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This post.

Would love to know your thoughts on this, Im a bit freaked out that all we needed was to time things better. Is that even possible? Was it just simply “our time”, better protocol, new doctor, new clinic etc etc?

My symptoms come and go as they please. Sometimes I feel queasy as I wake up, bo.obs are definitely sore and I have started sleeping with a bra on. I can only sleep on my back, my ovaries are too big to sleep on my sides and tummy is definitely out. Im also hungry alot of the time and have heartburn from time to time, especially after eating marmite on toast (my new fav snack, cannot stand the site of anything sweet, even an apple). I also feel like Ive done about 10 000 sit-ups, my stomach muscles are so freaking sore, I think its part of the ohss still lingering. The problem with symptoms is that they come and go constantly. It would be nice to have them around constantly but I know thats not really possible.

Today I was at the oral hygenist. I sat for 15 minutes in her waiting room trying to decide whether I should tell her or not. Finally I decided that I had to tell her because I just couldnt stand the stress of thinking I jepordised something. It was really strange to say the “pregnant” word. Its the first time Ive used it. I could hardly tell her “I got a positive”, Im sure that would have confused her. Of course she was so happy and jumping around and asking if I wanted a boy or girl and whether Ill find out the gender. So strange how normal folk react…

PS thanks for your lovely comments on my last post, really made me feel special xxx


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  1. skrambled on

    Hey, I was thinking about ‘that post’ as well this weekend. But I don’t really have a steadfast opinion on this one. I’m just so happy that you are there.

  2. RJ on

    Hey, my symptoms are completely intermittent too. Totally freaks me out too. I wish I felt pg all the time too, but I think this is pretty typical!!

  3. Leigh from 123 blog on

    Absolutely no idea.

    I don’t believe in astrology.

    I also don’t know about God’s timing – honestly, all that overthinking just makes my head sore LOL

    But I did get a different sense this time about this cycle for you – don’t know why or what, but there it is.

    now you’re even more confused πŸ™‚

  4. Leigh from 123 blog on

    P.S. Aren’t we crazy?

    Symptoms, no symptoms, etc.

    I’d say your not eating sweets is a definite symptom (I also couldn’t eat anything sweet in the beginning – that’s how I knew I was REALLY pregnant – because I’ve had a sweet tooth probably since I was born :))

  5. Cedge on

    Inconsistent symptoms is better than no symptoms, that would have driven you crazy I think. Your symptoms sound perfectly fine to me … πŸ™‚ How weird to be talking about pregnancy symptoms for a change. hehe.

    I think your need to ‘normalise’ yourself. I think you have been struggling with IF for so long that your mind has not quite accepted that you have overcome that now. That said, I am overjoyed that you are on the other side of the IF fence. Go enjoy every bit.

  6. Boo on

    Hi Dee

    Congrats on your BFP girl!!!!!!!
    Just wanted to say……. Good luck with the OHSS. I also have it and I am also waiting to go for my first scan (got my BFP after ICSI) From what I understand (And i have really read up on this a lot) is that over 90% of OHSS cases can turn into a BFP. The possibility is that you will have the OHSS symptoms up to 12 wks. The good thing is that the ovaries produce more than enough hormones to sustain the pregnancy.

    O…… and it seems like the ostrology thing was right on track for you……

    Congrats again and good luck for the next 9 months

  7. samcy on

    I’ve been thinking about this a LOT.

    And whilst I don’t necessarily buy into the whole fertility astrology thing, I do believe in perfect timing. His perfect timing. And all too often we are reminded that our timing is not necessarily His timing. I believe that when the time is right, no matter what you’ve done to get pregnant you will be pregnant. So whether you and J had sex, or did IVF or sang to a fertility goddess, whatever, at that time it would all work together to get the result you’ve been waiting for. Sounds so easy hey? Not so easy when you’re in it. But that’s what I believe.

    Hope you get some measure of peace in consistent (not overwhelming) symptoms soon honey.


  8. strongblonde on

    i totally remember that post. πŸ™‚ i’m so over the moon for you, i can’t even tell you!!

    didn’t get a chance to comment on the last post, but i really think that there are no “rules”. you can post what you will. it’s easy for your followers/readers to determine what they can and cannot read, you know? they can always check in when they are able. πŸ™‚ you deserve to be happy about this right now!


  9. Jennie on

    Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS !!!

    Such great news.

    A special prayer for you :

    May God Bless my Dee’s unborn child.

    Through morning sickness,
    Deliver this child in good health to her.

    Through mood swings,
    Deliver this child in good health to her.

    Through added pounds,
    Deliver this child in good health to her.

    Through swelling ankles,
    Deliver this child in good health to her.

    Through heartburn,
    Deliver this child in good health to her.

    Through unknown fears,
    Deliver this child in good health to her.

    Through labor pains,
    Deliver this child in good health to her.

    Merciful Lord, Creator of all, hear my prayer.
    Cradle Dee’s unborn child in the waters of good health and gentleness;
    nourish her unborn child with joy and wisdom;
    strengthen her unborn child with the spirit of love;
    and I pray most Gracious Father,
    grant her an easy delivery, a safe birth and a healthy child.


    • Dee on

      Thank you, that is very special.

  10. Bratty on

    I totally believe in “its your time”….I believe a spirit child choses you and waits for the right time…..Don’t shoot me for my belief..smile

    I was the total opposite to you…I absolutely lived on sugar water for weeks and could not stand marmite toast.

    Enjoy your growing belly

  11. peanuttam on

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot too, infact Sam & I have had really in-depth conversations about this very thing.

    I have always been told that our babies choose us (their souls choose our souls) and they will only come to us when the time is right for them, not us.

    It’s so hard to always believe that there is some divine plan, a certain path for us all to walk because a lot of the time it seems very unfair but like Sam, I need to try and believe that our time is not His time, it’s probably the only thing that will help me get thru all this.

    I do believe that this is your time Dee, as simple as that sounds. I don’t believe that anyone can really tell us when that time will be tho (altho she was freakishly accurate).

    I hope you get some re-assurance soon sweets. Sending love Xxx

  12. jodi hansen on

    I agree with peanut about the souls. Once you meet your little twins (I am assuming) and they start to develop personalities you will really believe this is true. I have an innate understanding of my children that must go back more then two years. Don’t get me wrong though they were (as newborns) and can still be frustrating at times but what can I expect they are only 2.

  13. egghunt on

    I’m just catching up on your posts and WOW!!!!

    Congratulations on your positive! Thats just brilliant!!!!!

  14. MommyInWaiting on

    OMG – I remember reading that post last year and thinking how awful to hear you have to wait until April to get your timing right and what a crock of sh!t anyway! Now look! Not sure I believe in the astrology thing, but can’t argue with the results now.

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