Beta Update

Posting from my phone. Beta is 540. Wow. I’m totally overwhelmed.


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  1. Lesley on

    Oh my goodness Dee! So happy for you 🙂 Awesome beta.

  2. Bratty on

    Fantastic Beta…congratulations…you are preggies..yippee..

  3. peanuttam on

    That is one awesome beta my friend!!! Enjoy this day, you’ve worked very hard to get this far

    Lots of love Xxx

  4. Joni on

    What a stunning beta!! Congrats Honey!! So happy for you and Hubby!!!

    Wow wow wow wow!! Sian let me know early this morning and now I’m doing a little happy dance!!!!

    I am soo freakin excited for you!!!

  5. ChrisN on

    That is amazing. So very very happy for you!!!! Enjoy every moment 🙂

  6. MommyInWaiting on

    I cannot believe I missed this news!!! I AM OVER THE MOON for you! Congratulations. Lots of love and hugs. Take care of yourself and your little one!

  7. Fran on

    Holy moley!! I did it again!! another cycle buddy that got pregnant!! How many do you have in there?? So happy for you!!

  8. Cathy Nel on

    Yay that’s an awesome Beta – congrats!!!

  9. Leigh from 123 blog on

    WOOOHHOOOOO – I’m so excited for you!

    Did you cry? I nearly did, reading this!

    Definitely one very strong little bean, maybe two???

    when’s next beta? Thursday?

  10. Ab on

    Wow, great beta! Enjoy those amazing, warm and fuzzy feeling of being pregnant Dee! Big Congrats to you guys xxx

  11. samcy on

    That’s huge and fan bloody tastic Dee!!! Will be very interesting to see how it doubles to give us an indication of how many might be in there!!


  12. Me on

    Wow great number!!! Possibility of more than one tucked up in there??


  13. Sharon on

    This is fantastic!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!

  14. skrambled on

    Oh my word! Great beta!!! I am so chuffed for you.

  15. Marion on

    Wow! That is an amazingly high beta! Congratulations! I’m crying tears of hapiness for you! I’m soo excited! Yipee! Thank you God!

  16. Eve on

    Oh my word, oh my word!!!!! I am so happy for you Dee!!!!!
    Me thinks there are twins on the way!!!!

  17. Cindyhoo2 on

    Ong omg omg omg omg!! Congratulations lady you are preggo! That is a really great beta also.

  18. Mash on

    I’m betting on twinnies – yay!!! I hope that your bambinos are snuggling in nicely there, and I hope you are going to have one HELL of a celebration tonight. Without the booze of course, but a really luxurious dinner 🙂

  19. wheresthestork on

    Great beta! WOW, enjoy your pg!

  20. sienna on

    i knew it!! congrats and big hugs to you :o) i’m betting on twins as well!

  21. RJ on

    Woo-hoo! Dee, I’m so dang excited for you!! That is one strong beta 🙂

  22. celia on

    SHUT UP! Hooray!

  23. Cathy Nel on

    Twins? Oh I hope so! Haven’t heard of any twins yet 🙂 Please KUP – so excited for you 🙂

  24. Eileen on

    Woooo hoooooooooooo!!! Sounds like my beta with the twins ;-). I’m betting on double happiness!

  25. clare on

    Wonderful wonderful news! I have everything crossed for you my dear. This is it. xx

  26. mozzie01 on

    CONGRATS Dee! I am super excited for you! I think it’s twins! Looking forward to your next beta update!
    x x x x

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