get that phone call, as well!


  13. Dee on

    Hi Sunshine,
    Its not the doctors who talk, its the patients…but its cool, no worries!

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