People and their Comments

Ive been wanting to do a post on my experience with getting my Intra.lipid drip and some of the people I encountered along the way.

Firstly on ET day hubby and I were sitting in the waiting room of our clinic waiting to be called. There was a very loud, obnoxious woman who sounded like she might have been a surro. She was saying stuff like “I pop them out like 1 a year but Im all too happy to hand them off to their parents” etc. She overheard hubby and I discussing the Intra.lipid drip as I could only get the drip during the afternoon of ET. She has the audacity to say to us “lovey, you dont need anything other than folic acid for implantation”. I just smiled at her and said “if that were all  it took I seriously wouldnt be here right now”. The clinic sister promptly took us through to the ET room…

My Intra.lipid arrived at a pharmacy down the road from me – this sentence does not elude to the thousand of phonecalls I had to make to organise the drip in the first place. People are so incredibly unhelpful. Anything out of the ordinary is just too much effort for them. The one pharmacy told me the manufacturers have stopped making it which is a complete lie, they just wanted to get me off the phone. I ended up giving the pharmacist who got me the stuff a chocolate just to say thanks, thats how bad it was – I had to REWARD someone for doing their job. [PS medical aid paid for the IL so that was a very huge +)

And then I had the lovely task of trying to find someone who would administer it for me. This was lots of fun. Originally IL was/is used as a food supplement for burn victims and those in comas etc. Now try telling a nurse that you need it for fertility treatment. I obviously had a note and everything signed by my doctor but what amazes me is human nature. A person who has absolutely no knowledge of me, my history or why I possibly would need IL will try and tell me I dont need it. I finally ended up at a hospital, Casualty unit where I had to be ADMITTED for anyone to help me. I swear if I knew how I would have done the drip myself. [for those wondering why I didnt go back to my clinic – its an hour drive away and getting up at 4:30am another morning in a row would have sent me over the edge]

So after being admitted to Casualty then were looking for a bed for me. It dawned on me that they were going to put me into M-a-t-e-r-n-i-t-y. Yes people. So I asked the sister to please just not put me into maternity and she asks “why?”. At this time of this very long day I wanted to rip her head off. So my dear husband asks if I can just get a chair and it will be fine, we can literally sit anywhere, infact he said we should just go home anyway as Im sure we can take a drip out. Because I had been admitted they wouldnt let us do that. Incase I died or something along those lines.

Then another sister helps put the drip up (and I do get a bed and have to get in it) and asks me is it my first. So I ask “first what”? “First baby” is the response. I tried explaining that I dont know if Im pregnant yet but I need the drip to help me get pregnant. I got a very blank stare. And then she says “well once you have one you will be able to have lots”. “Well thats pretty excellent” I say as I wont have to do all this everytime.

Some people, they just dont have a clue and I envy them…


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  1. Fran on

    You poor thing…and you did well with your answers!! I still have everything crossed you know? Fran

  2. Sharon on

    Some people really need to learn how to take a great big mug of shut the fuck up! Seriously!
    And my years with infertility have taught me that sometimes the most insensitive and stupid comments have come from those within the medical fraternity, fertility medical staff aside, so somehow I’m just not suprised by your crappy experience.
    Really hoping this is it!

  3. Marion on

    O boy! I’m so glad I didn’t get any of those comments! I don’t know what I would have done. Especially the one about the folic acid – I wish it was that easy and cheap!
    But I must say I also had a big problem getting my 2nd IL and I almost gave up hope. The people at the pharmacies are so unhelpful! But you gotta do, what you gotta do to maximise your chances of a pregnancy. My medical aid also paid for my IL’s.

  4. skrambled on

    Just goes to show how isolated and misunderstood this stuff is. I hope that this cycle has a happy ending.

  5. Mash on

    Oh good God. I think there should be a Nobel Peace prize available to infertiles who have to go through all this nonsense.

  6. Cam on

    I too yearn for ignorance on this issue…if only xxxx

  7. samcy on

    Holy crap – that surro chick should be shot! Folic acid? Really? Wonder why I never thought of that *roll eyes*

    Glad you finally got it all done in the end my friend.


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