Symptom Watch

Thank you to those who have been checking up on me – emails and sms’s. I doing pretty well actually.

Emotionally I am ok-ish. After all the time, money and energy put into getting pregnant I thought that at this stage I would be a bit more excited. I guess being an IF VET means Im not going to be the one running around my office like a lunatic and speaking non-stop pregnancy talk. At times when I think that Im actually pregnant, I get butterflies in my tummy. I just wish I could kinda let go a bit, tell a few people and start connecting with this pregnancy but its hard. Im hoping after our scan next week I will start to believe that this is actually true.

A few times now Ive caught myself thinking of our next plan of action, its funny that these thoughts are so ingrained in my head that I forget that I dont actually need a POA. It became second nature to me to always have a “back-up” plan.

Physically Im doing ok. I say ok because at times the nausea is brutal BUT Ive waited 4.5 years for this so I try to enjoy every small ounce. Every time I get a wave of nausea at my desk or cant look at the computer screen any longer I smile. Ive never been so happy in my life to be feeling SO BAD!

Im starting to find a pattern to my symptoms. Mornings, up until around 10am I feel nausea (luckily no vomiting YET). It starts with eating breakfast – a huge feat to get down. I can stomach toast with ham and mustard at the moment. The thought of muesli or anything sweet is enough to make me want to vomit. By 9am Im starving. Then its toast with cheese and marmite. By 10am I start to feel normal again, I can eat basically anything for lunch but straight after that the exhaustion starts. By 5pm Im ready for bed. Hubby has been such a star because Im a basket case by dinner. He has made dinner two nights in a row because I literally cant even stand because I feel so tired.

There must surely be something growing in there if I feel this way?

Another symptom that is rather amusing is the amount of saliva I have in my mouth at the moment. If I talk too much I need to keep wiping it from the corners of my mouth! How gross!!

I just wanted to say congrats to Sunshine on getting her BFP on her 12th IVF cycle! I wish you and your surro a happy, healthy pregnancy!


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  1. Ab on

    Enjoy the long awaited nausea and all the miraculous symptoms my friend!! xxx

  2. Mash on

    My BFP list is growing, I love it!!!

    Sorry to hear you are feeling nauseous, but also happy that those preggy symptoms have well and truly set in πŸ™‚

  3. Melissa G. on

    Horray for symptoms!!! Dee, I’m so glad you’re feeling like crap, lol.


  4. Fran on

    I have the saliva thing too!!! So so gross!! Also I have this constant bad taste in my mouth. It’s not metal like they say though, just….bleah.
    And I had to go for a nap the last two days around 4pm..I’m really hoping it’s a good sign. Not much nausea, only some waves between when I get up and middle afternoon, I’m ok in the evenings. I’m so dreading our viability scan…but I just can’t bear to think of a contingency plan just yet…let’s be strong together!

    • dee on

      I also have a strange taste, actually its almost like when you have really hot chilli and your taste buds go a bit numb?

  5. skrambled on

    I can imagine it takes a while to settle in. I will certainly be very cautious if a get another BFP! When is your first scan?
    Can’t wait to hear how many are in there.

  6. Eve on

    Savour every moment!

  7. Leigh from 123 blog on

    When’s your scan? I can’t wait to find out if there’s one or two πŸ™‚

    My only suggestion for you is EAT ALL THE TIME.

    It doesn’t have to be meals, but I literally took a bag of fruit to work every day and ate a piece on the hour, every hour. And of course, normal lunch and breakfast.

    • dee on

      Fruit? gag…

  8. RJ on

    Glad you have enough symptoms to maybe believe you’re PG, but not so much you’re hunched over the toilet! I am 10 weeks today and still get nervous telling people. Although at this point I blame the awful SCH for my anxiety.

  9. strongblonde on

    i know it’s hard to believe….but something is growing in there πŸ™‚ maybe two!! i can’t wait to hear the news.

    so glad that you are at this place in your journey!


  10. ldr1604 on

    Hi Dee

    Your symptoms are sounding very typically of a healthy pregnancy, all the best for your first scan next week. I totally agree that as physically uncomfortable a pregnancy can be, it doesn’t feel a tenth as bad as not being pregnant feels.

    Lesley (richardsl from FC)

  11. bratty37 on

    Ahhh..Dee…the symptons are wonderful. The horrible taste in your mouth..eeuuhh..almost like blood. I have taken to buying “Sen-Sens” and sucking on them all day

    I am now almost 15 weeks preggies, have a little belly, have boobs like a Baywatch chicks, have been through a few scans, had MS for two months…and guess still have not sunk in that I am pregnant. Every now and again, I kinda remember..rub my tummy and feel special…

    I am still waiting for the whole “Preggie” feeling

  12. Hope on

    Hi Dee
    Congrats Vet, you must surely enjoy every moment please, your joy has come, I prayer for good health for both you & baby, not forgetting your loving hubby that’s been your pillar of strengh.I’m so happy I’m in tears now, tears of joy, your story has touched me so deeply,I follow your blog for years and you reached your happy ever after. Please go buy the baby mags, go to the baby shows, you going to be a mommy! Take Care

  13. jill on

    I’m so, so happy for you and definitely won’t stop reading πŸ™‚ Those sound like awesome symptoms so far! Keep growing little one!

  14. Waiting In Sunshine on

    All of this is SUCH great things to hear!!! You and I are both waiting for scans! Thank you SO much for the shout out on your blog!!! That was incredible!!!


  15. samcy on

    Symptoms are good!! Enjoy them to the max honey. Can’t wait to hear about your first scan.


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